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Nazionalità Russa | Piú ⇩

Nome e Cognome Inna

Città/Regione Kazan/

Paese Federazione Russa

Periodo di inizio Lug. 2023 - Ago. 2024

Durata permanenza 12-24 mesi

Buona conoscenza di Inglese (B2), Russo (Lingua madre)

Ultimo accesso 17 Giu. 2023

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Lettera alla Famiglia

Dear Host Family,
I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for considering my application. My name is Inna, and I am excited about the opportunity to participate in the Au Pair program and become a member of your family. I'm a 24-year-old girl and I’m from the beautiful city of Kazan in Russia. Since the age of 18, I have been living independently from my parents.
My family holds a special place in my heart, especially my younger brother, who is 10 years old. He is the love of my life! Whenever I have spare time, I enjoy spending it with my family or hanging out with friends. One of my greatest passions is traveling, as it provides me with amazing experiences and the opportunity to learn about different mentalities and cultures around the world.
I had the opportunity to visit the United States twice through the "Work and Travel" program, which I believe is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their English skills. In 2018, I worked as a housekeeper in Belfast, Maine, and in 2019, I was a front desk worker at Zephyr Cove, Nevada.

Why do you want to become an Au Pair?
I want to become an Au Pair because I have a strong passion for working with children and experiencing different cultures. Being an Au Pair would provide me with the opportunity to combine these interests while also gaining valuable international experience. I believe that becoming an Au Pair would not only allow me to contribute to the well-being and development of the children I care for but also broaden my horizons and foster personal growth.

Why should the candidate host you?
I am a responsible, caring, and dedicated individual who genuinely enjoys spending time with children. I have previous experience working with children through babysitting and volunteering activities, which has equipped me with the necessary skills to handle various situations and ensure the safety and well-being of the children under my care. I am patient, adaptable, and committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for the children. Additionally, I have a genuine interest in learning about different cultures and am eager to share my own culture with the host family, creating a mutually enriching cultural exchange.

Why do you qualify for the position?
I believe I qualify for the position because of my relevant experience, personal qualities, and commitment to the role of an Au Pair. I have demonstrated responsibility and reliability through my previous experiences working with children and managing various responsibilities. Furthermore, my strong communication skills and ability to connect with children enable me to build trust and foster positive relationships. I am eager to contribute my energy, creativity, and dedication to the well-being and growth of the children I would be caring for as an Au Pair.
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I have considerable experience with children, as I have been taking care of my brother since he was born. I watched over him for about 4 full days every week. I am proficient in tasks such as changing diapers, feeding, and putting babies to bed.
Additionally, I have worked at a school camp where I assisted around 20 children aged 6 to 13. I helped them with their homework and engaged in activities like drawing, reading, playing games, dancing, and singing.
As an Au Pair, I believe I can bring several valuable qualities to your family. I am a patient, caring, and responsible individual who understands the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children. My experience in taking care of my younger brother, as well as working at a school camp, has equipped me with the skills necessary to handle various situations and meet the needs of children of different ages.
During my time with your children, we will engage in a wide range of activities. I enjoy stimulating their creativity through arts and crafts projects, reading them stories, and playing educational games that promote their cognitive development. I am also open to assisting with their homework and providing any necessary academic support. Additionally, I love outdoor activities such as going to the park, playing sports, and organizing picnics. I believe in fostering a balanced routine that includes both educational and recreational activities, ensuring that your children have a fun and enriching experience.
When it comes to newborns, I understand the importance of creating a calm and nurturing environment. I can assist with tasks such as diaper changing, feeding, and establishing a consistent sleep routine. I am also experienced in soothing techniques and ensuring the baby's comfort and safety.
For infants, I recognize the significance of their early developmental stages. I can engage them in age-appropriate activities that stimulate their cognitive and motor skills, such as playing with colorful toys, reading interactive books, and encouraging tummy time. I am attentive to their needs and responsive to their cues, ensuring their well-being and providing a loving and caring environment.
With children of different age groups, I am prepared to adapt to their unique needs and interests. I can assist with homework and engage them in educational activities that promote their learning and growth. I am passionate about fostering their creativity through arts and crafts projects, encouraging their imagination through storytelling, and organizing fun and engaging games that promote teamwork and social skills.
Moreover, I am enthusiastic about creating a nurturing and supportive environment for children of all ages. I believe in fostering open communication and providing a safe space for them to express themselves. I am a patient listener and offer guidance and encouragement when needed. Additionally, I am responsible and organized, ensuring that schedules and routines are maintained effectively.
Furthermore, I am eager to share my Russian language and culture with your family. I can teach your children basic Russian phrases, introduce them to Russian traditions, and even cook some traditional Russian dishes for them. This cultural exchange will not only broaden their horizons but also create a deeper understanding and appreciation for different cultures.
In conclusion, I am wholeheartedly committed to being an attentive and caring Au Pair for your children. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to become a part of your family, contribute to your children's growth, and create lasting memories together.
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Certificato Medico
Referenze nella cura dei Bambini

Informazioni personali

Non fumatoreSa andare in bicicletta - SiHa la patente di guida - Sì, con esperienza

Sa nuotare

Sa andare in bicicletta

Ha la patente di guida Sì, con esperienza

Ha fratelli o sorelle

Ha un passaporto valido

Non fumatore

Ha seguito un corso di primo soccorso

Occupazione attuale Responsabile di progetto

Istruzione Università

Language Knowledge

Russo: Lingua madre
Inglese: Medio-alto (B2)

Sport  Gym, yoga, athletics, bodycombat, body balance, Zumba, Badminton


La religione per l'Au Pair è

Regime dietetico speciale Nessuna dieta speciale

Problemi di salute o allergie Нет

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Informazioni sul lavoro

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più - SiPuò vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici - SiAccetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici - Si

Paesi dove vorrei lavorare Stati Uniti d'America

Zona preferita Metropoli, Periferia, Città, Borgo/paese, Campagna

Durata permanenza 12-24 mesi

Inizio al più presto Lug. 2023

Inizio al più tardi Ago. 2024

Può vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più

Accetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici

Si occupa di bambini di età Neonati, 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni, 11-14 anni, 15+anni

Ore di esperienza con bambini negli ultimi 24 mesi 800 +

Numero max. di bambini di cui si occuperà 3

Può lavorare per un genitore single Si, con la madre o con il padre

È disposto ad occuparsi di bambini disabili

È disposto ad occuparsi di persone disabili

Studenti di fascia di età

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