ID: 792906

Enfants:: 1 Enfants:, 11-14 ans

Ville: Stotfold / Ville Plus ⇩

prénom Joshua

Région Hertfordshire

Code postal Reservés aux membres Premium

Début de Travail: Fév. 2020 - Mar. 2020

Besoin d'Au Pair pour: 7-9 mois

Dernière connexion: 5 Hours Ago

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Lettre pour l'Au Pair


NOTE: I would like to find someone that is looking for long term (at least until end of June 2021) to be my "last au pair" (I don't need an au pair after that point).

It is best to know the most about the person that will come to live in our house, the better the experience will be for everyone over the time here. Our profile is a bit long, but be sure you will benefit from having a lot of information available before considering committing to a single-parent household, I have a few previous au pairs that can give you a reference ( if we decide that everything else is OK, for your satisfaction, but not at the beginning of the conversation). Thank you for your time.

We are an open-minded family (please don't confuse it with libertine, we are just modern in terms of discipline). Please read all the sections in this profile, that will guarantee the best investment of your time and mine. Also if you are going to apply, don't be shy, it is a difficult decision to contact a family, but please send some questions to start. Please, no time wasters!

We have had au pairs since Oct 2013, I am a single parent family with a 10-year-old girl and a few pets; for your clarity, highlights about us are:
- Strictly NON-SMOKERS, no exceptions;
- I expect transparency, and to show not only interest about our lifestyle but also to see that your lifestyle is compatible - basically, honesty, NO SECRETS!
- Don't apply just because you just created your profile and think decisions will be fast, it wastes your time and ours;
- If you need to speak to your boyfriend/mother/family to make a decision, please do BEFORE applying to be my au pair, it is a waste of your time and our time;
- If you suffer from cat allergies, dog allergies, Ailurophobia (cat phobia), Cynophobia (dog phobia) or addiction to extreme late night social networking, we are, unfortunately (and most definitely!) not the family for you;
- Contact with previous au pairs will be provided only if we decide that we are right for each other; if you are not sure, please don't apply;

Who are the ideal au pairs?
- readers, artists and musicians,
- seeking time to study but also balance new experiences in a foreign country,
- independent and self-motivated,
- open-minded,
- introverted,
- conversationalists;

Who are not?
- party animals,
- visibly lazy and disorganised,
- too dependent or codependent,
- extremely shy or too conservative,
- people escaping their current life

Because of our circumstances (one week with child/one week without) best suited for someone that has the need to have a lot of time for further studies or hobbies (reading, writing, painting, etc) and has a fairly (*VERY*) independent, organised and disciplined personality, someone interested in sports (gym, cycling) is ideal. Plus it is important to like dogs and cats!

Regarding the study of English, the closest course (Cambridge English exam / English as a Second Language) starts in September is usually best suited, and runs all the way to June of the following year. According to the website: you do not have to pay course fees if you are between 16 and 18 years old and have been living in the UK or an EU country for three years prior to starting your studies.

If you have reached this far, you are probably the type of person that would enjoy your time here.
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Description des tâches

Our school week routine is quite busy, my day starts at 5h30, my daughter wakes at 7h00. My work schedule is a combination of home(60%)-office in London(30%)-international travel(10%)

What level of English is required to start? At least capable to speak with a 10 year old - otherwise she will lose interest, and you will feel frustrated.

Why do I need an au pair?
- Support with my daughter before and after school
- Days I have to travel for work to meetings,
- Help with the pets.

Will the au pair be required to drive? No, school is 1.35 miles (2.17 km) away, so walking or cycling is ideal.

A bit about me before you continue reading: Our family has had au pairs since 2013, most of the experiences involve a bit of adaptation at the beginning, but once this has happened, most feedback has been positive (just in Aug'18 we went for a week to visit my daughter's favourite au pair from 2014-2015 at her hometown in Nice), so I try to build long lasting relationships (not a job, not a cleaner!). In some cases throughout the experience there has been some "growth" (either find a career they want to pursue, or a healthier more active lifestyle), so don't get distracted by the amount of detail, it is there for your benefit.

During school term, activities "week with us"/"week without" vary only around periods before and after school - technically you have more time for yourself (unless there is a work trip and your help with the pets is required).

Fairly good cooking happens at home (more on these topics once we have a conversation) and catering for all tastes.

Our process is a bit long - We want to find someone that will adapt to our lifestyle, that won't decide to leave because incompatibilities, someone that will provide intellectual input to my daughter and that will treat her with care, finally, obviously all the other details.
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Informations sur la famille

La famille a des animaux  - Oui

La famille a des animaux Oui

La famille vit dans Ville

L'Âge des Parents 35-50

Je suis un parent celibataire? Oui, je suis père célibataire

Nationalité Anglaise

Langues parlées à la maison Anglais, Espagnol

Religion Pas de religion

Importance de la religion Pas important

Profession Technology Sales

Personnes qui vivent dans la maison 2

Âge et sexe des enfants/personnes à surveiller 10 / Female

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Tâches requises

Doit pouvoir nager - OuiDoit pouvoir faire du vélo - OuiL'Au Pair doit avoir le brevet de secourisme - Oui

Date de début (au plus tôt) Fév. 2020

Date de début (au plus tard) Mar. 2020

Durée du séjour préférée 7-9 mois

Nous recherchons Au Pair

Sexe préféré Féminin

Nationalité préférée de l'Au Pair Américaine, Argentinean, Australian, Autrichienne, Bulgarian, Canadienne, Chilean, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, Français, Allemand, Hungarian, Islandais, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Néo-Zélandais, Norwegian, Polonais, Portugais, Roman, Slovak, Slovenian, Suédois, Swiss

Niveau de langue requis Suffisant

Expérience minimum en garde d'enfants Pas de préférence

Niveau d'étude Pas de préférence

Âge des enfants/personnes à surveiller 11-14 ans

Nombre des enfants/personnes à superviser 1

D'heures de travail 15 - 20

D'argent de poche 390 GBP

Participation aux frais de voyage no

L'Âge de l'Au Pair 17-23

Au Pair est autorisée à fumer Non

Soins aux enfants/personnes handicapées Non

Soins des animaux Oui

Doit pouvoir nager Oui

Doit pouvoir faire du vélo Oui

L'Au Pair peut suivre un cours de langue Oui

L'Au Pair doit avoir le brevet de secourisme Oui

L'Au Pair doit avoir le permis de conduire Non

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Description de la famille

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Logement de l'Au Pair

4 bedroom house, photos available when we speak.


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