ID della Famiglia: 2287359

Bambini: 2 Bambini, Neonati, 1-5 anni

Città: Düsseldorf / Metropoli | Piú ⇩

Inizio del lavoro: Ott. 2023 - Nov. 2023

Durata del soggiorno: 3-12 mesi

Ultimo login: 06 Set. 2022

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Lettera di Benvenuto per l'Au Pair


We are Christoph and Lisa with our boys Martin (2 years) and Emil (8 months). We are looking for a reliable, openhearted and friendly aupair, that would like to be part of our family and support us in our daily routines for a few months. You should be a practical, smart and humourus person and have a little bit of experience with housekeeping and families. We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming you!
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Descrizione del Lavoro

Your tasks can be - depending on what you can do best and what you like:
- Playing and looking after the children in the afternoon and on the weekend during the day, e.g. visiting the playground, playing in the garden or in the house, reading books,
- help with getting the boys dressed or nappy changed (after you got to know each other a bit)
- help with bringing and fetching the kids from kindergarten (after you got to know each other a bit)

- preparing meals, especially washing and cutting fruit and vegetables or even cooking simple meals if you want and are able to,
- loading and unloading the dishwasher,
- laundry hanging, washing, folding (especially the children‘s)
- cleaning off the table and the floor below after meals,
- from time to time: changing of the children‘s bed linen
- from time to time and if you like to: light and easy gardening like lawn mowing or weed digging

What you will need:

- humour, an open mind and kindness
- a bit of experience and skill in household and cooking
- safe bicycle riding
- you should like children and be patient with them

What you will win:
- a second family :-)
- it is important to us, that you are motivated to learn German as the children do not speak English. That is why we are happy to pay parts of the language course fees.
- if you wish to use public transport we will pay your tickets for local trips. You will have your own bicycle
- of course you will have leasure time and holidays and enough time for language courses, meeting friends and do whatever you like. You are free to spend your free time at our house or elsewhere.
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Foto aggiuntive

Informazioni sulla Famiglia

Ha animali domestici? No

La Famiglia abita in Metropoli

Età dei genitori 20-35

Sei un genitore single? No, la nostra famiglia è composta da entrambi i genitori

Nazionalità della Famiglia Tedesca

Lingue parlate in Famiglia Tedesco

Religione Cristiana

Importanza della religione Non importante

Occupazione doctor / civil servant

Persone che vivono in casa 4

Età e genere dei bambini/persone di cui ci si deve occupare 2 anno Maschile
9 mese Maschile

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Requisiti richiesti

Cerca un candidato in grado di nuotare - SiCerca un candidato in grado di andare in bicicletta - Si

Ore di lavoro alla settimana 30 - 35

Paghetta del/della Au Pair (al mese) 280 EUR

Genere dell'Au Pair Nessuna Preferenza

Durata del soggiorno 3-12 mesi

Prima data di inizio utile Ott. 2023

Ultima data di inizio Nov. 2023

Cerco Au Pair

Età delle persone/bambini da accudire Neonati, 1-5 anni

Bambini/persone che devono essere accuditi 2

Livello minimo di esperienza richiesto Nessuna preferenza

Abbiamo bisogno di un Tutor che insegni

Quanti anni hanno gli studenti a cui insegnerà il Tutor?

Abbiamo bisogno di assistenza e supporto in

Nazionalità preferita Americana, Australiana, Belga, Britannica, Bulgara, Tedesca, Danese, Inglese, Estone, Finlandese, Fiamminga, Francese, Greca, Groenlandese, Irlandese, Islandese, Italiana, Canadese, Croata, Lettone, Liechtensteiniese, Lituana, Lussemburghese, Neozelandese, Olandese, Norvegese, Polacca, Portoghese, Rumena, Scozzese, Svedese, Svizzera, Slovacca, Slovena, Spagnola, Ceca, Ungherese, Gallese, Austriaca

Conoscenza della lingua richiesta Sufficiente

Livello di educazione richiesto Liceo

Contribuirà alle spese di viaggio local bus and train tickets

Età richiesta 18-28

Accetta fumatori No

Deve badare a persone affette da disabilità No

Deve accudire animali No

Cerca un candidato in grado di nuotare Si

Cerca un candidato in grado di andare in bicicletta Si

Il candidato può frequentare un corso di lingua Si

Corso di primo soccorso richiesto No

Patente di guida richiesta No

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Descrizione famiglia

The kids are bright and adventuresome, they like to meet new people and love new experiences. We love to go to playgrounds and public libraries. Whenever possible, we are outdoors and go on trips like short hikes or we meet friends and family. Christoph loves to play children’s songs on our piano and to singalong together with the kids.

Christoph sings in the local church coir. Lisa loves dancing and yoga but does not have the time to practice at the moment.

We all are true booklovers!

Lisa and Christoph have both spent some time abroad and know what it is like to live immerse a different culture and language. They both speak German, English and French.

Christoph works fulltime as a general practicioner and Lisa will start as a lawyer in public administration on part-time in january. Martin attends kindergarten and Emil will start in december.

Our Day:

Our day starts at around 7 AM, with the parents preparing breakfast. Christoph leaves at 7.30 for work and returns - depending on the weekday - between 1 and 6 PM.

The children get up at 8 (latest) and Lisa dresses them. We have breakfast together and Martin's kindergarten starts at 9 at the latest. During the day Lisa does the homework and looks after Emil.

Lisa and Emil fetch Marttin from kindergarten at around 3.30 PM and then they play together on the playground or at home or go to the small local library to borrow new books.

At 6 PM we eat dinner together and afterwords the children get ready for bed and we bring them to sleep.

After that we clean and tidy the table and kitchen or enjoy a bit of peace and quiet (if possible).

Good to know about us:
We eat mainly vegetarian, sometimes fish. We try to live sustainably, riding the bike or using public transport and saving resources. We do not have a car and get nearly everything done by bike, cargobike, public transport or foot. We sometimes borrow a car for big items.

We lead a family life oriented to the ideas of attachment parenting with respect to the needs of every family member. We try to see and meet the needs of everyone living with us.
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Alloggio dell'AuPair

We live in a beautiful house with a large garden just by the river Rhine in Duesseldorf. Your room has its own little sink and garden view.

Duesseldorf and Neuss downtown are both 5 km away. You can get there easily by bike or tram in 15-25 minutes.

Duesseldorf and its surroundings are densely setteled and you can explore loads of other cities with all their amenities. There are also quiet and calm areas nearby. The Netherlands are not far away either. Duesseldorf is well accessible by train and car and has an international airport.
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