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Nazionalità Turca | Piú ⇩

Nome e Cognome Ferihan

Città/Regione Istanbul/

Paese Turchia

Periodo di inizio Lug. 2022 - Feb. 2023

Durata permanenza 12-12 mesi

Buona conoscenza di Inglese (B2), Turco (Lingua madre)

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Lettera alla Famiglia

Hello dear host family,

I'm Ferihan 26 years old Turkish girl who lives in Istanbul and I am working as an international patient consultant in international hospital.
My father is retired and my mom is a housewife they are living in Gonen. My sister is a teacher and she is 8 years older than me. She is living in Biga. When I was living with my parents, they taught me to take responsibility for myself that's why I had housework responsibilities at home such as keeping my room tidy, throwing away the trash, keeping the sharing area tidy and clean, cooking for one a week, or submitting my homework on time, etc.

I graduated from the Department of Health Management in 2018. And I moved to Istanbul to work. While working I started to look after Yekta. He was 6 months baby and I was helping Yekta's mom for 10 hours a week. I moved to my parents home during pandemic. And I started to look after my neighbour's sons.They were 7 and 3 years old boys. I was helping the elder with his school work and they were taking online classes at that time, and I was supporting him in this regard.We made the best use of our time at home by playing creative games together during the corona period.

For about 7 years, I had roommates with different people other than my family members. I can say that this is how I learned about organization and planning. I like to plan and organize housework. Keeping my area clean is a priority for me as I am allergic to dusty environments. Some of the household chores I've experienced before are loading and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, folding the clothes, preparing meals and breakfast, and keeping the place clean and tidy. I traveled to the surrounding cities with my university friends. I moved to Istanbul to work after university and started living with an elderly couple. I am currently a roommate with the same couple and I live in Istanbul Kadıköy. I have not had the experience of going abroad before.

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear you soon!

Best Regards,

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I have a total of 2.000+ hours of experience with kids. I naturally have no difficulty communicating with children. Apart from my babysitting experience during my university years, I took care of 3 different children after graduation. I read books about childcare education and child psychology and I am trying to improve myself on this subject. Also, I am always focused on improving myself personally. For this reason, I also apply an educational model to children. I support their personal development. Since I have experience of living with people other than family members, I can easily say that it will be easy for you to share the same house with me. Being reassuring and patient is one of my plus features.

We can play games that support the development of children in accordance with the Montessori education model inside and outside the home according to the age of kids. We can do activities that support this concept together so that they learn to be self-sufficient. For example, Hanging laundry with pegs, fork, spoon, knife classification, plant breeding activities, daily living skills Indoor activities that we can do, printing works with potatoes, sorting colors that are close to each other from light to dark, sorting objects of different sizes from smallest to largest, hide and seek, movie night, or reading time with hot chocolate milk. Outdoor activities that we can do, cycling, playing badminton, walking in the nature, playing in the park, swimming, visiting the museums, etc.
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Turco: Lingua madre
Inglese: Medio-alto (B2), Da 2 Anno

Sport  Fitness, cycling, badminton, scuba diving

Religione Nessuna

La religione per l'Au Pair è Non importante

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Problemi di salute o allergie I am allergic to dust, lint, mold, etc.

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Hai avuto il COVID-19?  No

Sei completamente vaccinato contro il Covid-19?  Si

Nome del vaccino  Pfizer/BioNTech

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È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più - SiPuò vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici - NoAccetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici - No

Paesi dove vorrei lavorare Stati Uniti d'America

Zona preferita Metropoli, Periferia, Città, Borgo/paese, Campagna

Durata permanenza 12-12 mesi

Inizio al più presto Lug. 2022

Inizio al più tardi Feb. 2023

Può vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici

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