ID de l'aupair 2129197

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Nom et Prénom Pemika

Ville/Région Bangkok/

Pays Thaïlande

Date de début Nov. 2022 - Déc. 2024

Combien de mois elle souhaite rester? 6-24 mois

Bonnes connaissances linguistiques en Thaïlandais (Langue maternelle), Anglais (Langue maternelle)

Dèrnière connexion Il y a 4 jours

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Lettre pour la famille d'accueil

Dear future host family.

My name is Pemi. I am 26 years old. I come from a country known as the Land of Smiles. I graduated a bachelor’s degree of Business Administration from Khon Kaen University. My major was Tourism Management. My family is a large family consisting of my father, mother, grandparents and younger brother. Even though they are old, everyone is very strong and healthy. We have a dog that has been with our family for a long time, like one of our family members.

When I am still studying, I always make good use of my free time.
I was selected as a volunteer at the university. It's called the Rotaract Club which is an organization established to serve charities Currently, there are more than 8,400 Rotaract clubs from 170 countries around the world. We will camp at schools in remote communities. We will go to develop appropriate activities to serve the local community and children. Children who come to school will like to come to school because they have many friends. When it's time for lunch, I take the kids to cook and eat together. Children who come to school will have fun. Because there will be a time when we relax, do recreational activities, such as organizing small sports. Let the children and people in the community get involved with us.

Even if it's not a long time, they are good memories. And teach us to be givers without expecting anything in return. What is the most valuable reward? It's the smiles and experiences I had with the children in this community. I will never forget the feeling of that moment.

Besides that, I started working part-time at a milk tea shop in college. It was shocking because I was a regular customer of this store until I became an employee. It helped me improve my time management skills. I hope to make Thai tea for the host family to try once.

Later, I was an intern at Night Safari, Chiang Mai, Customer service position. It was a good experience for me to meet a variety of people. Customers are both children and adults. But I was assigned to take care of a group of students who came here. My duty is to recommend places. Children will be excited about new experiences. Outside the classroom. They also spend time doing creative activities. I am able to work under pressure. I have learned to be patient and manage the needs of a wide variety of clients. Therefore, I can definitely apply this experience to meet and deal with all types of children very well.

From the aforementioned text, I am a very active person who adapts well to other people. Every vacation or free time, I usually go cycling with my father. My father is a sports enthusiast in Thailand. People are interested in skating and my father is one of them. I had my dad teach me how to play. It's quite difficult for me. But I think it's a fun sport and it makes me more focused. My grandmother and I always go shopping at the supermarket to cook and eat with our family. Besides that, I am very fond of traveling and dress creatively to express myself. If I'm not going anywhere in my spare time, I often practice English by YouTube. And it would be a good opportunity if I could be an au pair . I want to learn about parenting culture. I will cook Thai food for your family and learn about food from you. Looking for your children to grow up and taking good care of them are parts of my life experience skill enhancement. To develop myself to be an adult in the future.
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Expériences en garde d'enfants

I have experience at a nursery. I am a teacher who helps children in the classroom. I take care of children 1-4 years old who need special care. Because they still can't take care of themselves. My work’s goal is that children's safety and hygiene must always come first. My primary responsibility is to keep the classroom clean and tidy. To prevent accidents that may happen to children I help teachers with activities such as telling stories, building blocks, teaching them to sing along with gestures to develop children's claws. Take a shower to get ready for bed. Through this experience, I learned and understood how to communicate and make them feel comfortable with me. I also learned how to cope when a child cries and take good care of them.

And right now.I am a babysitter, taking care of a 4 years old boy and 7 month boy.My responsibilities were bathing, changing a diaper, feeding milk with a bottle, spoon-feeding, putting them to bed, playing with them, making sure they were safe.

I want to say thank you for reading this last paragraph. I appreciated. Most importantly, I love children very much. You can see from my experience that I used to have a connection with children if I get this precious opportunity. I am willing and ready to do whatever it takes to make the children happy. Because my main goal is to encourage children to grow up physically and mentally. Ultimately, children's happiness affects my happiness. I also learned something from a child's point of view. I am looking forward to learning all about your country. and want to be part of your family too. I will not disappoint you and will do my best. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
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Renseignements personnels

Êtes-vous entièrement vacciné contre le Covid-19 ? - OuiNon-fumeurA suivi un cours de premiers secours - OuiSait nager - OuiSait faire du vélo - Oui

Sait nager

Sait faire du vélo

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A suivi un cours de premiers secours

Profession Au Pair

Diplômes Université

compétences linguistiques

Thaïlandais: Langue maternelle, Depuis 24 Année
Anglais: Langue maternelle, Depuis 2 Année

Informations sur le COVID-19

Avez-vous été infecté par le Covid-19 ?  Non

Êtes-vous entièrement vacciné contre le Covid-19 ?  Oui

Nom du vaccin  Moderna

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Expériences professionnelles

L'Au Pair peut accepter d'autres tâches pour gagner plus d'argent - OuiL'Au Pair est prêt à vivre avec des animaux - OuiL'Au Pair est prêt à s'occuper des animaux - Oui

Pays dans lesquels j'aimerais travailler Suède, Suisse & États-Unis

Région préférée Grande ville, Banlieue, Ville, Village, Campagne

Combien de mois elle souhaite rester? 6-24 mois

Date de début (au plus tôt) Nov. 2022

Date de début (au plus tard) Déc. 2024

L'Au Pair est prêt à vivre avec des animaux

L'Au Pair peut accepter d'autres tâches pour gagner plus d'argent

L'Au Pair est prêt à s'occuper des animaux

L'Au Pair garde des enfants dans la tranche d'âge Bébé, 1-5 ans, 6-10 ans

Expériences de garde d'enfants dans les dernier 24 mois 800 +

Combien d'enfants l'Au Pair gardera? 2

Est-tu prêt à travailler pour un parent célibataire? Oui, avec les parent

L'Au Pair peut s'occuper des enfants handicapés

L'Au Pair est prêt à s'occuper des personnes handicapées

Groupe d'âge préféré des étudiants

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Sur moi

I am calm, kind and honest,helpful and always ready to learn things. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. Every vacation or free time usually go cycling with my father. My grandmother and I always go shopping at the supermarket to cook and eat with our family.