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在爱尔兰招聘中的互惠生,保姆,儿童及老年人护理工作 - 第1页


互惠生 and 外婆互惠生 招聘中 Dublin, 爱尔兰 在 大城市 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 六月 2020 - 七月 2020 2 孩子 Dublin (大城市) 900 欧元 每月

dear aupair, we are an irish/german family living in Dublin city. there are plenty of language schools nearby, public transport, gyms etc. the sea is also not far and we are walking distance to dublin city

互惠生 招聘中 Cork, 爱尔兰 在 郊区 时长为 7-9个月

7-9个月 二月 2020 - 二月 2020 4 孩子 Cork (郊区) 400 欧元 每月

We are a Catholic family living in Cork City which is the second city in Ireland. We have 6 lovely children, James is 10, Catherine is 9, Eoin is 6, Rose is 4, Barry is 2 & Anthony is 4 months. Our ideal person is someone who will come and live with us for 6 months or more - any less is too disruptive to our family life and is especially difficult for the children to adjust to. We need someone to come to us from January or February 2020 for 6-9 months. Our hope is to have someone come to ...

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 Dublin, 爱尔兰 在 村 时长为 >1年

>1年 一月 2020 - 二月 2020 2 孩子 Dublin (村) 600 欧元 每月

Hi Au Pairs, We are a family of 4 living in Dalkey Village which is a 30 minute ride by train to the Dublin city centre. The Dart station is located a 1 minute walk away from our house. There are a number of renowned English schools in the near by town of Dun Laoghaire (about 10 minutes by

互惠生 and 外婆互惠生 招聘中 Thurlws, 爱尔兰 在 农村 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 三月 2020 - 四月 2020 1 孩子 Thurlws (农村) 800 欧元 每月

We are an active family with one little girl who is 9 months. We work in tourism and are self employed and working from home. We host guest in our home so it’s a busy house . We are looking for a mature aupair to help while we both work . We live on a stud farm in the country side and are surrounded by horses and lots of dogs . We are easy going and welcoming and our home hosts nationalities from all around the world through our business . We are looking for an active, warm and caring ...

互惠生 招聘中 Dublin, 爱尔兰 在 大城市 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 四月 2019 - 六月 2020 1 孩子 Dublin (大城市) 400 欧元 每月

我们和一个漂亮的小男孩非常友好。 我需要有人帮忙做家务并照顾我的儿子。 适合合适的人的私人卧室。 问候, Fabian

互惠生 招聘中 Cork, 爱尔兰 在 郊区 时长为 7-9个月

7-9个月 一月 2020 - 一月 2020 2 孩子 Cork (郊区) 500 欧元 每月

We live in Cork, a vibrant, fun city with lots to do, and ideally situated to visit Ireland. We are looking forward to welcoming our next au pair to our family. We are happy to have our new au pair to stay for anything from 4-9

互惠生 招聘中 Galway, 爱尔兰 在 农村 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 一月 2020 - 三月 2020 3 孩子 Galway (农村) 680 欧元 每月

Hi, we are seeking a big sister for our family. We have had many aupairs over the years and have developed great friends, many of whom we are still in contact. We would like someone, like you ! to become an integral part of our family and enjoy our times together. We live in a beautiful part of the world known as the Gateway to Connemara and with the availability of a car at your disposal you can see lots of the country in your free

互惠生 招聘中 Dublin, 爱尔兰 在 郊区 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 四月 2020 - 五月 2020 2 孩子 Dublin (郊区) 350 欧元 每月

互惠生 招聘中 Naas, 爱尔兰 在 城镇 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 一月 2020 - 二月 2020 1 孩子 Naas (城镇) 480 欧元 每月

你好 我们住在爱尔兰,距离都柏林30公里的纳斯镇。 这里有前往都柏林市中心和都柏林机场的良好公共交通火车和巴士。 纳斯(Naas)是一个拥有许多商店,酒吧和餐馆的美丽小镇。 人们友好而热情。 我们刚刚在这里买了新房子。 距离酒店不到10分钟路程的是大型购物中心。

互惠生 招聘中 Cork, 爱尔兰 在 郊区 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 二月 2020 - 三月 2020 2 孩子 Cork (郊区) 450 欧元 每月




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