ID della Famiglia: 1134726

Bambini:: 2 Bambini:, 1-5 anni

Città: Wildpoldsried / Villaggio

Cognome Pamela

Regione Bayern

Cap Solo per Utenti a Pagamento

Telefono principale Solo per Utenti a Pagamento

Telefono secondario Solo per Utenti a Pagamento

Inizio del lavoro: Lug. 2019 - Ago. 2019

Durata del soggiorno: 10-12 Mesi

Ultimo login: 23 Ore Fa

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Lettera di Benvenuto per l'Au Pair

****We have already found an Au-pair for us from August 2019 until January 2020. Of you are interested in becoming our next au-pair after this time, we would be happy to get to know you!!!****

Hello beloved Au-pair!

We would be thrilled to take you into our family (of four) for 6-12 months and get to know you!

We are very much interested in different cultures and would also love to show you the best spots of our beautiful tourist region here in Bavaria!
We are only a 38 min. drive away from the castle Neuschwanstein of King Ludwig and 1h 15 min. drive to the Oktoberfest in Munich, and many more great locations all around us even closer by!!

Would you like to be the English speaking playmate for our two girls?
I (the mommy) would also really love to hear more English in our house, if possible!
Because I am half American and would like to have some language support by another native speaker for my children, as I've been raising them bilingual since their birth.
So me and the girls talk English with each other and my husband speaks in German to them and me.
Mostly my husband will practice German with you, because he is also home often, when he works in his office in the first floor of our house and after work, but I can also practice German with you, of course if necessary! :-)

We have two small girls to attend to:
Sophie 4 years old and Melissa 2 years old.
Currently, I am staying at home with the girls as a housewife, until our younger one Melissa goes to Kindergarten at the age of three in September 2019, so I will probably start to work for a few hours per week (approx. 8 hours/week) in January 2020.

About us 
We have a new house with a beautiful mountain view to the south and green fields to the east and south of our property, here in our village called Wildpoldsried. It's 12 km from the next city called Kempten (70.700 inhabitants). Kempten has a train station and our village Wildpoldsried (2.500 inhabitants) has bus connections in all directions too. 
I would gladly give you more details to both, if your interested!
We will pay for your bus card so your are independent.
Besides the airport Munich, we also have a smaller airport only 30 min. car drive away in Memmingen, which has very good flight offers to lots of big cities all around Europe.
And if you have a drivers licence you can also borrow my car (stick shift) or my bike (MTB and E-bike), when I'm not using one or the other.
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Descrizione del Lavoro

We're looking for a warm hearted, open-minded, patient and joyful Au-pair family member from an English speaking country!
We are not looking for an employee, but much rather a friend and new family member to connect with on a deep level!!! :-)

We would like you to speak only English with our girls, as they have been raised bilingual straight from birth.
With me, the mommy, English would be preferable also, at least the majority of the time if that's okay. 
But, you will surely still have the opportunity to learn or improve you German considerately!! My husband and I and our family and friends will all help you achieve your goal, whatever it may be!!

Timewise, we can work hand-in-hand together for
all the mornings Monday-Friday, if you like:
(7 a.m. - 08:30 a.m. and after that, you always have off for the rest of the morning),

and I will also be there for:

approx. 90% of the lunchtimes: Monday-Friday (11:30/12 a.m.- 1 p.m.)


approx. 90% of the evenings (6 p.m. - 8 p.m.).

So you only have the girls alone for 1 or 2 afternoons a week (Monday-Friday) and once and a while during lunch or dinner time. It's just so much easier and laid back with an extra person for getting the girls ready/fed/to bed, than doing it alone :-)

The weekends are principally always off for you!!
As well as 2 days in a row every month and I also very often find a week-day to give you off in adition.
During the weekends, we only need help, if we have a special event in the evening (/during the day) where we would ask you ahead of time, if you could watch the girls, but just occasionally, because the girls like to sleep over at their "Oma's/grandma's" house very regularly also, so we try to plan them staying there first then.

They also visit their Oma and grandma every week in the afternoon, so you only have approx. 1 or 2 afternoons to spend alone with the girls and the rest off.

So, I believe you will probably have more free time with us than normally usual, when both parents work full time and have no aditional family support like we do.
Robert my husband is also often working in his office in the first floor of the house and can sometimes pitch in, if necessary ;-)

And of course you can also go on full day excursions during the week, if it's something you can't plan on the weekends, and then it would be great, if you could tell us in time and we will plan the day without you! 

work details:
- play with children
- help children get ready in the morning/evening  (help them put on/off their clothes, brush teeth&hair)
- fix light meals for children
- take the children to kindergarden or other activities and back home.
- clean up after the kids (wiping table and sweeping/vacuuming floor after kids meal)
- help children keep their room tidy, the living room after playing, and your own room
- vacuum occasionally 
- help us fill & clear out the dishwasher regularly 
- stop by at the grocery store (only in rare emergency cases, no big shopping!!)
- iron your own clothes if needed (we do our laundry and ironing ourselves and can also do your laundry, if you wish)

The main cleaning and up-keeping of the house (extensive vacuuming, mopping, dusting and regular cleaning of toilets and sinks) will be done by us of course, so you will for sure not be misused by us as a cleaning lady :-)

Our main goal is to make your stay with us a fantastic experience, that you'll always like to look back at, and we really enjoy giving you a great time during your stay with us as a full family member and will do our utmost to make you feel at home and happy with us! 

So, if your interested we would love to hear from you soon! :-)

Best wishes
Pamela & Robert
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Informazioni sulla famiglia

Ha animali Domestici? No

La Famiglia Abita in Villaggio

Età dei Genitori 30-45

Famiglia Monoparentale No, la Nostra Famiglia è composta da Entrambi i Genitori

Nazionalità della Famiglia Americano/a - USA

Lingue parlate in Famiglia Tedesco, Inglese

Religione Cattolico

Importanza della religione Importante

Occupazione Hausfrau und Versicherungsfachmann

Numero di Persone che vivono nella Casa della Famiglia 4

Descrizione dei Bambini (Nome, Età, Sesso) 1. daughter 3,5 years old
2. daughter 1,5 years old

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Requisiti per il Lavoro

Cerca un Au Pair in grado di nuotare - SiCerca un Au Pair in grado di andare in bicicletta - Si

Prima data di inizio Lug. 2019

Ultima data di inizio Ago. 2019

Durata di permanenza dell'Au Pair 10-12 Mesi

Cerchiamo Au Pair

Sesso preferito Femmina

Nazionalità preferita American, Australian, British, English, Irish, Canadian, New Zealander, Scottish

Conoscenza della lingua Senza Preferenza

Livello minimo di esperienza richiesto Nessuna preferenza

Livello di educazione richiesto Scuola Media

Età delle persone/bambini da accudire 1-5 anni

Bambini che devono essere accuditi 2

Ore di lavoro alla settimana 25 - 30

Salario 260 EUR

Accetta di pagare il costo del viaggio dell'Au Pair (o una parte) -

Età dell'Au Pair richiesta 18-30

Accetta un Au Pair fumatore No

Deve badare a persone affette da Disabilitá No

Deve accudire animali No

Cerca un Au Pair in grado di nuotare Si

Cerca un Au Pair in grado di andare in bicicletta Si

È consentito all'Au Pair di frequentare un corso di lingua Si

Cerca un Au Pair che abbia seguito un corso di primo soccorso No

Cerca un Au Pair che sa guidare No

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Descrizione famiglia

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Alloggio dell'AuPair

You will have your own private and lockable room on the ground floor (size: 12,36 square meters) with a king/double bed and you can use the extra shower all for yourself, which we have in the Sauna-room in the basement.
Your room has floor heating for when it gets cold and it's own tv and blu-ray player with 'Amazon prime video' installed.
Your room has a two-wing glas door (size: 2,04 x 1,62m), which leads directly into the west side of the garden, and thus offers nice sunsets very often. There is an outdoor light right outside your room, with a switch inside. The room can be completely darkened (for sleeping in) with roller blinds.
All other bedrooms are on the first floor.
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