ID: 1643596

Enfants: 3 Enfants, 6-10 ans, 11-14 ans

Ville: Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany) / Campagne | Plus ⇩

prénom Irène

Région Italia

Code postal Reservés aux membres Premium

Début de Travail: Jui. 2024 - Aou. 2024

Besoin d'Au Pair pour: 1-2 mois

Dernière connexion: 07 Avr. 2024

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Lettre pour l'Au Pair

Hello! We are an Italian family, we live in Paris and our three children attend American school of Paris. My family is looking for a boy who wants to share with us summer holidays 2024. He will have to converse and play with the kids and help them with their French homework during the summer 2024 (from the second week of July 2024 to the end of August 2024) and stay with us to our seaside house in Forte dei Marmi - Tuscany (Italy).
Our family moved in Paris from August 2022 and the children attended to the American school in Paris during years 2022/2023 and 2023/2024.
For this reason we need a mother tong au pair who can converse in French with the children.
The au pair will have free time during the summer days and many free evenings and if he wants will be possible also organize himself trips with friends by agreeing the day(s) with us.
It will be 1 months and half of vacation for everyone so the most important thing is that we are all happy and relaxed.
Since it will be a holiday for everyone, everyone will also be required to have a minimum of collaboration at home, such as setting the table with us, clearing away with us, taking care just of your laundry. Apart from this will not be required to clean or take care of other household chores.
We pay for both your flight (or train).
Me and my husband Lorenzo speaks English and French. Lodovico speaks fluently English (7 years in Italy and 2 year in American School) and French (4 years at school), Celeste speaks fluently English (5 years in Italy and 2 year in the American School) and a French (2 year at school) and Carlo speaks English (2 years in Italy and 2 in American School) and French (2 year at school)
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Description des tâches

We are looking for an au pair who wants to share the Italian summer with us. We live in Paris from one year and a half and we don't need a nanny because the children are 10, 13 and 14 years old but we need help to improve their French (the children attend the American school in Paris) we are looking for a native French speaker aged 18/22 years old to spend the summer (from mid-July to the end of August 2024) with us in Italy in Forte dei Marmi by the sea to share the holiday with us. Last year we shared holidays with an 18 year old Irish guy and it was amazing!
Lodovico (turn 15 years old on August 20 2024) is quiet and growing so he also needs his space, Celeste (13 years old in May 2024) play theater and loves to sing, she is very friendly and so funny and Carlo (10 years old in May 2024) loves football and cuddles. They are different but all three of them are sunny and happy children. We have been living with 4 au pair girls and 1 au pair boy since February 2021 to last summer and they have all been different but absolutely positive experiences and every time when the day of departure arrived we all cried because it had arrived too early. We will never stop thanking our first au pair for unforgettable experience that made us understand that we wanted to continue to have a pair with us throughout the year
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Informations sur la famille

La famille a des animaux  - Oui

La famille a des animaux Oui

La famille vit dans Campagne

L'Âge des Parents 30-45

Je suis un parent celibataire? Non, nous sommes un couple

Nationalité Italien

Langues parlées à la maison Anglais, Français, Italien

Religion Catholique

Importance de la religion Pas important

Profession Lawyer / Lawyer

Personnes qui vivent dans la maison 5

Âge et sexe des enfants/personnes à surveiller 14 année Masculin
13 année Féminin
10 année Masculin

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Tâches requises

Doit pouvoir nager - OuiDoit pouvoir faire du vélo - Oui

Heures de travail (par semaine) 25 - 30

L'argent de poche de la/l' Au Pair (Par mois) 350 EUR

Sexe préféré Masculin

Durée du séjour souhaité 1-2 mois

Date de début (au plus tôt) Jui. 2024

Date de début (au plus tard) Aou. 2024

Nous recherchons Au Pair

Âge des enfants/personnes à surveiller 6-10 ans, 11-14 ans

Nombre d'enfants/personnes à superviser 3

Expérience minimale en garde d'enfants Pas de préférence

Nous avons besoin d'un tuteur qui puisse enseigner

Quel âge ont les élèves que le tuteur est censé enseigner ?

Nous avons besoin d'aide et de soutien dans

Nationalité souhaitée Autrichien, Belge, Danois, Néerlandais, Finlandais, Français, Islandais, Irlandais, Liechtensteinois, Luxembourgeois, Norvégien, Espagnol, Suédois, Suisse, Américain, Canadien, Anglais, Guyane française, Polynésie française, Allemand, Groenlandais, Israélien, Ecossais, Sud-africain, Gallois

Niveau de langue souhaité
 Français, Minimum Langue maternelle
- et -
 Anglais, Minimum Niveau seuil (B1)

Niveau d'études souhaité Ecole secondaire

Participation aux frais de voyage Yes

Âge souhaité 18-22

Le candidat est autorisé à fumer Oui, pas dans la maison

Soins aux enfants/personnes handicapées Non

Soins des animaux Non

Doit pouvoir nager Oui

Doit pouvoir faire du vélo Oui

Le candidat peut suivre un cours de langue Non

Le candidat doit avoir le brevet de secourisme Non

Le candidat doit avoir le permis de conduire Non

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Description de la famille

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Logement de l'Au Pair

Our holiday house is very large, completely renovated in summer 2022 and a with a fresh and comfortable garden. Our home will be your home, we have one big living room, a dining room, the kitchen with a huge fridge, 3 bathrooms, one parental room, one wardrobe room and two levels room with a privat bathroom. In the garden we have also a little house with a small kitchen, one bathroom and one bedroom with a privat garden in front.
Our beach club is very organized: we have a cabin to keep our swimsuits and our changes and to change, there are 6 showers, 4 toilets, a swimming pool, a football field, a basketball court and a restaurant. Instead of an umbrella there is a large tent with two deck chairs, two sun loungers and a chair. We go from home to the beach club by bike and it is 15 minutes all on the bike path. The sea is sandy with shallow water ideal for children. There are few waves and it is usually completely flat. The children swim very well and also go swimming alone both in the swimming pool and at the sea
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