ID: 2544336

Enfants: 1 Enfants, 6-10 ans

Ville: Usingen / Ville | Plus ⇩

prénom Carola

Région Hesse

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Début de Travail: Mar. 2023 - Avr. 2023

Besoin d'Au Pair pour: 6-18 mois

Dernière connexion: Il y a 21 jours

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Lettre pour l'Au Pair

this is Carola with my 5 1/2 year old son Alexander.
We live in Usingen, which is a town with 15.000 people near Frankfurt am Main, in Germany.
With the car its about 20-25 minutes to Frankfurt city centre, but there is also a train station in Usingen.

I was born in Frankfurt and I moved out of the big city to our town because its close to my hometown but has an absolutely beautiful landscape.
When we want to visit my family in Frankfurt or just go into the city to explore or shopping - or when we travel and need the Frankfurt airport, our location is absolutely perfect.
We are living in a childfriendly neighbourhood and Alexander goes to kindergarden every day from the morning 8am until lunchtime. Usually he is having lunch at the kindergarden. The kindergarden is only 2 minutes by feet away from our home.
Alexander will start with primary school in Summer 2024, so we would like to use the free time until then also for travelling.

We do live in our own house, together with our calm and lovely cats. Normally the cats spend a couple of hours per day outside and explore their territory. We are currently thinking about adopting a puppy! :-)

We had a lovely Au-Pair-girl from Ecuador, who stayed with us for 6 months and we had for nearly one year a second home in Ireland and travelled back and forth, so we know how it is to stay in a foreign country and home. You will see that Alexander an I, we are both quite funny, kind and adventurous people. We love animals and travelling.
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Description des tâches

Alexander is a lovely and smart, open-minded boy. Normally it doesn´t take long for him to connect with new people, doesn´t matter if children or adults.
He loves gardening and painting and to create fantastic buildings with Lego.

Every second weekend he spends Friday to Sunday with his Dad, who lives about 30 minutes away from us. Alexander has as 12 years old sister, who lives with her Mum in Eastern Germany. Her Mom and I do connect well, so we want our children to see each other and arrange common trips. Last summer his sister had spent a whole week of her school holidays with us at our home.

Your tasks would be to help me during the week in the morning, preparing breakfast for people and pets.
Then you have free time, for example to visit your language course.
Later around 2pm ypu pick Alexander up from kindergarden and spend the afternoon with him, helping me with our small garden, preparing dinner and normally 2 times per week we go all together to the supermarket, where Alexander joins us, because he always wants to help - a real gentleman! :-)

One evening per week it would be perfect when you can prepare dinner and bring Alexander to bed, this would allow me to offer my clients late appointments or to meet some clients or friends for dinner. Totally we talk about circa 25-30 hours per week.

Currently Alexander tries out pony riding and takes swim lessons, but he should also practice cycling a bit more. There is a big playground close to our house.

You will have the possibility to visit a language school and I will pay your ticket for bus and train.

For us you will be like a family member and we will treat you like that, Alexander as his older sister and me of course not like your Mum, but as a close friend who is responsible for you and takes this for serious.

We are absolutely communicative and out of that reason it would be absolutely perfect if you are a communicative person as well and that you are really interested in our lifes to become part of a real family member.

For me its absolutely important that you keep your room and bath clean and tidy and that you do not smoke. We have a cleaning woman for our house, but besides that everybody keeps the rooms tidily. Don´t worry, it doesn´t look like a sterile hospital here - I just don´t want to have a messy home ;-)
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Informations sur la famille

La famille a des animaux  - Oui

La famille a des animaux Oui

La famille vit dans Ville

L'Âge des Parents 30-45

Je suis un parent celibataire? Oui, je suis mère célibataire

Nationalité Allemand

Langues parlées à la maison Allemand

Religion Pas de religion

Importance de la religion Pas important

Profession Indépendant

Personnes qui vivent dans la maison 2

Âge et sexe des enfants/personnes à surveiller 5 année Masculin

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Tâches requises

Le candidat doit avoir le permis de conduire - Oui

Heures de travail (par semaine) 25 - 30

L'argent de poche de la/l' Au Pair (Par mois) 300 EUR

Salaire de le/l' Nounou 1500 EUR

Sexe préféré Féminin

Durée du séjour souhaité 6-18 mois

Date de début (au plus tôt) Mar. 2023

Date de début (au plus tard) Avr. 2023

Nous recherchons Au Pair et Nounou

Âge des enfants/personnes à surveiller 6-10 ans

Nombre d'enfants/personnes à superviser 1

Expérience minimale en garde d'enfants 50-100

Nous avons besoin d'un tuteur qui puisse enseigner

Quel âge ont les élèves que le tuteur est censé enseigner ?

Nous avons besoin d'aide et de soutien dans

Nationalité souhaitée Américain, Australien, Bosniaque, Anglais, Anglais, Estonien, Finlandais, Grec, Irlandais, Islandais, Italien, Canadien, Lituanien, Norvégien, Ecossais, Espagnol, Hongrois

Niveau de langue souhaité
 Allemand, Minimum Niveau introductif (A1)
- ou -
 Anglais, Minimum Niveau avancé (B2)

Niveau d'études souhaité Pas de préférence

Participation aux frais de voyage no

Âge souhaité 19-28

Le candidat est autorisé à fumer Non

Soins aux enfants/personnes handicapées Non

Soins des animaux Oui

Doit pouvoir nager Non

Doit pouvoir faire du vélo Non

Le candidat peut suivre un cours de langue Oui

Le candidat doit avoir le brevet de secourisme Non

Le candidat doit avoir le permis de conduire Oui

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Description de la famille

As a self-employed single-mom, the daily life can be sometimes tough, but I am proud to stand on my own feet and have a good lifestyle and to show others, that everything is possible when you are determined and efficient and follow your dreams.
I have my own real estate company with 10 employees and two offices. Alexander loves every member of my company, he grew up with these guys and he often joins a bit of time at my office.

My Mum lives in Frankfurt City, as well as one of my brothers with Alexanders cousins. My other brother and my Dad live close to Bielefeld and Hannover, which is about 3 hours away to drive. We see them periodically when they are here or we drive to their homes.
We love spending time with friends. Our good and close friends are extremely important for us.

Besides that we love on the weekend to explore all the lovely and interesting places in Germany, a lot of beautiful old and modern towns, stunning castles, adventure parks, zoos, and so on... there is a lot to see and we would be delighted to show you our country!

I do love sports (Latinamerican ballroom dancing), running, walking, horse-riding and Gym training and when I travel, I love exploring the people and country. I love cultural events (museums, concerts, theatre) as well as trying out new restaurants and sharing dinner with friends.

We have quite a few Gyms close to our home, a public indoor pool - and of course the beautiful surrounding nature (please google the "Taunus" area to see pictures), where you can go hiking or cycling or you take riding lessons at one of the numerous riding stables in the surrounding area. Also there´s a language school in Usingen and plenty of restaurants and shops.
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Logement de l'Au Pair

Only 2 years ago I renovated the house, which has about 140 squaremetres, kitchen with dining area, a big lounge, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and my office room, as well as a big rooftop terrace, completely on a high standard and transformed it into a jewel.

Here in our home you would have your own, light room with a big window. On the same level is the guest bathroom with rainshower, which would be mainly used by you. Your room has a Queen size sofa bed as well as a work desk, 2 built-in shelfes and a chest of drawers.

We have Wifi at home as well as Amazon Prime TV.

The train station is only 10-15 minutes per feet away and the train drives directly to Frankfurt or to the close neighbourtowns Bad Homburg, Friedrichsdorf, Neu-Anspach and Wehrheim. There is also a bus station only a 5 minutes walk away with connections to the train station or Neu-Anspach, Wehrheim and a few villages in the area.
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