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Nazionalità Ucraina | Piú ⇩

Nome e Cognome Dariya

Città/Regione Luxembourg/

Paese Lussemburgo

Periodo di inizio Mar. 2021 - Nov. 2021

Durata permanenza più di 1 anno

Buona conoscenza di Inglese (B2), Ucraino (Lingua madre), Russo (Lingua madre)

Ultimo accesso 33 minuti fa

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Lettera alla Famiglia

Dear host family,
You are reading a letter from a quite experienced Au pair with art skills)
I start from the most important issue:
I used to be an Au pair in Sweden with my lovely host family Lidholm 1 full year. They have 4 boys – 13 y.o. Noah, 11 y.o. Loke, 9 y.o Oskar and 6 y.o. Otto. Most of the time I spent with the youngest boy.
My schedule and duties there were:
- wake up the youngest boys,
- prepare simple breakfast for them,
- take the youngest boy to the kindergarten,
- clean up kitchen and some laundry in the morning,
- pick up the youngest boy, take to the tennis or football,
- prepare dinner for whole family.
Host parents ordered food with recipes every week. I cooked dinner according to those recipes 3 times per week and some other food on Thursdays.
Sometimes host parents asked me to babysit during the week, but mostly I were free from the middle of Friday till Monday.
I also have a good experience from 2 Ukrainian families, working with primary school age kids.
I enjoy playing with children-acting out different characters and having theme days, reading comics, fairy tales and encyclopedias. I adore art in all its forms and think that I am its part. I like dancing and singing. Like to bake and cycle.
The most important thing for the family I see myself in is that this family is nice and open minded. It is important for me that host parent follow the Au pair program rules and our contract. Me and my previous host family didn't count every hour I worked. It was more less about 25 hours according to Au pair agreement. Some weeks it was more, some weeks less. Sometimes I stood with boys at home during the one of weekend. But it was always agreed in further.
I am happy to cook fot the host family during weekdays as a part of my task or once-twice per week as one of the adults in the house)
My motivation to become Au-Pair and my life after participating in Exchange program:
This program is most suitable for my goals - to gain more experience in working with children, including international ones, to improve / start learning a new foreign language and discover new horizons for myself. For non EU citizen, like me, it is great opportunity to live some time in Europe and travel during my participation in program. English language is not common in Ukraine. Mostly young people speak some English. For example, Swedish speak English advanced. In Ukraine the second language is Russian. So, when being abroad I would like to improve my spoken English as well.
What about my personality:
I am responsible and mature. I can quickly make friendship with kids. I would respect your house rules and your lifestyle. I am one of those Au pairs, who wouldn't spend most of the free time with a host family. Because I understand that at least sometimes you need to feel comfortable being absolutly alone at home) When I have time off I usually go out to explore the area, to meet new people. Or I stay in my room to study. I think it would be nice if we can spend 1 evening per week/2 weeks/ a month (depends of you), discussing life in our countries or playing together some board games, going out or watch TV at home.
After Au-Pair program I am going to continue studying and to get Master's degree.
I hope I tried to include the most important information about me. Looking forward to hear from you.
With best wishes to you,
Piú ⇩


Lettera di Raccomandazione

Informazioni personali

Non fumatoreHa seguito un corso di primo soccorso - SiSa nuotare - SiSa andare in bicicletta - SiHa la patente di guida - Sì, con esperienza

Sa nuotare

Sa andare in bicicletta

Ha la patente di guida Sì, con esperienza

Ha fratelli o sorelle

Ha un passaporto valido

Non fumatore

Ha seguito un corso di primo soccorso

Occupazione attuale Au Pair

Istruzione Liceo

Language Knowledge

Ucraino: Lingua madre
Russo: Lingua madre
Inglese: Medio-alto (B2), Da 10 Anno

Sport  Badminton, basketball

Religione Cristiana

La religione per l'Au Pair è Non importante

Regime dietetico speciale Nessuna dieta speciale

Problemi di salute o allergie No

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Informazioni sul lavoro

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più - SiPuò vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici - SiAccetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici - Si

Paesi dove vorrei lavorare Paesi Bassi, Norvegia & Islanda

Zona preferita Metropoli, Periferia, Città, Borgo/paese, Campagna

Durata permanenza più di 1 anno

Inizio al più presto Mar. 2021

Inizio al più tardi Nov. 2021

Può vivere in una famiglia che ha animali domestici

È disposto a lavorare di più e guadagnare di più

Accetta di occuparsi degli animali domestici

Si occupa di bambini di età 1-5 anni, 6-10 anni, 11-14 anni, 15+anni

Ore di esperienza con bambini negli ultimi 24 mesi 800 +

Numero max. di bambini di cui si occuperà 4

Può lavorare per un genitore single Si, con la madre o con il padre

È disposto ad occuparsi di bambini disabili

È disposto ad occuparsi di persone disabili

Studenti di fascia di età

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