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Welcome to Qingdao Aupair United Culture Communications. We are a limited liability company located in the Qingdao University International Center for Academic Exchanges. Since 2006, Lotus Peng and her staff have been dedicated to the expansion and cooperation of a worldwide community through the international au pair program.

Our company is rich with professionalism and experience, and we are ready to serve our clients.

Every year, we place an average of 100 Chinese au pairs with host families in America and Europe. We have also had about a dozen au pairs who come to live with Chinese host families. The experience enriches not only the lives of our clients, but their communities as well.

We provide a comfortable environment where our clients find that all their needs are met. Our competent staff has a combined 32 years of experience in communications, international relations, customer service, and creativity. This allows us to find the best possible matches for au pairs and host families.

To enhance our au pairs' pre-existing knowledge and skills, we provide them with extensive training in both childcare and home care. This ensures their success while living with a host family.

Our training base is designed to replicate an average host family home, with ample space and resources for teaching and practice.

An au pair can fit seamlessly into a host family with the proper training. We aim to alleviate any nervousness or uncertainty around the home, thereby making the au pair more comfortable in his or her new surroundings.

Whether a host family has babies, young children, or teenagers, we can find an au pair with the kind of experience that will best fit the family's needs. Because of our ample au pair training, hard work, and dedication to excellence, Qingdao Aupair United Culture Communications has become a remarkable organization in au pair placement.

We are Qingdao Aupair United Culture Communications, and we are bringing cultures together.

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