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Wojewodztwo Missouri

Kod pocztowy Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Początek pracy: październik 2019 - styczeń 2020

Needs Aupair for: 10-12 miesięcy

Ostatnie logowanie: 1 Days Ago

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List do Au Pair

Au Pair’s primary responsibility/Duties:
• Cleaning the children’s room(s)
• Doing the children’s laundry
• Preparing meals for the kid
• Emptying the dishwasher
• Keeping their own room clean
• Keeping their own bathroom clean
• Work days and hours may vary but you will work for about 45 hours in a week.
• You will also need to bath your host children
• Our day starts early, so we are looking for someone who likes to get up early which means, you will get up early at about 7:00 AM and take care of the Infant until 4pm.
• Our Au Pair's other responsibilities will include playing with the kid, keeping them engaged, talking to them, preparing meals, and feeding them. You will put them to bed for naps and clean up after him, and after preparing the meals (putting dishes away and keeping kitchen clean), keep the play areas and their rooms clean (vacuuming), and take care of their laundry, and do some ironing for the kid only.
• On busy or tiring days, you are more than welcome to take a nap with the baby. This will rejuvenate you, and you can do cooking, fixing kid’s rooms, ironing etc., afterwards.
• Our Au Pair's work hours would typically take place Monday-Saturday, for a total of about 45 hours. We will provide a weekly schedule to accommodate everyone’s needs, including yourself. And we will make sure your work hours are not more than 45 hours per week.
• We are looking for someone who is involved with our kid on warm and friendly terms, and we are NOT looking for someone who makes the kid sit in front of TV, and she goes on her mobile phone for texting and surfing sprees.
Mobile phone use is strictly NOT allowed during the work hours unless there is an emergency or a genuine reason.
• Please know that this job comes with a strong sense of responsibility and requires focus, dedication and strong determination. You should be someone who is experienced with childcare, and naturally love to be around kids, and you are gentle and affectionate in nature. You must be someone who displays great work ethics, has a helpful attitude, and you are punctual. It is important to note that this job is not for a week or a month, but there is a one entire year of commitment. There will be good days and there will be tiring days – so you should be someone who does not easily give up, and we will help you go along the way.
• You will get $196 a week in stipend, and we will provide you with a private bedroom and a shared restroom with the infant’s nursery/guest room.
• If you decide to attend college credits in your free time here, we will pay $500.00 towards the cost of your tuition fee.
• Every week (3 times in a month), you will get one and half day off, and also one full weekend off, once every month.
• There will also be two weeks paid vacation in a year. And you may also be invited to accompany us when we take our family vacation trips within USA. You are more than welcome to eat whatever we cook at home, or use our pantry to cook for yourself. However, if you decide to buy your food from outside, then it's your own cost.
You will take care of your own mobile phone bill (about $50 a month), and personal shopping/travel etc.
• The focus of our family is the pursuit of good education and develop great work ethics, and treating everyone with respect in a fun, loving and cozy home environment.
On one hand we would love to treat you as our family member in our home, and on the other hand, we would appreciate it if you display commitment and focus towards your responsibilities with a helping attitude.

~Last Note~

The reason why we tried to describe the job responsibilities in detail, is to make sure that our Au Pair knows what are our expectations, and what is she signing up for? And hence we strongly encourage you to review it multiple times, and ask questions in an effort to fully and clearly understand the Au Pair program.

We have seen in some cases that there are some Au Pair agencies abroad that try to sell a dream to the Au Pairs. This dream is about going to USA and having party all the time for a full year, as if it's a paid vacation trip. This leaves many Au Pairs in shock, and sometimes in tears, within weeks after they arrive here. And we do NOT want this to happen to our Au Pair.

If you are a smart and hard-working person with a helpful attitude, you should easily become a successful Au Pair and ace this program.

We would like to create a lifelong friendly relationship with our Au Pair and we hope that displaying good work ethics, and becoming part of our family, and also enjoying her free time here in the United States, will provide her with a great experience. And it will help her become a successful person in her future endeavors.
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Opis pracy

Please read letter.
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Informacje o rodzinie

Rodzina ma domowe zwierzęta Nie

Rodzina mieszka w Duże miasto

Grupa wiekowa rodziny 20-35

Czy jesteś samotnym rodzicem? Nie,w naszej rodzicie jest oboje rodziców

Narodowość Amerykańska

Języki używane w domu angielski, hinduski, Paszto, Urdu

Wyznanie religijne islam

Istotność religii istotna

Zawód Investment Management & Physician

Osób w domu 3

Wiek i płeć dzieci / osób 5 months baby boy

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Wymagania w stosunku do pracy

Kurs pierwszej pomocy wymagany? - Tak

Najwcześniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? październik 2019

Najpóźniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? styczeń 2020

Długość programu Au Pair 10-12 miesięcy

Szukamy Au Pair

Płeć Au Pair Kobieta

Preferowana narodowość Au Pair Afghani, Albanian, Algerian, American - USA, Arabian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bahraini, Bangladeshi, Bosnian, British, Egyptian, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Kazakh, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Liberian, Libyan, Malaysian, Moroccan, Namibian, Nepali, Omani, Pakistani, Qatari, Saudi, Serbian, Somali, South-African, Syrian, Tajikistani, Turkish, Turkmenistani, Uzbeki

Wymagany poziom biegłości językowej Au Pair Wystarczajacy

Minimalne wymagane doświadczenie 200+

Wymagane wykształcenie wyzsze

Wiek osób / dzieci mniej niż 1 rok

Liczba dzieci / osób, którymi Au Pair powinna się zająć 1

Godziny pracy (na tydzień) 40 - 45

Kieszonkowe (na miesiąc) 200 USD

Czy chcesz pokryć część kosztów podróży Au Pair? No

Przedział wiekowy Au Pair 18-25

Palenie tytoniu dozwolone? Nie

Opieka nad dziećmi / osobami niepełnosprawnymi wymagana? Nie

Opieka nad zwierzętami wymagana? Nie

Czy Au Pair musi umieć pływać? Nie

Czy Au Pair musi umieć jeździć na rowerze? Nie

Czy Au Pair może uczęszczać na kurs językowy? Tak

Kurs pierwszej pomocy wymagany? Tak

Czy Au Pair musi posiadać prawo jazdy? Nie

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Mieszkanie dle Au Pair

Shared Bathroom. Private room. Wifi available
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