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Nom et Prénom Solène

Ville/Région Vitry-en-Artois/Nord Pas De Calais

Pays France

Date de début Mai 2019 - Jui. 2019

Combien de mois je souhaite rester ? 1-3 mois

Bonnes connaissances linguistiques Anglais, Français

Dèrnière connexion 16 Mai 2019




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Lettre pour la famille d'accueil

ALREADY FOUND FOR THIS SUMMER, can’t wait to meet them

Hi dear future family !

I'm Solène, an 18 year-old medical student.
I’m a very joyful person, always smiling and in a good mood.

I’d like to go abroad after my exams. Indeed, med studies are really hard and it’s almost impossible to travel during the schoolyear.
I’ve travelled in more than 40 countries, I’ve seen all continents, and I’m used to travel with family, friends or even alone for several weeks/months.

Also, I love children and animals, I spend a lot of time with my little cousin Adèle (11, on the pictures)) to help her mom out. I worked as a babysitter during high school, I was taking care of kids when their parents were working or travelling.

I’m someone you can trust, and since I’m in med school I love meeting people and taking care of them. I wanna be a doctor.
I’d like to work for several months but I can’t because of med school. I could help you the all month of June, and maybe a week in may, because I have exams in may and an internship in July at the hospital.
I understand I’m very picky with the dates, but it’s because of school, I wish I could stay a longer time…

Children love me and I really love spending time with them, they don’t have our problems and they smile all the time, I can’t wait to have children myself.
I’m willing to clean the house, take the kids out, and entertain them as much as I can. I’ve also always been good at school, this way I could help them with homeworks.
I speak english (fluently thanks to my lovely friends in the USA and in New Zealand), spanish and of course french.
I have a sister who is 25 and I’m crazy about animals (I have a dog a cat and a rabbit).
My dad is a doctor and my mom a commercial.

Also I guess you’d prefer an older Au Pair, but I can assure you I’m really mature and responsible for my age. I’m used to travel alone abroad, and I live alone in my apartment in Lille (my parents live 1 hour from here) because of university.

I love travelling, studying, learning new things. I also love going out with my friends and family, visiting museums and expositions, or going to the beach (even if the water is a little bit too dark in the north of France... ;) ).
I also really love animals, my mom always taught me to rescue the homeless dogs/cats in the street in order to take care of them.
I’m lucky to have parents that are so nice and open-minded, and I like the education they gave me.

Even for a short time I can assure you you won’t regret me, I’d like to keep contact with my future family so they can come visit me in France. I want to experience being an Au Pair because I want to meet other people from abroad, learn a different culture and language, and make friends for life.
Let me know if you’re interested and I hope you will. You can contact me even for simple questions, or even just to talk.
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Des Renseignements Personnels

Non-fumeurA suivi un cours de premiers secours - OuiSait nager - OuiSait faire du vélo - OuiA un permis de conduire - Oui, sans experiences

Sait nager

Sait faire du vélo

A un permis de conduire

A des frères et sœurs

A un passeport valable


A suivi un cours de premiers secours

Profession actuelle étudiant(e)

Diplômes Université

Connaissances basiques en Espagnol

Sports  Oui.

Ta religion Pas de religion

La religion est pour moi

Régime alimentaire spécial Végétarien

A les maladies et/ou les allergies Non.

Taille 165cm = 5'4

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Expériences professionnelles

Pourrais-tu accepter d'autres tâches pour gagner plus d'argent ? - OuiPourrais-tu t'occuper des enfants handicapés ? - NonEs-tu prêt à vivre avec des animaux ? - OuiEs-tu prêt à t'occuper d'animaux ? - Oui

Combien de mois je souhaite rester ? 1-3 mois

Date de début (au plus tôt) Mai 2019

Date de début (au plus tard) Jui. 2019

Pourrais-tu t'occuper des enfants handicapés ?

Es-tu prêt à t'occuper des personnes handicapées ?

Es-tu prêt à vivre avec des animaux ?

Es-tu prêt à t'occuper d'animaux ?

Pourrais-tu accepter d'autres tâches pour gagner plus d'argent ?

Région préférée Grande ville, Banlieue, Ville, Village

Mes expériences de garde d'enfants dans les dernier 24 mois 100 - 200

Je garde des enfants dans la tranche d'âge ? 1-5 ans, 6-10 ans, 11-14 ans, 15 ans et +

Combien d'enfants je garderais ? 4

Est-tu prêt à travailler pour un parent célibataire ? Oui, avec les parent

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