ID della Famiglia: 2255606

Bambini: 3 Bambini, 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni

Città: Glückstadt / Città | Piú ⇩

Inizio del lavoro: Set. 2022 - Nov. 2023

Durata del soggiorno: 6-13 mesi

Ultimo login: 26 giorni fa

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Lettera di Benvenuto per l'Au Pair

We already found someone. Thanks for your interest! Dear future Aupair. We are a nice, loud, caring, chaotic and understanding five member family. We live in Glückstadt. Which is a nice little city settled between Hamburg and northsea at the river Elbe. It takes the train 35 minutes to get to Hamburg. We need an open minded person, who can fit in our turbulent life. My husband and i have to work but nevertheless we want to give our children the opportunity to enjoy loving care at times we are away. And give them the chance to practice hobbies like doing gymnastics or play soccer. In addition to that we hope that you as a foreign person bestow us a lot of new nice experience. I did a gapyear by myself and had one of the greatest times in my life. We really looking foward to spend such a wonderful time with you!
Linda with Andre, Hedi, Lene and Piet
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Descrizione del Lavoro

Dear future Aupair, you should be caring and understanding. But its also important that you can push through espacially with 3 kids. We entrust you our dearest. Because of that you shout be highly responsible. We would love to integrate you in our family as a big sister. For this reason you should be really open minded. In the morning you will having breakfast with the kids, getting dressed and ready for school and kindergarten. You cycle together with them to school and kindergarten and drop them of. After that it would be nice if you could clean up the chaos and doing some light houswork (for the deep cleaning we have a nice Lady) . Then you have time of (if you not doing a german class). The kids are usually ready for pick up at 3 pm. Then you either drop them at a friends house or at ther hobbies. Of course Piet will stay with you. If you want you can also spend afternoon time with kids. You could go inline skating or simple to a playground or hang out in the garden. Just what you and the kids feel like. Im at home about 4:30/5 - its the end of your working day. You are part of the familiy. Because of that we for example setting the table together and clean it afterwards. The evening you can do what you wish for. Somethimes the dad and i going to concerts (maybe 2 times the month) then you have to watch after the Kids. It is important that you are willing to communicate. If you have wishes needs or problems - we always have an open ear.
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Informazioni sulla Famiglia

Ha animali domestici? No

La Famiglia abita in Città

Età dei genitori 30-45

Sei un genitore single? No, la nostra famiglia è composta da entrambi i genitori

Nazionalità della Famiglia Tedesca

Lingue parlate in Famiglia Tedesco, Inglese

Religione Nessuna

Importanza della religione Non importante

Occupazione official / official

Persone che vivono in casa 5

Età e genere dei bambini/persone di cui ci si deve occupare 2 anno Maschile
5 anno Femminile
7 anno Femminile

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Requisiti richiesti

Cerca un candidato in grado di nuotare - SiCerca un candidato in grado di andare in bicicletta - Si

Ore di lavoro alla settimana 25 - 30

Paghetta del/della Au Pair (al mese) 330 EUR

Genere dell'Au Pair Femmina

Durata del soggiorno 6-13 mesi

Prima data di inizio utile Set. 2022

Ultima data di inizio Nov. 2023

Cerco Au Pair

Età delle persone/bambini da accudire 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni

Bambini/persone che devono essere accuditi 3

Livello minimo di esperienza richiesto Nessuna preferenza

Abbiamo bisogno di un Tutor che insegni

Quanti anni hanno gli studenti a cui insegnerà il Tutor?

Abbiamo bisogno di assistenza e supporto in

Nazionalità preferita Americana, Andorra, Australiana, Belga, Britannica, Danese, Inglese, Finlandese, Francese, Irlandese, Islandese, Italiana, Canadese, Liechtensteiniese, Lussemburghese, Olandese, Norvegese, Polacca, Rumena, Scozzese, Svedese, Svizzera, Slovena, Spagnola, Austriaca

Conoscenza della lingua richiesta Buona

Livello di educazione richiesto Nessuna preferenza

Contribuirà alle spese di viaggio Ja

Età richiesta 16-26

Accetta fumatori No

Deve badare a persone affette da disabilità No

Deve accudire animali No

Cerca un candidato in grado di nuotare Si

Cerca un candidato in grado di andare in bicicletta Si

Il candidato può frequentare un corso di lingua Si

Corso di primo soccorso richiesto No

Patente di guida richiesta No

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Descrizione famiglia

Mama: is the organizer and works now 20 h a week. But in october i will increase hours up to 40. I work in the field of conservation. I like jogging, yoga and doing stuff in the garden or just beeing outside.
Papa: is working a lot. But during the week he is the one who puts the girls into bed. He plays football. We like both going to concerts. But without a grandma nearby it is difficult to manage.
Hedi: she is very responisible and sensitive. Since 2 weeks she is at scool. She likes playing flute, painting and listen to music.
Lene: she is our hurrican. It is her last year in the kindergarten. She likes to run, climbing (on trees), basically everything which has to do with moving.
Piet: he ist our litte dwarf. He is following his sisters. He is friendly and very open.
We try to live sustainable. Which means we try to avoid taking the car as much as we can. For almost everything we use the cargo bike. In Addition to that there is almost no meat in our food. Hedi and i are strictly vegetarian. Due to my work in conservation i want the kids to play outside most of the time. Because of that we spend the weekend doing stuff in the garden or making a tour to the northsea. Furthermore we like all to read together, taking care of our 2 rabbits and fishes and meeting with friends.
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Alloggio dell'AuPair

You will live in our house. Its about 160m2 big. Your room is on the groundfloor. The rest of the family sleeps upstairs. Your room is about 15 m2 big. It has a 1,40 m bed and a tv as well as shelf and a wardrobe. If you need anything else we can talk about it. You can lock the room if you want. The bathroom on the groundfloor is used by the whole family but shower and bathtub would be only for your use. Glückstadt is a nice town and we are happy to live here. Everything of the daily needs can be reached by bike. Here you have some bars, Restaurants, Shops, weekly market and plenty of sheep :) Glückstadt is close to the northsea. Due to that the winter is mainly wet and not snowy.
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