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Imię Shingi

Wojewodztwo New South Wales

Kod pocztowy Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Początek pracy: październik 2019 - październik 2019

Needs Aupair for: 7-9 miesięcy

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List do Au Pair

Dear Au Pair

We are the Vallins family and we are looking forward to welcoming an au pair to our home in October 2019.

We are searching for an au pair to help us with our one year old daughter during the week. We need an au pair to get her ready for the day, interact, teach and play with her, plus take her to any day activities she has.

We also have a 3 ½ year old boy, however he will be at daycare on most of the days you'll work and we'll only need you to care for him on one day and helping out with small household duties during this time will be appreciated.

We live in the Central Coast, Australia where there arevsome of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There are people from many different cultures around our area, and it is the perfect place to live if you want to get to know our beautiful country. It is only 1hr 30 mins by train to Sydney or 50 mins if you drive.

Our house is a cottage style with a large, grassy backyard. You will have your own room. However we are planning to move to a larger home before you arrive or shortly thereafter with more bathrooms.

We will provide free and unlimited access to the internet, but you will have to bring your own laptop – the only restriction we have with respect to its use is we do not allow access to pornography. Evidently, if you surf the web when any children are around, you are to ensure that the pages viewed are age-appropriate.

We will host you as we would a member of our family. We will ensure that you feel at home and are comfortable to sit with us in the evenings, chatting and/or watching TV. Of course we understand that after a day in the company of children, you may wish to have some time to yourself, and we are happy to let you retire to your room if you prefer. You will not be on duty on weekends, however you will be welcome to join us in family activities.

You will be at liberty to have visitors at our home when off duty. We are open to discussing the possibility of having visitors at the house after 9pm on weeknights and 10pm on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights). However, bearing in mind the young children, we reserve the right to approve or reject overnight guests.

We will treat you as an adult, and will expect you to keep your room clean and tidy; and assist with cleaning the bathroom especially when you will only have to share with the kids on a weekly basis.

Please note that we will not host a smoker and will not permit smoking in the house or outside by any visitor.

We are excited about hosting an au pair. We are certain you will enjoy their stay with us and look forward to an enriching experience for both the au pair and our family.

Our household is cheerful and easy going and we know that anyone who comes as an au pair will immediately feel comfortable, and will become a member of the family in no time.

Our family enjoys going to the beach, picnicking in the park, going to museums, movies and listening to music. We are easy going and friendly, and having once been “new” to Australia, we are eager to make the transition for you as smooth as possible, and to support you as you experience life Down Under.

As our child is still very young, we do not have a particularly hectic social life on weekends. We are looking forward to having regular “date nights” once you and the children have settled and are comfortable with each other. We will evidently be flexible in this regard, mindful that you would like the opportunity to enjoy all that the Central Coast has to offer.

We are a very multictiral family but multiculturalism does not stop in our home – we have friends and relatives from all sorts of backgrounds, including Australian, New Zealander, many from various African countries, Europeans, Canadians and beyond. It is important to us that our au pair be accommodating and respectful of cultural and religious differences. Our lessons to our kids about different cultures begin with our example of how we treat our family, friends and strangers.

We hope you choose to join us as you embark on your Australian adventure.

Vallins Family
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Opis pracy

Your job will involve:

Looking after Ana 4 days a week and after Eli 1 day a week and just helping with tasks related to him the other 3 days.
For Ana we would need you to do the following:
-Feed her
-Nappy changes
-play with her
-take her to local toddler activities/playgroups
-Clean up after her

On the day you have both kids you can just supervise their play and introduce games for Eli to play. Also feed and change Ana's nappies.Eli is toilet trained.
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Dodatkowe zdjecia

Informacje o rodzinie

Rodzina ma domowe zwierzęta Nie

Rodzina mieszka w Miasto

Grupa wiekowa rodziny 30-45

Czy jesteś samotnym rodzicem? Nie,w naszej rodzicie jest oboje rodziców

Narodowość Australijska

Języki używane w domu angielski

Wyznanie religijne chrześcijaństwo

Istotność religii nieistotna

Zawód Social Work and Research

Osób w domu 4

Wiek i płeć dzieci / osób 1 year girl 4 days a weeks for most of the day
3 1/2 year old boy - for one 1 full day a week because he will be going to daycare for 3 days unless he is sick. Otherwise for just a couple of hours a day on the other 3 days.

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Wymagania w stosunku do pracy

Czy Au Pair musi umieć pływać?  - TakKurs pierwszej pomocy wymagany? - TakCzy Au Pair musi posiadać prawo jazdy? - Tak

Najwcześniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? październik 2019

Najpóźniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? październik 2019

Długość programu Au Pair 7-9 miesięcy

Szukamy Au Pair

Płeć Au Pair Kobieta

Preferowana narodowość Au Pair American - USA, Filipino, German

Wymagany poziom biegłości językowej Au Pair Dobry

Minimalne wymagane doświadczenie 50-100

Wymagane wykształcenie wyzsze

Wiek osób / dzieci 1-5 lat

Liczba dzieci / osób, którymi Au Pair powinna się zająć 1

Godziny pracy (na tydzień) 30 - 35

Kieszonkowe (na miesiąc) 600 AUD

Czy chcesz pokryć część kosztów podróży Au Pair? No

Przedział wiekowy Au Pair 18-30

Palenie tytoniu dozwolone? Nie

Opieka nad dziećmi / osobami niepełnosprawnymi wymagana? Nie

Opieka nad zwierzętami wymagana? Nie

Czy Au Pair musi umieć pływać? Tak

Czy Au Pair musi umieć jeździć na rowerze? Nie

Czy Au Pair może uczęszczać na kurs językowy? Tak

Kurs pierwszej pomocy wymagany? Tak

Czy Au Pair musi posiadać prawo jazdy? Tak

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Mieszkanie dle Au Pair

You will have a private room with a table and unlimited access to WiFi we will provide a mobile phone with credit on it so you can call and WhatsApp your family and friends at home and call locally.
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