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Christine Leigh ne fume pas Christine Leigh possède un certificat de premiers secours Christine Leigh sait nager Christine Leigh sait faire du vélo

Hi, I am Christine Leigh, you can call me "Leigh or Tine". Please allow me to walk you through some details about myself, shall we? I'm 21 years of age an out of school youth, because I need to make for living at the age of 18. Currently residing in a City located in Manila, Philippines. I love singing and dancing, but unfortunately these two doesn't love me back. Yet, I still...

Hanna, 27 ans, Ethiopien, vivant actuellement en/au(x) Émirats arabes unis cherche un travail en tant que Au Pair & Nounou en/au(x) Suède

Ethiopien Au Pair
Anglais, Français Jui. 2022 - Jui. 2022 (Sélectionner) Nouvel enregistrement
Hanna ne fume pas Hanna possède un certificat de premiers secours Hanna sait nager Hanna sait faire du vélo

Faites connaissance avec Hanna (27 ans) originaire de Émirats arabes unis, qui est heureuse de rejoindre votre famille en tant que Au Pair & Nounou. Le postulant a de l'expérience en Ecole supérieure. et travaille actuellement comme serveur(euse). Le candidat peut conduire et possède une vaste expérience de conduite.

Jenny ne fume pas Jenny possède un certificat de premiers secours Jenny sait nager Jenny sait faire du vélo

I am an independent individual who work for 10 years for the sake of my son and my grandmother whom I always support till the end back to my country. I want to become a caregiver or healthcare provider for the elderly people because I saw to them my grandmother. I know it’s very sad that I am not the one who taking care of her but whatever I am doing now is for her to give a...

Ma. Francess ne fume pas Ma. Francess possède un certificat de premiers secours Ma. Francess ne sait pas nager Ma. Francess sait faire du vélo

Hi I am Francess I am a nursing graduate. I am currently residing in United Arab Emirates and working as Childcare Provider for almost 7 and half years. With 7 years of experience in a childcare setting I’ve worked with different childrens and families. I am passionate this line of work and children have a special place in my heart. I am certain that my qualifications and...

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