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Początek pracy: marzec 2021 - maj 2021

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Hi! Thank you for viewing our profile.

***PLEASE NOTE: You must currently be in Australia (any state is ok) or New Zealand. Australia's borders are currently closed to all international travellers (except NZ) ***

We are a happy, friendly Australian family that have hosted many aupairs before who are looking to welcome our next family member. We are seeking someone who would like to look after our 10 yo son while we are at work and who is keen to be a part of our family and our community.

We enjoy giving our aupairs an introduction to Australian customs and culture and we would like to learn about yours. Our family loves the outdoors and being active as well as all things creative, and welcomes you joining us in our family activities. Our town of about 24,000 people has lots of facilities for sports and exercise and is not far from some of the best beaches and wineries in Australia.

Ideally, we would like someone that can stay for 6 months or more. We both work in 'essential service' jobs so are secure in work during the covid19 shutdowns. We live on 2 acres so there is plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors, too.

If you think you might be a good fit with our family we would love to hear from you!
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Opis pracy

We require an au pair that is above all genuinely interested in caring for our child. We are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, confident, outgoing, honest and reliable person with a caring nature. You must be safety focused and willing to give Brendan your full attention when he is in your care.

You will have initiative and have the ability to see what needs to be done (and do it). We require you to be self-motivated, well organised, have a keen eye for detail and be a quick learner. We also expect that you will be mature enough to communicate your needs and expectations.

We require you to have good spoken English skills and to be able to understand verbal instructions. We would be happy to help you to improve your English, especially introducing you to some of our uniquely Aussie words and phrases.

Your primary duty is to ensure our son is safe and his basic needs are taken care of whilst we are at work or sleeping in preparation for and immediately after night shift. This will include preparing meals and snacks for yourself and Brendan, actively supervising schoolwork, and above all keeping him safe in a kind and caring environment.

With respect to discipline we are firm but fair. We like to use encouragement to teach and limit discipline for when it is required for the safety of our child or to enforce boundaries.

We are not the sort of people that say no and then turn around and let the child have whatever it is they wanted. When we say no, it means no! We are very strong believers in consistency in discipline and expect our aupair to be strict with Brendan and to lead by example eg. good manners, be polite, no bad language, good hygiene.

We need you to be knowledgeable and calm in an emergency situation if Brendan gets sick or hurt. A first aid qualification would be highly regarded but if you are the right person and you do not have first aid certification we will ensure you are able to complete this at our expense.

A driver’s licence is essential. We would like you to be willing to run small errands and take our son to swimming lessons, sports practice and games, and to the park on a nice day (this is only on days we are working). Please note that this will involve a couple of early mornings each week.

Other duties include some light housework and assistance with preparation of evening meals for us all on days that we work (it doesn't matter if you’re not a great cook!). We expect that any mess you make will be cleaned up promptly and your room, bathroom and toilet is to be kept clean and tidy. You will be expected to do your own laundry and ironing, but not ours.

As you will be living in our home we require someone that is honest and considerate of others and respectful of other people's property. You will be open and able to accept constructive criticism well (we are very approachable if you have any suggestions or problems). A friendly, easy-going personality will ensure you fit in well with our family.

It is important to us that you are a non-smoker and do not engage in any drug-taking activity. Inappropriate language will also not be tolerated.

We offer pocket money of $1,150 per month (cash). Other benefits include free accommodation, all meals, services (water/power), and a car (automatic transmission) for reasonable personal use in the local area. We also pay you when we are on holidays and welcome you to join us on family outings, travel and holidays.
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Informacje o rodzinie

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Rodzina mieszka w Miasto

Grupa wiekowa rodziny 35-50

Czy jesteś samotnym rodzicem? Nie,w naszej rodzicie jest oboje rodziców

Narodowość Australijska

Języki używane w domu angielski

Wyznanie religijne ateizm

Istotność religii nieistotna

Zawód Plant operators / Plant operator

Osób w domu 3

Wiek i płeć dzieci / osób 10 yo boy

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Wymagania w stosunku do pracy

Czy Au Pair musi posiadać prawo jazdy? - Tak

Najwcześniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? marzec 2021

Najpóźniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? maj 2021

Długość programu Au Pair 4-6 miesięcy

Szukamy Au Pair

Wiek osób / dzieci 6-10 lat

Liczba dzieci / osób, którymi Au Pair powinna się zająć 1

Minimalne wymagane doświadczenie Brak konkretnego wyboru

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Preferowana narodowość Au Pair American - USA, Belgian, British, Canadian, English, French, German, Irish, New Zealander, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Welsh

Wymagany poziom biegłości językowej Au Pair Dobry

Wymagane wykształcenie Brak konkretnego wyboru

Godziny pracy (na tydzień) 40 - 45

Kieszonkowe (na miesiąc) 1150 AUD

Czy chcesz pokryć część kosztów podróży Au Pair? happy to discuss this in interview

Przedział wiekowy Au Pair 19-35

Palenie tytoniu dozwolone? Nie

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Opieka nad zwierzętami wymagana? Nie

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Czy Au Pair musi umieć jeździć na rowerze? Nie

Czy Au Pair może uczęszczać na kurs językowy? Tak

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Czy Au Pair musi posiadać prawo jazdy? Tak

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Mieszkanie dle Au Pair

You will have your own private bedroom upstairs with a queen size bed, a walk-in robe and ensuite bathroom. All linen is provided - you just need your personal toiletries. There is also a bath available in the downstairs bathroom (Brendan's bathroom).
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