ID rodziny: 1984007

Dzieci: 2 Dzieci, 6-10 lat

Miejscowość: Billingshurst / Okolica wiejska | Więcej »

Imię Brett

Wojewodztwo West Sussex

Kod pocztowy Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Początek pracy: wrzesień 2022 - wrzesień 2022

Potrzebuje Au Pair na: 1-24 Miesiące

Ostatnie logowanie: 7 godziny temu

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List do Au Pair

Hi au pair :_)

We are a 3 member host family looking for a part time (50%) au pair to join and to help us out from 7th January 2023 for an indefinite period maybe into 2024. We are flexible.

We are looking for a big sister type female between the age of 20-35 that has some experience of looking after children or has small sisters of their own so is familiar with young kids.

The kids live with me (Dad) 50% of the time which is 15 days a month including two weekends. These days change each month and we only find out 1 month in advance what the days will be. So you need to be flexible but this does give you lots of time and opportunity to do your own things and activities. The other 15 days (50%) they spend with their mum who lives 10mins car journey away. This means the au pair would have plenty of time to do their own thing, explore the area, study or visit friends, visit London etc. You need to be independent, confident and self motivated.

We are a happy host family but just need a little extra help with some of the basic tasks and jobs like getting ready for school, meal preparation, helping with homework, light tidying around the house and doing some of the fun things together.

We need a reliable, friendly au pair that has good English language skills.


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Opis pracy

Monday to Friday (School term);
Kids wake up at 7am
Breakfast 7-8am
Kids leave for school 8am
Tidy and clean house 8-9am
Prepare dinner 4/5pm
Dinner 5.30/6pm
Wake up whenever
Activities/go out/visit friends or family
No schedule - just whatever we decide or what we have in the diary such as birthday parties, shopping, jobs etc
Holiday Periods:
Similar to weekends but we normally go away to visit family in the UK for 4/7 days at a time and the au pair would be expected to join. Only UK trips at the moment so within the UK and always to visit family so fun and easy going.

This au pair role is quite easy and part time. When the kids are at home (which is a small number of hours in the weekday evenings and a modest number of hours in the weekend) I would expect the au pair to be fully engaged and prepared to help get the kids ready for school (breakfast, clothes, hair, school bags, teeth cleaning etc). Depending on whether the au pair has a driving license, at some point potentially drop the kids to school by car but not initially, and not essential. Then spend a little time in the house tidying up and doing some basic cleaning. Because the house is so new it is extremely easy to clean and quick. If we keep it tidy and clean as we go each day it will never take more than 30mins a day. The rest of your day is then free!

Once the kids are back home help prepare dinner, prepare school bags for the next day, possibly manage the kids clothes washing and drying (super simple as normally done on a Friday or Saturday morning once a week) and then help prepare for the evening into bed time. Maybe read with the girls to help them improve.

At weekends if there are no kids at home you are free to do as you wish gym, visit London etc. If the kids are at home help with any food preparation (breakfast, lunch or dinner) maybe do a little shopping here and there for basic food items, a little tidying and cleaning and sometimes join us to do some family activities like swimming, visiting the parks, beach etc. I don't expect the au pair to replace the Dad at the weekends. The dad wants to spend time with his kids at the weekend. The au pair should always be ready and prepared to help and join in if the kids are at home and so to be "on duty" but the au pair will not be expected to look after the kids from 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. For example the Dad may wish to go for a run for an hour and need the au pair to be fully engaged to help out. This arrangement will need a little flexibility and a trial period to get it to work smoothly but it should not be complicated or difficult.

Pocket money will be set at £75 per week but obviously the au pair is only required 50% of the time so a good arrangement for both the au pair and the host family. Depending on the successful candidate and circumstances we would be prepared to help with some ad hoc travel costs.

Cleaning and tidying is really the normal items such as hoovering, sweeping, dusting, keeping the surfaces clear and clean, sometimes do a little more detailed clean in the bathrooms or kitchen but again because it is a new property everything is perfectly clean already. Just needs to be maintained that way and the au pair should tidy up behind themselves.

We are not religious. We do not have any allergies, special dietary requirements or follow any ceremonial customs. No special needs. No learning disabilities. We do not smoke. We do not have drugs or use/take drugs. We do have alcohol in the house and drink alcohol occasionally maybe on special occasions, birthdays, with guests or family visits. The Dad and the Mum are separated but have a stable, civilised relationship. We are pretty easy going, harmonious, chilled and happy as a family and would like someone to fit into our life with little disruption. We want the au pair to enjoy their stay, explore and visit friends and family and feel like they are a part of our family and not to feel trapped or taken advantage of. To be happy and helpful and to enjoy the flexible arrangement so you can take advantage of living with us.
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Czas trwania 1-24 Miesiące

Najwcześniejsza data rozpoczęcia wrzesień 2022

Najpóźniejsza data rozpoczęcia wrzesień 2022

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Opis mieszkania

We live in a cute 4 bedroom detached house in a small cul-de-sac on the edge of a small town in the countryside. It is a new house so already very clean and tidy. It is a fairly quiet countryside town so if you want to be in a city and enjoy the city life on your door step we might not be the best option for you albeit London, Brighton and Portsmouth are not far away.

There are lots of parks and countryside nearby including a gym, main shops and some local pubs/restaurants and a short train journey to busier towns or cities like London.

The au pair will have a tidy double bedroom with built in wardrobe and new double bed. Very clean and cosy.

We live in the South East UK countryside in a small town very near to a main train line station that takes 60mins to get into London. The journey is simple, direct, easy and safe. We are about 30mins drive or by train to the sea side on the South Coast.

Our area isn't too exciting but is very well positioned so that you can easily get around by car or by train and explore the region. It is a chilled area though and safe and peaceful.
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