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Spanish family in Getxo, Spain, offering an Au Pair job for 4-6 months

4-6 months Jan 2020 - Feb 2020 2 Children Getxo (Suburb) 400 EUR per month

Dear AuPair, We are a family of four living in the Getxo area close to Bilbao and near the beach. We would like you to join our family during the next months so you can help kids learning english when they come back from school by participating in daily kids tasks. Of course we will be glad if you join to any of our family events and activities. We want you to feel comfortable with us and be one more of the

Italian family in Cuglieri, Italy, offering an Au Pair and Nanny job for 1-3 months

1-3 months Feb 2020 - Mar 2020 1 Children Cuglieri (Village) 250 EUR per month

We live in Sardinia in a small town in the mountains, just 10 minutes drive from the sea. The largest city, Oristano, is about 40km away and is connected by bus. In Oristano you will find everything you'll need it. I'm travelling every day so it will not be a problem to drive you there.

Indian family in EDINBURGH, United Kingdom, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Mar 2020 - Apr 2020 2 Children EDINBURGH (Town) 80 GBP per month

Dear Au Pair, We are keen to welcome a friend to our family who will both support us as well some one we can bond with / remian in contact long after our need for Au Pair is no longer there. I have had au pairs before and one of them stayed almost 20 years until we were transferred out. We are simple - no late night - mostly reading kind of a family. We are Asains and are happy to share Asian family values . We welcome any one with like minded values. Regards -

Italian family in Roma, Italy, offering an Au Pair job for 4-6 months

4-6 months Dec 2019 - Feb 2020 2 Children Roma (Town) 300 EUR per month

Dear Au pair, viviamo in una zona centrale di Roma vicino alla Villa Pamphili e a 20 minuti a piedi dal centro. La nostra zona è collegata con il centro di Roma e offre un contesto aperto. Emma, Anna e Lisa frequenteranno la scuola germanica a Roma e l'occasione di ospitare una ragazza alla pari è principalmente legata alla necessità di parlare la lingua

Swiss family in Etziken in der Nähe von Soloth, Switzerland, offering an Au Pair, Nanny and Granny Au Pair job for 7-9 months

7-9 months Mar 2020 - Jun 2020 5 Children Etziken in der Nähe von Soloth (Countryside) 600 CHF per month

Hello Aupair! We would be happy to have a positive experience with an au pair. It would be nice to find someone who enjoys being with children, has a positive charisma and is happy to help and open to life / work on the farm.

German family in Halle, Germany, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Jan 2020 - Apr 2020 3 Children Halle (Village) 260 EUR per month

We are a noisy, chaotic, not very typical extended family with a rough sense of humor, which, perhaps because of that, is very warm. If you like to have a lot to do with children, are not allergic to everyday household chores and are otherwise humorous, down to earth and happy with us to live a "normal" family, then you are welcome with us. We are looking for an open-minded, independent and self-confident au pair to support our family. If you are just looking for a great adventure, I have to ...

British family in Stotfold, United Kingdom, offering an Au Pair job for 4-6 months

4-6 months Sep 2020 - Sep 2020 1 Children Stotfold (Town) 390 GBP per month

Hello, NOTE: I would like to find someone that is looking for long term (at least until end of June 2021) to be my "last au pair" (I don't need an au pair after that point). It is best to know the most about the person that will come to live in our house, the better the experience will be for everyone over the time here. Our profile is a bit long, but be sure you will benefit from having a lot of information available before considering committing to a single-parent household, I have a ...

German family in Rodgau, Germany, offering an Au Pair job for 1-3 months

1-3 months Apr 2020 - May 2020 1 Children Rodgau (Town) 260 EUR per month

Hello dear au pair, Who are we? we are the Niederndorfer family. We are a friendly and active family and are looking for an English speaking au pair. Above all, we want to communicate in English and talk a lot to each other. Where do we live? we would like to briefly describe where we are at home. We live in a rural but central area in Upper Austria. Exactly in the district of Grieskirchen. Our location is close to good infrastructure. Known cities nearby are Wels (15min), Linz (35min), ...

American family in Town and Country, USA, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Mar 2020 - Jul 2020 3 Children Town and Country (Suburb) 800 USD per month

Dear Au Pair, We are an experienced and successful host family with our fourth Au Pair, and no history of a Rematch. We would like to invite our next Au Pair because we need help looking after our children and help with with some light housework pertaining to the kids. We are looking for an Au pair to be a big sister to our children and to become another member of our family. ** We are looking for a female Au Pair only. ** And the law requires that you must be between the ages of 18 to ...

Italian family in Ceresara, Italy, offering an Au Pair and Granny Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Jan 2020 - Mar 2020 1 Children Ceresara (Village) 50 EUR per month

Il nostro è un piccolo paese vicino Mantova... Molto tranquillo e ben organizzato... Dista circa 30 km anche meno da Mantova e altrettanti dal lago di Garda.. Ci sono autobus di linea che sono abbastanza frequenti nelle ore scolastiche e

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