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在意大利招聘中的互惠生,保姆,儿童及老年人护理工作 - 第3页


互惠生 招聘中 Firenze, 意大利 在 城镇 时长为 7-9个月

7-9个月 六月 2020 - 六月 2020 2 孩子 Firenze (城镇) 200 欧元 每月

互惠生 招聘中 Roma, 意大利 在 大城市 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 五月 2020 - 十二月 2020 1 孩子 Roma (大城市) 300 欧元 每月

We decided to jump into this experience mostly because we would like to have our little baby exposed to the English language since the very beginning of his life. We are looking for a young woman, preferably with experience, who's interested in spending about 3/4 hours every day, except on weekends, playing and interacting with our little boy. In exchange, we offer our time and resources to allow you to benefit the most from this experience. If you're interested in learning the language, a ...

互惠生 招聘中 Sirmione, 意大利 在 村 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 六月 2020 - 七月 2020 2 孩子 Sirmione (村) 300 欧元 每月

Ciao! We are an Italian Family based in Sirmione, a turistic village on the Garda Lake. Our house is 10 minutes walking from the lakeside, our village is served by bus and there are train stations in the nearby towns of Peschiera and Desenzano (5 km). Verona is located 30 km from Simione, that you can reach by train (20 min) and here you can find any kind of language courses, and several University activities. We would like our kids to enjoy an aupair nanny, since we still keep a beautiful ...

保姆 招聘中 Bellaria Igea Marina, 意大利 在 村 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 八月 2020 - 八月 2020 2 孩子 Bellaria Igea Marina (村) 300 欧元 每月

嗨,我们是一个有3个孩子的家庭,他们分别是2岁,8岁和10岁。 我们正在寻找一个会和两个大孩子在一起并教她英语的英语女孩! 我们生活在距离里米尼(Rimini)几公里的海滨小镇。 因此,您可以去海滩,骑自行车,去公园等等。 我们将很高兴在8月举办该活动。

互惠生 招聘中 Pordenone, 意大利 在 郊区 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 八月 2020 - 三月 2021 1 孩子 Pordenone (郊区) 250 欧元 每月

Hi, we live in a semi detached house with a small yard in a little town not far from Venice - Italy. Where we live is quiet (town is not big) but it will be easy for you (if you want) to reach few nice places (mountain -seaside) and town. So if you are looking for an experience which allowed to improve your Language (italian), visit some old town and meet new people I believe that this experience will be very

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 Biella, 意大利 在 城镇 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 四月 2020 - 六月 2020 2 孩子 Biella (城镇) 300 欧元 每月

互惠生 招聘中 Modena, 意大利 在 城镇 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 九月 2020 - 九月 2020 1 孩子 Modena (城镇) 250 欧元 每月

Hello ! I'm Arianna, but you can call me Ari. I'm almost 11 years old. My family and I would love to show you our beautiful country. We might take you sightseeing in Venice and Florence, shopping in Milan and Bologna. And of course, with us, you will taste our world famous food. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 LECCO, 意大利 在 城镇 时长为 7-9个月

7-9个月 一月 2020 - 十二月 2020 1 孩子 LECCO (城镇) 250 欧元 每月

你好, 我的名字叫米歇尔(Michele),我是Pietro的父亲,也是Erika的丈夫。 我们生活在科莫湖美丽的城市莱科,我们希望有一个可爱的女孩,并希望能协助我们的家人开展日常活动,并使我们的儿子更快地学习英语。

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 Rosà, 意大利 在 村 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 八月 2020 - 八月 2020 2 孩子 Rosà (村) 300 欧元 每月


互惠生 招聘中 L'Aquila, 意大利 在 城镇 时长为 >1年

>1年 六月 2019 - 十二月 2020 1 孩子 L'Aquila (城镇) 200 欧元 每月

Ciao se stai leggendo il nostro profilo significa che già ci stai dedicando del tempo, il tuo tempo, per questo ti ringrazio. Ti ringrazio già in quanto penso che il tempo di cui dispone una persona è la più grande ricchezza che si possiede e tu me ne stai dedicando,




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