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Nazionalità Sudafricana | Piú ⇩

Nome e Cognome Chrizelda

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Città/Regione Parys/

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Paese Sudafrica

Periodo di inizio Gen. 2023 - Gen. 2023

Durata permanenza 12-24 mesi

Buona conoscenza di Inglese (C1), Afrikaans (Lingua madre)

Ultimo accesso 31 Ago. 2022

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Lettera alla Famiglia

Dear Host Family,
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

My name is Chrizelda and I am 25 years old. I am from Parys in the Free State of South Africa and I’m currently working as an Au pair in the United States of America.

In my spare time, I love to read books, watch movies or go for walk. I started looking after children at a young age. I took take care of children over weekends or even over school holidays. My mothers friends normally asked me to babysit and when family visited I would be the one looking after the kids and keep them busy.

I would love to become your next Au Pair because I love children and enjoy spending time with them. I am prepared and I am well aware of the fact that being like a big sister for your children comes along with responsibilities for them and it will not always be just play and fun. My calm and patient personality will help me to master more difficult situations for instance when the kids are tired or don’t want to listen to me.
I will quickly adapt to new tasks and daily routines and become a big help for you.

Living with me is really easy as I am not a demanding person. I do respect that the house is your house and that I have follow your house rules. If something works not quite as it should, I prefer to talk about it instead of ignoring problems.

I am very excited to hear more about your family. I hope you like my letter and I can’t wait to hear from you.
Thank you for reading my letter.

Kind Regards,
Piú ⇩


I have started at a young taking care of children from my parents friends children to family members.

I always loved working with children and to hear them laugh and see them having fun with you is the best feeling you can have in you heart!

I love to travel and I'm always ready for an adventure to experience new things in life. That's why I chose to become an Au pair abroad. I get to meet new people and learn new cultures of everyday living. Life is all about making memories.
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Ha seguito un corso di primo soccorso

Occupazione attuale Matric Grade 12

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Language Knowledge

Afrikaans: Lingua madre
Inglese: Avanzato (C1)

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Informazioni sul lavoro

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più - SiÈ disposto ad occuparsi di bambini disabili - SiPuò vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici - SiAccetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici - Si

Paesi dove vorrei lavorare Canada

Zona preferita Metropoli, Periferia, Città, Borgo/paese, Campagna

Durata permanenza 12-24 mesi

Inizio al più presto Gen. 2023

Inizio al più tardi Gen. 2023

Può vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più

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È disposto ad occuparsi di persone disabili

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Piú ⇩

Informazioni su di me

I love to interact with other people. I'm always willing to help other people. Like doing sports of all kind. I always try my best to help people to live a healthy lifestyle and to practice healthy living skills. I'm a very good listener so that gives me the opportunity to help the person or give advice with something they are dealing with. I would like to be an Au pair for as long as possible and experience as much as i possibly can. After being an Au pair I would like to get my Teachers degree and go teach school in Thailand. I love to travel so I want to travel and learn new cultures of other countries for as long as I possibly can. When i settle down after all my travels then i would like to go and study further in skincare to start my own business in the future.