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Enfants:: 1 Enfants:, Bébé

Ville: Den Haag / Grande ville Plus ⇩

prénom Judita

Région Netherlands

Code postal Reservés aux membres Premium

Début de Travail: Oct. 2019 - Nov. 2019

Besoin d'Au Pair pour: 10-12 mois

Dernière connexion: 6 Days Ago

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Lettre pour l'Au Pair

Dear Au-Pair to be,

My name is Judita and I am single mum by choice. I have given birth recently to a sweet little baby boy who I called Emanuel. He is just adorable, and he seems an easy baby, not crying often and I think I am doing well being a mum for the first time. Of course, being single means it is essential I need some help in taking care of my baby. So the help of an Au-Pair will very much be welcomed, useful and appreciated.

I have studied a PhD in Social Psychology in the United Kingdom and I currently work for an international criminal court as an evaluator. For personal and professional reasons I was lucky enough to have travelled and lived in many parts of the world since I was fourteen. I have decided to settle in the Netherlands where I have been living for the past two years. I would be happy to share my cross-cultural experience with you as the Au-Pair.

As my Au-Pair you would enjoy staying in a really nice home, central suburb and town. I live in a really nice and spacious new home in a very central area of The Hague. The Hague was a pleasant surprise to me and I have no doubt that my Au-Pair to be, would love it as well. The Hague has many cultural and social events, an international community, nice architecture, canals, a popular beach with nice cafes and a beautiful sandy long beach etc. The lifestyle is easy and comfortable, and everybody goes around with a bike. It is only half an hour away from the Amsterdam (Schipol) airport, about 45 minutes away from Amsterdam, 3 hours away from Paris with the train etc. I believe that these features would all be very attractive to my Au-Pair as well.

I think that my Au-Pair would have an opportunity to be immersed in the Dutch culture, as any international person can be when he or she arrives here. The people in the Netherland and in The Hague in particular are welcoming, warm, friendly, easy to talk to in English and pragmatic. I also consider myself to be friendly and open-minded, fun, kind and someone who likes to socialise and learn about new people, cultures etc. I enjoy the role of a mum and intend to be involved with raising my son as much as I can. I also like cooking, art, riding the bicycle, being lazy sometimes and just watching a Netflix movie, visiting the Scheveningen beach, picnics and getting together with my small circle of friends. I sometimes like to host small dinners and get togethers at my place and I would be happy to introduce my Au-Pair to my friends who would also make you feel welcome.

I would be happy to invite my Au-Pair to join us to some vacations sometimes with us, including staying in a nice seaside town in Croatia, where I have an apartment.

I am very excited and looking forward to meeting my Au-Pair!

Warm regards from The Hague,
Judita and Emanuel
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Description des tâches

Examples of duties I would expect from the Au-Pair:

1. Share changing the diapers of my baby
2. Cleaning up the bin with the diapers
3. Cleaning up the area where diapers are changed
4. Help with feeding the baby
5. Changing the clothes of the baby
6. Bathing the baby
7. Cleaning the baby room
8. Washing baby clothes
9. Helping to make the baby fall asleep
10. Occasionally baby-sitting the baby/overseeing him while he is asleep/playing with him
11. Sharing the general housecleaning work e.g. cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing
12. Occasionally cooking lunch or dinner
13. Helping with the grocery shopping
14. Taking the baby to day-care and picking him up
15. Occasionally taking the baby out in the pram/stroller for a walk in the park etc.
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Informations sur la famille

La famille a des animaux Non

La famille vit dans Grande ville

L'Âge des Parents 25-40

Je suis un parent celibataire? Oui, je suis mère célibataire

Nationalité Croate

Langues parlées à la maison Anglais, Croate, Hongrois, Italien

Religion Catholique

Importance de la religion Pas important

Profession Evaluation specialist

Personnes qui vivent dans la maison two

Âge et sexe des enfants/personnes à surveiller Male baby, 1 month

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Tâches requises

L'Au Pair doit avoir le brevet de secourisme - OuiL'Au Pair doit avoir le permis de conduire - Oui

Date de début (au plus tôt) Oct. 2019

Date de début (au plus tard) Nov. 2019

Durée du séjour préférée 10-12 mois

Nous recherchons Au Pair, nounou and Mamie Au Pair

Sexe préféré Féminin

Nationalité préférée de l'Au Pair Bosnian, Croatian, Cuban, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian, Espagnol

Niveau de langue requis Bien

Expérience minimum en garde d'enfants 10-50

Niveau d'étude Université

Âge des enfants/personnes à surveiller Bébé

Nombre des enfants/personnes à superviser 1

D'heures de travail 35 - 40

D'argent de poche 400 EUR

Participation aux frais de voyage yes

L'Âge de l'Au Pair 21-30

Au Pair est autorisée à fumer Oui, pas dans la maison

Soins aux enfants/personnes handicapées Non

Soins des animaux Non

Doit pouvoir nager Non

Doit pouvoir faire du vélo Non

L'Au Pair peut suivre un cours de langue Oui

L'Au Pair doit avoir le brevet de secourisme Oui

L'Au Pair doit avoir le permis de conduire Oui

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Description de la famille

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Logement de l'Au Pair

I live in a two-floor apartment with the living room and kitchen on the second floor and there are the three rooms on the third floor (last floor, attic). One of the rooms is mine, one is my son's and one will be my Au-Pair's. The Au-Pair's room is very nice, with all brand new furniture, a single bed that is extendable into a double bed, a big sliding door wardrobe, work desk and chair and some shelves.
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