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Nome e Cognome Emma

Città/Regione Lyon/Rhône Alpes

Paese Francia

Periodo di inizio Gen. 2019 - Apr. 2019

Durata permanenza 4-6 Mesi

Buona conoscenza delle Lingue Olandese, Inglese, Fiammingo, Francese, Spagnolo

Ultimo accesso 22 Mag. 2019




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Lettera alla Famiglia

Dear host family,

I am very pleased to apply for the position of Au Pair because I would so glad to live again such an amazing experience.

After 3 years of studies at the university and the obtention of my licence degree, I chose to take a gap year before starting my masters in September 2019, to take some time to travel and make experiences. So, these coming months, I will be available to do Au Pair work which I love to do. As I am having a gap year, I really want to spend my free time in a smart way. Being Au Pair seems to me to be one of the best ways to spend that time: Learning new things, practicing a new language, taking care of someone else's children, meeting people, discovering a new country and its culture, taking care of the pets and the house of one family of the world... All these things excite me a lot as I am a very curious and motivated girl!

I already have had experiences with taking care of children as I was an Au pair girl in Spain in 2015 where I had really an amazing time. I also had to take care of my little "host sisters" when I was an Exchange student in Finland six years ago (2012-2013) and as I am a babysitter sometimes in the city where I currently study. I love children and I don't think it will take me long time to love yours. For the rest, I love all kind of animals (at my parents’ house I have a dog and two cats) as well so I can be with them and take care of them. Moreover it doesn't bother me to do some household chores such as cleaning the house, buying groceries, preparing some meals...

To talk briefly about myself I am efficient, energetic, careful, consistent, motivated and trustworthy. I am very patient with kids and animals and I have a real interest in their happiness. I would love to play games with them, to make various activities like artistic or sportive activities, to go for a walk... I will try to make their day without their parents as active and nice as possible. In general, when I meet some, children are getting used to me very quickly so I believe it will be no different with yours.

If my skills and knowledge as Au Pair appeal you, don't hesitate to send me a message, I can be available to talk about your expectations or anything else in an interview on Skype at your convenience, just ask my pseudonym.

I currently live in Lyon, France.

Thank you for taking the time to read my presentation,

Yours faithfully,



To talk a little bit more about myself,

My name is Emma and I am 22 years old. I am half French, half Dutch.

I graduated from university in June 2018 where I studied alternative business, development, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, humanitarian aid and a lot more in a private business school called "Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et Développement 3A" located in the city of Lyon, where I am also living at the moment. I loved my study very much, I found it extremely interesting because we were studying everything about geopolitics, cultures, how the planet is evolving and how we can make it a better world. Also, this study allowed me to travel a lot around the world, which is very exciting to me! I have a real interest in the future of our planet, in sustainability, in fauna and flora protection as I think that is it nowadays very important to care about our world.

I am interested in a lot of things and very open minded. When I am not at school or studying, I really like to do sports such as fitness, running, gymnastics... or to cook (healthy food is very important to me), to take a walk, hang out with friends, going out to dance all night, visit museums and exhibitions.. When I go back to my parent's house I like to take care of my pets and to be in the nature as I used to live in the countryside with a lot of forest and fields around.

I think that traveling is the thing that I love the most in life. Since I am a little girl, travel has been a part of me. I love to discover new places, different cultures, meet new people... When I was 16 years old, (in 2012-2013) I had the chance to leave my French high school in order to live in Finland for one year as an Exchange Student (I went there with an organisation called AFS Intercultural programs). In my first Finnish host family, I had three little sisters aged 3, 8 and 11 and I just loved them. In my second host family, I had two sisters aged 15 and 16 and we became real friends. It was such an incredible experience. I had the chance to see northern lights, to experience going to school with -30°C, to go from the hot sauna to the extremely frozen snow, to see reindeers, to learn things in the best school system of the world and a lot more. Because I am very curious, traveling is a big part of my life. Whenever I can, I try to discover some new places.

With my parents and my boyfriend I travelled I lot through France, I had the chance to visit a lot of places.

Abroad, I visited also several places, I travelled around Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Tanzania, Philippines...

I often go to the Netherlands (Haarlem and Amsterdam) to see my family and friends there.

Also, in July 2015, I spent 2 months in Spain as an Au pair girl. That was my very first Au pair experience and I can guarantee you that it was one of the most amazing experiences I had in my short life. I enjoyed so much spending time with my Spanish host family, they were so nice! I had to take care of two children aged 8 (girl) and 14 (boy). They were all so kind to me, we did so much things together and I learned sooo many new things (language, culture...)

By the way, I was born in Hô Chi Minh City, in Vietnam's capital. I have been adopted at the age of 3 months. My father is French and my mother is Dutch, so I speak both of the languages fluently. My Exchange year in Finland has contributed to improve my English and my Au pair experience has helped me to learn Spanish.

I learnt even more Spanish when I got to do my University exchange in Argentina where I spent 6 months.

To talk about my character, I am such a happy, enthusiastic and healthy person and I'm always trying to see life in a positive way. I also believe that I am a trustworthy person whom you can count on.

To finish my description, I can say that I like spending my free time doing outdoor activities, playing "geocaching", observing nature, taking pictures, listening to music...
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