ID della Famiglia: 2460664

Bambini: 4 Bambini, Neonati, 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni

Città: Sefton park / Periferia | Piú ⇩

Inizio del lavoro: Apr. 2023 - Lug. 2023

Durata del soggiorno: 3-12 mesi

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Lettera di Benvenuto per l'Au Pair

Hi we are a Christian homeschooling family located in Adelaide, South Australia. We have 3 children with our 4th due to be born Jan 2023. We live in a beautiful suburb called Walkley Heights which is about 10 minutes drive from Adelaide. My husband and I started a youth ministry called Streetlight which has now expanded across Adelaide. This has allowed my husband to work full time as a missionary. We are looking for an Au Pair to help with the children and general running of the home and would love a Christian who can join us in raising our children with a Christian worldview. We are keen for someone who loves children, God & learning. If you’re a travel lover, we would love to share our beautiful state with you. We have lived and travelled to many stunning places in South Australia and would love to share them with you. Whether it’s day trips to local picturesque beaches, beautiful experiences in the Adelaide hills (wineries, fruit picking boutique farms, Hahndorf, wildlife parks), or expanding further to the Yorke Peninsula where we have many family & friends as we used to live close, Clare Valley, a limestone coast or Kangaroo Island. We live close to the beautiful city Adelaide which we visit often. The children would love to show you the zoo, art gallery, museum, Rundle Mall, have bike rides along the Torrens River, China Town & central market. If you’re into sport, there’s plenty to choose from socially, or if you like viewing them, we’re very familiar with the Adelaide Oval where you can watch cricket in the summer or AFL in the winter months. Because of the work we do, we connect with Christian young adults all over Adelaide and attend & run many events, trainings, guest speak etc. and we would be more than happy to tap you in.
We have family that live in small farms in the mid north which we would love to introduce you to. This would be a great experience to explore the Aussie countryside. We used to live in a country town in the mid-north before moving to Adelaide 7 years ago.
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Descrizione del Lavoro

We are looking for someone who loves children and desires to build a relationship with them, treat them as their own little siblings and genuinely love them. Having older teens our children can look up to is important to us to set good role models for our children. We desire to treat our aupair the same, as part of our family, like a sister and help here in every way we can. We know how hard it can be to live away from family, especially in another country, so we will try our best to be as accomodating, gentle and welcoming as we can. Being a mum, and with both of us having years of experience with youth and young adults, we will probably also have a caring, mumma bear hat on, making sure you’re okay, well looked after and making sure you have everything you need - if you need a shoulder to cry on, I have your back.
As much as we would love for our children to build a real, genuine friendship and relationship with you as an older sister, we are also looking for someone who is willing to be intentional with the children, whether it mean giving clear boundaries or discipline. We’re passionate about raising children with a Christian worldview, pointing them towards to Word of God as the ultimate authority. We want someone who feels comfortable with this, and passionate for our children to look up to as a positive Christian role model.

We like to have our children outdoors and exploring as much as we can. We take children to many parks, encourage tree climbing, pretend play, water play, getting dirty & messy, bike riding, learning new skills/sports, stopping and listening to birds/nature, pointing out certain trees, certain findings, collecting treasure, noticing patterns in seasons, filling in a nature journal, sketching or painting part of nature, playing with friends, visiting zoos, beaches etc (yes there is always a big cleanup!). We desire our children to have a rich childhood with plenty of it outside which we know goes against the grain these days where children are on tablets and phones or cooped up indoors for hours in a day. With Anni having a newborn we know this will become more and more difficult for her so would love help from our aupair to do more of this. We would love to empower you in what ever ways you need in order to do this to provide rich learning and playing environments for our children. Weather this means purchasing things for you to use that we may not already have, buying memberships or tickets for you, etc.

The jobs we would love our aupair to help with include:
Helping in the learning of our 6 and 4 year old (I, Anni take on the responsibility of all our homeschooling including content, curriculums and lessons but would love an extra hand esp in times I have to work one on one with a child or attend to the newborn.) So I may give you some direction to help with some of the activities for the children which may include: art work, craft & handiwork, counting practice, listening to our children read, or read to them, assisting with music practice, working in sport skills, cooking with our children, taking our children for adventure in nature, for zoo trips & other excursions. It is important that our Au Pair has very strong English skills.
In the home, I would love help with regular home cleaning such as dishes, washing, floors, ironing & cooking and just general tidying up. It would also help to provide care for my younger 2 babies when I need to have a shower, pick something up from the shops, or take a nap etc.
The care for our children would include: helping them dress/bath, nappy changes, doing the bedtime routine, helping them at meal time in preparation, eating and cleanup, helping teach them basic skills such as tying shoe laces or brushing teeth, doing their hair etc.
I also need an extra pair of hands (sometimes) when attending regular events such as church, homeschool group, etc. but this wont be all the time.
The ministry we run in Adelaide consists of many volunteers (mainly young adults) from many different churches around Adelaide. If you would like to, you can have opportunity to be involved with volunteering which will allow you to meet and mix with many Christian’s around Adelaide.

I would just like to share our desired ‘week in the life’ for you which you may find helpful. Don’t freak out with the detail - we are actually a really flexible family (you have to be with little kids!) but we do have a plan of attack as a goal but it rarely ever gets achieved, but hey at least there’s a goal to strive for!

Here’s a dot point form followed by some more detail below.
Mon 7am-10:30am, 4pm-7pm (approx) (or could be flexible to have Monday night off)
Tue 7am-10:30am, 4pm-7pm (approx)
Wed 7am-10:30am, 4pm-7pm (approx)
Thurs 7am-10:30am, 4pm-7pm (approx)
Fri 7am-9am, night: OFF (approx)
Sat: OFF
Sun OFF/every other Sunday help Anni with kids at church, night: 4pm-7pm (approx) or could have Sun night off.

So you will have most week days OFF from approx 10:30-4pm free to explore, rest, do what ever you please - if you want to join us in what we’re doing in our days you’re more than welcome to.

Here’s a bit more detail if you like more detail! Just wanna paint a picture for you so you can feel comfortable and aware of what we’re thinking (we’re still flexible and happy for conversation to amend things)
Mon - Thurs from when the kids wake up (usually between 6am and 7am) helping (you wont be alone, just helping Ben or I) with getting them up, showers, getting dressed, breakfast, helping children with their chores & being intentional teaching them along the way (we view everything as learning and are passionate about training little ones) Followed by clean up after breakfast, morning blessing basket with Ben (a homeschool basket we do over breakfast), prepping lunches/packing bags if need be etc. Then looking after the little ones (taking them for a walk, singing nursery rhymes, reading books, playing a game with them, doing a few educational things, with them (which Anni will pre organise), maybe going to library for rhyme time or kindergym while Anni does some school work with Zahra for about an hour and a half. This should all be finished up somewhere between 10am and 11am.

You then have free all day to do what you please.

Then back again at around 3:30/4pm to help with: music practice, hearing Zahra read, maybe an art/craft or cooking activity, perhaps sport practice outside or working on a project with the children so Anni can go for a walk, prepare dinner, etc. We usually eat dinner around 5 or 6, followed by bathtime, story time, teeth, toilet, prayers & blessing with the children. This will allow Anni to help clean up after dinner, prepare things for the next day, help with bedtime/bathtime etc. The kids absolutely love stories. Kids are usually in bed by 7/7:30 which is when you can do what you please after that.

Friday nights can be flexible / mostly off or you can choose whether you wanna join us in family pizza and movie night or not. It will not be a work night for you but you are welcome to join in! If you drive, you’re welcome to use the car Friday nights.
Saturdays you can have off or join in with us if you please but again will not be a work day. Saturdays are usually all over the place, sometimes house work, gardening, birthday parties, visiting family, fun days. If on the odd occasion we need you to help with the kids on a Sat or another day, we will let you know in advance and you can def feel free to say no if you need it off. On the same token, if you want to have a weekend away or anything, please let us know as we would love to empower you to do those things and explore our beautiful country & enjoy yourself. Even if you want to store up hours then use it later - we’re flexible.

Sundays you are welcome to join us for church. Anni will need help every other Sunday with the children at church when Ben preaches elsewhere (usually twice a month). This would include helping get them ready for church, playing with prob the 1 year old during the service (we don’t have a crèche below 4 years old) while Anni looks after the baby. Church is at 10:30am. Sunday nights we usually try and get ready for the week, catch-up on washing, go over floors, set up homeschool for the week etc. we’re usually all hands on deck and my husband and I would love some time to plan/go over our week and maybe on the odd occasion a date night.

During the week if you would ever like to join in with any other activities we do you are more than welcome but will not be classified as working hours for you. Some of our commitments/outings include: zoo trips, museum trips, excursions, co-ops, homeschool group, library trips, play dates, grocery shopping, gymnastics/sport lessons, piano & Chinese lessons, hair appointments, dentist etc.

We do live a pretty hectic life with ministry, homeschooling and littles so you can see why there’s a bit of a need to have some structure to our life. But I want to stress that we definitely live with such a flexible attitude as our structure is pretty much never exactly as we plan. This is def a mindset we need to adopt as we have little ones that might wake up sick one day, might be having a growth spurt so need more sleep, something might get cancelled from another family or something might come up ministry wise - helping a neighbour, stranger, family member or friend.
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Informazioni sulla Famiglia

Ha animali domestici? - Si

Ha animali domestici? Si

La Famiglia abita in Periferia

Età dei genitori 20-35

Sei un genitore single? No, la nostra famiglia è composta da entrambi i genitori

Nazionalità della Famiglia Australiana

Lingue parlate in Famiglia Inglese

Religione Cristiana

Importanza della religione Molto importante

Occupazione Youth Worker / Pastor / Homeschooling Mother

Persone che vivono in casa 6

Età e genere dei bambini/persone di cui ci si deve occupare 6 anno Femminile
4 anno Maschile
1 anno Maschile
1 anno Femminile

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Requisiti richiesti

Ore di lavoro alla settimana 30 - 35

Paghetta del/della Au Pair (al mese) 860 AUD

Stipendio del/della Tata 860 AUD

Genere dell'Au Pair Femmina

Durata del soggiorno 3-12 mesi

Prima data di inizio utile Apr. 2023

Ultima data di inizio Lug. 2023

Cerco Au Pair e Tata

Età delle persone/bambini da accudire Neonati, 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni

Bambini/persone che devono essere accuditi 4

Livello minimo di esperienza richiesto 10-50

Abbiamo bisogno di un Tutor che insegni

Quanti anni hanno gli studenti a cui insegnerà il Tutor?

Abbiamo bisogno di assistenza e supporto in

Nazionalità preferita Americana, Australiana, Britannica, Canadese, Inglese, Filippina, Indonesiana, Irlandese, Malesiana, Neozelandese, Scozzese, Thailandese

Conoscenza della lingua richiesta
 Inglese, Minimum Lingua madre
- o -
 Inglese, Minimum Bilingue (C2)

Livello di educazione richiesto Liceo

Contribuirà alle spese di viaggio No

Età richiesta 18-60

Accetta fumatori No

Deve badare a persone affette da disabilità No

Deve accudire animali No

Cerca un candidato in grado di nuotare No

Cerca un candidato in grado di andare in bicicletta No

Il candidato può frequentare un corso di lingua Si

Corso di primo soccorso richiesto No

Patente di guida richiesta No

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Descrizione famiglia

My husband Ben works long hours for Streetlight, often preaches at other churches & works many nights however his work can be flexible. Ben is very relational, loves spending time with people, loves learning, and working outside (he was bought up on farms). I (Anni) homeschool our 4 and 6 year old and am about to have a 4th child in Jan 2023. I was a previous piano teacher and events manager before having children. I would describe myself as hospitable & homely, considerate & generous, organised & planned in advance but also carefree & willing to bend/flexible to others needs, self motivated, task driven & achiever, passionate about God & raising our children biblically, happy to just give things a shot & learn from mistakes (nothing is too much kind of attitude). I try to keep a mindset to always keep others needs above my own & to focus on how I can love them best. I do love keeping our home tidy & organised but also know you can’t have too high of an expectation with that all the time with little ones. I love to create routines in our home which are life giving and intentional in how we raise our children. I would say I do not have as higher social need as my husband, and do recognise I need time to be myself but many of my friends would call me an extrovert. We do live a fairly social outgoing life as a family! (Even though we homeschool!) Our 1st child Zahra (6) is outgoing and fun. She enjoys art, craft, colouring, role playing, happy to get dirty, stories & friends. Our 2nd child Obi (4) has a big interest in building, tools, hard work and machines. He is mechanical and very kind in nature always thinking of others before himself. Manny (1) is adventurous, daring and fast. He enjoys exploring, getting really messy, trying new things and does not like sleeping haha. He keeps you on your toes. Our 4th child is a girl who we are all very excited to meet!
We are a fairly social family and are out quite a lot. We are apart of a homeschool group that meets weekly plus enjoy other co-op’s/ smaller learning groups which also meet weekly. We have a zoo membership and attend roughly fortnightly. We also enjoy monthly museum trips & other adhoc excursions approx fortnightly. We love visiting parks, playgrounds & gardens regularly. You are welcome to join us in these if its something you’re interested in.
Our parents live on a hobby farm which we visit about once every 2 months (roughly)..
We attend church weekly and usually have other church events on fortnightly (such as church camp, thanksgiving dinners, Christmas/Easter celebrations, bible studies etc)
We enjoy visiting friends for dinners, going to shows & events and enjoy hosting people in our home.
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Alloggio dell'AuPair

We live in Walkley Heights which is about 10 minutes out of Adelaide (the capitol city in South Australia). Our Aupair will have their own room, with a double bed, study desk, build in robe, and a few little added extras to make you feel at home. You will have the bathroom right next to your room which you can share with the children. Your room opens up to the end of a hallway to is private and doesn’t open up to the main communal area. You will have access to unlimited internet and if you need to use our car while we’re home, youre welcome to. We have a large park with a playground, walking track and lots of grass & trees visible from our home (so nice and close) and the suburb is very clean, safe & middle-upper class. If you need public transport, its walking distance to the nearest stop & so are shops. We are happy to be accomodating in hearing your requests as to what you would like us to provide in your room : whether it be a tv, desk, guitar etc. we want to make you feel as close to home, welcome and comfortable as you can. We would love to have you cook & learn new recipes from you! So please feel free to request things on the shopping list. We are more than happy to help find things for you to be involved in at a social level, whether you want to play a sport socially or learn English or what ever it is, we have many contacts and are more than happy to help you find what you need.
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