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Nazionalità Messicana | Piú ⇩

Nome e Cognome Tania

Città/Regione Monterrey/ Nuevo León

Paese Messico

Periodo di inizio Mag. 2024 - Mag. 2025

Durata permanenza 6-24 mesi

Buona conoscenza di Spagnolo (Lingua madre)

Ultimo accesso 3 giorni fa

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Lettera alla Famiglia

Dear Family,

My name is Tania, and I'm 27 years old. I'm an active individual who enjoys staying fit through exercise, biking, skating, and mountain climbing. I have a fondness for animals and love spending time outdoors in nature as much as I enjoy exploring the city. In my free time, I indulge in drawing, crafting, playing soccer, and engaging in board games.

I consider myself a person of strong values—kind, friendly, responsible, committed, patient, supportive, social, respectful, and understanding. With a background in nursing, where I spent four years studying and completed a year of social service in a children's internship, I've gained valuable experience and interacted with many children.

Presently, I'm employed at a childcare facility, where I continuously develop my abilities while interacting with children. I find immense satisfaction in this role and envision it as a fantastic opportunity to return to working overseas, enabling me to refine my skills further while embracing a different cultural experience.

Cultural exchange, especially with children, is an incredible experience that I cherish. I thrive on building connections with people and creating meaningful bonds. I'm eager to share my knowledge, learn new things, and embark on exciting experiences.

The joy and companionship that children offer are unparalleled, which is why I'm excited about the prospect of a new opportunity where I can care for children, facilitate learning through play, and be a positive influence in their lives.

I’d like to note that while my English may not be perfect as Spanish is my native language, I’m always willing to communicate and find tools to facilitate communication.

I look forward to the possibility of becoming a part of your family and creating lasting memories together.

Warm regards,
Piú ⇩


Currently, I work at a daycare center with children, where I have the chance to enhance my skills every day. As a childcare provider, my primary focus is to provide individualized care and attention to each child, offering them the emotional support, comfort, and security they need to grow and thrive. I strive to create a safe and stimulating environment where children can learn, play, and explore their creativity while under the care of trained staff. Ensuring that each child feels valued and cared for during their time at the daycare is paramount to me.

After completing my four-year nursing program, I dedicated an additional year to social service at a boarding school for children. It was a truly gratifying time of immense learning and personal growth.

I volunteered for six months in Nova Scotia, Canada, caring for two incredible girls. This experience was not only fulfilling but also a profound learning opportunity. I had the privilege of getting to know a wonderful family, with whom I still maintain a close relationship. The bond I formed with them is something I deeply cherish, and I am immensely grateful for the enriching experience.

As a nurse, I have extensive experience in caring for elderly individuals, including those with diverse needs. My training has equipped me with the skills necessary to provide not only physical care, but also emotional support and companionship.

Moreover, my compassionate nature drives me to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of those under my care. I believe in treating each individual with dignity, respect, and personalized attention. Whether engaging in meaningful conversations, accompanying them on outings, or simply being a reassuring presence, I am dedicated to enhancing their quality of life and fostering a sense of belonging.
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Informazioni personali

Non fumatoreHa seguito un corso di primo soccorso - SiSa andare in bicicletta - Si

Sa nuotare

Sa andare in bicicletta

Ha la patente di guida

Ha fratelli o sorelle

Ha un passaporto valido

Non fumatore

Ha seguito un corso di primo soccorso

Occupazione attuale Nurse

Istruzione Scuole professionali

Language Knowledge

Spagnolo: Lingua madre
Inglese: Elementare (A2), Da 6 Mese

Sport  Me gusta realizar gimnasio

Religione Nessuna

La religione per l'Au Pair è Non importante

Regime dietetico speciale Nessuna dieta speciale

Problemi di salute o allergie No

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Informazioni sul lavoro

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più - SiÈ disposto ad occuparsi di bambini disabili - SiPuò vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici - SiAccetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici - Si

Paesi dove vorrei lavorare Georgia, Irlanda, Nuova Zelanda & Regno Unito

Zona preferita Metropoli, Periferia, Città, Borgo/paese, Campagna

Durata permanenza 6-24 mesi

Inizio al più presto Mag. 2024

Inizio al più tardi Mag. 2025

Può vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più

Accetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici

Si occupa di bambini di età 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni, 11-14 anni, 15+anni

Ore di esperienza con bambini negli ultimi 24 mesi 500 - 800

Numero max. di bambini di cui si occuperà 3

Può lavorare per un genitore single Si, con la madre o con il padre

È disposto ad occuparsi di bambini disabili

È disposto ad occuparsi di persone disabili

Studenti di fascia di età

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