ID de l'aupair 1882763

Nationalité Thaïlandais | Plus ⇩

Nom et Prénom Ravisara

Ville/Région Bangkok/

Pays Thaïlande

Date de début Déc. 2021 - Fév. 2022

Combien de mois elle souhaite rester? 6-12 mois

Bonnes connaissances linguistiques en Anglais (B1), Thaïlandais (Langue maternelle)

Dèrnière connexion Il y a 1 jours

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Lettre pour la famille d'accueil

Hello all host families;) If you're looking for an easy going person, natural lover and actives Aupair. I'm the one!!

My name is kat. I am 24 years old from Thailand. Now, I am a tutor, especially for kids. I have childcare experience more than 200 hours with toddler til preteen (around 1-12 years). For the reference my student's mother, she willing to talk to you for give reference. And I used to help my neighbors take care for their baby(9 months) every day in the afternoon until evening for 2 months. Now, I'm seeking for being an Au Pair for your family. I love to learn new culture and languages. And also ready to teach you about my culture and languages too :)

My personality

Reliable and Rationalist -> I follow through on what I say. And I believe in reason and always open my mind so you can talk to me about everything.

Punctuality -> I am a person who is always on time. If I said " See you at 14.00 pm this means I will always be there around 13.50 - 14.00 pm " Because punctuality and showing caring for people's time is a basic respect for me.

Patient and Kind -> I am a calm person and always telling the truth from my heart. I always gentle to who need help and good listener.

Active person -> I love to learn new things; culture, languages, traditions, etc. And love to meet new friends too. I'm also a girl who loves adventure.

Neat and Tidy -> I am a clean person. I always clean messed immediately while it's happened. So you don't need to worry about being untidy in your kid's room.

Sea lover -> I love to go to the beach so much. I always spend the time in or under the sea as much as I can. When I swim in the sea I feel at home. I could sit and watch the sea waves for the whole day.

Bookworm -> I love to read a book. Roald Dahl used to say “The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.” This is so true you can go to the new world when you read a book whatever good or bad world. And I always bring my book with me everywhere.

Natural and Animal lover -> I do not only love a natural like sand, a sea, a waterfall, and a mountain but also love animals. My family always go to camping and I love it too much because, in the wild, I can meet new insects that I never know before, rare birds like an Asia hawk species, land animals like Thai antelope, wild buffalo and learn about wild plants like wild fern, big trees that I can't see it in the city. For me, I believe a human is a part of the world, not separate from the natural world. So we need to study and save them.

--> The last, I believe a human has only one life so do everything we want, create good memories for others people, explore the world as much as you can and meet friends as much as possible.

If you believe and love in the same things maybe it's a destiny:)

My free time
listening to music -> I don't have a favorite genre. I can listen to all; classic, rock, pop, country, etc.

plant cactus -> I am a cactus lover! I have so many cactus on my plants' shelves. I always go to the cactus market for buying new babies into my cactus family.

bake a bakery -> I like to bake brownies and cake so much. I always bake and give it to my friend when we hang out. I love their happy face when they eat my bakery:)

painting watercolor -> This is my new hobby. Last month, I saw painting watercolor on youtube. And I fell in love with it. Now, I still practice my skill. But in the future maybe, I will have a chance for painting your family picture;)

swimming -> Before, The swimming pool near my house was permanently closed. I usually go to swimming with my mom. Swimming is my favorite sport since I was young. If your kids love to swimming too. We can go swimming together;)

read a book -> I am a bookworm! For me, I can live without a phone, video games, TV, computer, etc. I read so many genres; action and adventure, classic, non-fiction, detective and mystery, historical fiction and Sci-fi. And The little prince is my favorite book.

Biking -> Before pandemic, Im always biking around my university that located among forest (Yes, my university located among forest and mountain) but now I back to my hometown and can't do that anymore because my hometown is lock down:(

I want to become an AU Pair because I want to learn new languages, new cultures, visit museum & antiquarian bookstores(if we can go together, it would be great!), explore the world and meet new friends. I think the best way that will make me know is go to their country and stay with them. Especially, the family which has kids. Because we (I and your kids) are both new in this culture and languages. We didn't know anything. So we will be able to grow and learn it together;)

We are not real family even I will stay with you for a while but I still want to be part of your family. I will take care of your kids as they are my real sister/brother. And do my job in the best way. This is my way to do for creating the best memories with you:)

** I already vaccinated against Covid-19

P.S. Please kindly visit my profile for further information and if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Expériences en garde d'enfants

My experience

Now, I am an English, Math, and Science tutor, especially for kids. I have childcare experience more than 200 hours. Their parents left them only with me so I am not only teaching but also being their nanny when I taught. My student has age around 1-12 years old. And Some of them are lovely kids and some are so aggressive that makes me know how to cope with a stubborn/aggressive toddler and how to encourage a kid's brain development. I know I didn't graduate from the Faculty of Education but I researched child psychology, child's brain development, and toddler behavior as much as I can because I want the kids to have the best child's brain development and childhood memories.
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Renseignements personnels

Êtes-vous entièrement vacciné contre le Covid-19 ? - OuiNon-fumeurSait nager - OuiSait faire du vélo - Oui

Sait nager

Sait faire du vélo

A un permis de conduire

A des frères et sœurs

A un passeport valide


A suivi un cours de premiers secours

Profession esthéticien(ne)

Diplômes Université

compétences linguistiques

Français: Niveau introductif (A1)
Anglais: Niveau seuil (B1)
Thaïlandais: Langue maternelle

Sports  swim

Sa religion Pas de religion

La religion est pour l'Au Pair Pas important

Régime alimentaire spécial Aucun régime

A des problèmes de santé et/ou des allergies ActualIy, I allergies with antibiotic in cow milk not with the lactose but I can eat some . My allergic level is slightly it just make me feel ichy 1 or 2 days.

Informations sur le COVID-19

Avez-vous été infecté par le Covid-19 ?  Non

Êtes-vous entièrement vacciné contre le Covid-19 ?  Oui

Nom du vaccin  Moderna

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Expériences professionnelles

L'Au Pair peut accepter d'autres tâches pour gagner plus d'argent - OuiL'Au Pair peut s'occuper des enfants handicapés - OuiL'Au Pair est prêt à vivre avec des animaux - OuiL'Au Pair est prêt à s'occuper des animaux - Oui

Pays dans lesquels j'aimerais travailler (max 5) France, Pays-Bas, Suisse, Belgique & Luxembourg

Région préférée Grande ville, Banlieue, Ville, Village, Campagne

Combien de mois elle souhaite rester? 6-12 mois

Date de début (au plus tôt) Déc. 2021

Date de début (au plus tard) Fév. 2022

L'Au Pair est prêt à vivre avec des animaux

L'Au Pair peut accepter d'autres tâches pour gagner plus d'argent

L'Au Pair est prêt à s'occuper des animaux

L'Au Pair garde des enfants dans la tranche d'âge Bébé, 1-5 ans, 6-10 ans, 11-14 ans

Expériences de garde d'enfants dans les dernier 24 mois 200 - 500

Combien d'enfants l'Au Pair gardera? 2

Est-tu prêt à travailler pour un parent célibataire? Oui, avec les parent

L'Au Pair peut s'occuper des enfants handicapés

L'Au Pair est prêt à s'occuper des personnes handicapées

Groupe d'âge préféré des étudiants

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