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Dzieci: 2 Dzieci, 1-5 lat, 6-10 lat

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Imię Emily

Wojewodztwo Nadrenia-Palatynat

Kod pocztowy Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Początek pracy: lipiec 2022 - sierpień 2022

Potrzebuje Au Pair na: 13-24 miesiące

Ostatnie logowanie: 10 dni temu

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List do Au Pair

Dear Prospective Candidate,
We are in search of a kind, warm, energetic Au Pair or Granny Au Pair to add to our family for at least a year (or longer, if mutually desired). The age of our caregiver is not as important to us as is finding someone who is mature, has a good work ethic, and is kind and caring. Our family consists of my husband, our two children, and me. We don’t have any pets and just a few plants. We live in a village in the countryside of Western Germany, very close to the Benelux border—Luxembourg City is a 45-minute drive, the Belgian border is also a 45-minute drive, the Netherlands border is an hour drive, and Trier, the oldest city in Germany, is a 30-minute drive from our front steps! The beautiful Mosel valley is also a 30-45 minute drive, depending on which town you’d like to see. There are very nice cultural opportunities in our quaint area. Because we live in a quiet area, public transportation is limited, but does exist. However, we do have an extra vehicle to provide our (Granny) Au Pair so that she can get out and enjoy the region and all of the wonderful sights it has to offer on her time off. The car is an automatic so you won’t have to worry about shifting gears in our hilly area.

We are looking for someone who can provide loving, gentile care to our 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. Health and safety are our biggest priorities, and we will require someone who is fully vaccinated and boosted. We need our children to have a safe, healthy environment while we work, with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing they are in good hands. Our work schedule is 0730-1630, Monday-Friday, with American holidays off. Therefore, we’d need care to begin at 0710, and run until 1640 while we work. I do have some flexibility in my job, and can work from home a few hours each day for the first few weeks, while you get used to our children’s schedules. That would also provide you an opportunity to get to know us a bit better and learn about our family’s values. In a perfect world, the Au Pair would become a part of our family, and would enjoy family outings with us, as well as have dinner with us as a family most evenings.
Despite the on-going pandemic, we have decided to end virtual education for my 6-year-old son. Therefore, he will be returning to in-person school in August 2022. He will arrive home on the school bus by 14.15 each afternoon and will need to be given a snack upon arrival.
My daughter will be home with the (Granny) Au Pair all day, and she needs artistic and educational stimulation. She enjoys painting, reading books, and playing make-believe.
We also need our (Granny) Au Pair to prepare a healthy breakfast, warm up some lunch, and prepare snacks for our children, to ensure they drink plenty of water throughout the day, and to ensure diapers are changed at regular intervals (we are starting to see signs of potty training readiness), little hands are washed, and good hygiene is kept on both children. (The basics of caring for children). You won’t have to give them a bath—I do that in the evenings, as it is part of our bedtime routine. We also ask that you put my daughter down for a nap daily--The little one naps from 11:15 to 12:45, and the older one no longer naps (unless he wakes up extra early). If you want to help with light housework (tidying up the kitchen, for example), it is appreciated, but not mandatory. We do ask that you tidy up the play areas, as an un-kept play area poses a safety hazard for the children. We always exercise safety first!

To show you our eternal gratitude for caring for our children, we will provide everything you need in order to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, to include room and board. We are blessed to have a home with an attached separate apartment so you can have your own private accommodation to unwind on your time off (without the worry about rent or utilities). The apartment comes with a bedroom, a dressing room, a full bathroom, kitchen and living room, and its own private entrance from the outside. (This is an entire apartment, not just a bedroom). You can also enter the main house directly from the apartment so you don’t have to go all the way around through the outside. We also have a good-sized garden that you can enjoy on lovely days! And if you like gardening, you are free to do so on your time off, as you please!
I have an educational background in Public Health, so health and safety is a priority in our lives. That being said, both my husband and I are lucky enough to have received full Coronavirus vaccination, and we are eagerly looking forward to the day when our children can receive their vaccines, as well. We also enjoy doing outdoor activities and travel to neighboring countries on occasion, we hope to do more traveling once there is an end to this pandemic!

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you with open arms into our lives and our home!
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Opis pracy

We need care for our children between 40 and 45 hours per week, Monday-Friday. Their care includes the following:
-Preparing Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
-helping my son with homework, on occasion
-keeping the children clean, safe, and healthy
-helping teach the children to pick up their toys
-tidying up their play areas
-taking them outside for fresh air (weather permitting)
-doing activities with them
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Informacje o rodzinie

Opieka nad dziećmi / osobami niepełnosprawnymi wymagana?  - Tak

Rodzina ma domowe zwierzęta Nie

Rodzina mieszka w Peryferie miasta

Grupa wiekowa rodziny 35-50

Czy jesteś samotnym rodzicem? Nie,w naszej rodzicie jest oboje rodziców

Narodowość Amerykańska

Języki używane w domu angielski, niemiecki, hiszpański

Wyznanie religijne katolicyzm

Istotność religii istotna

Zawód urzednik panstwowy / pedagog

Osób w domu 4

Wiek i płeć dzieci / osób 3 rok Kobieta
6 rok Mężczyzna

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Godziny pracy (na tydzień) 40 - 45

Kieszonkowe pieniądze Au Pair, Granny Au Pair 300 EUR

Preferowana płeć Kobieta

Czas trwania programu/pracy 13-24 miesiące

Najwcześniejsza data rozpoczęcia pracy/programu? lipiec 2022

Najpóźniejsza data rozpoczęcia pracy/programu? sierpień 2022

Szukamy Au Pair i Granny Au Pair

Wiek osób / dzieci 1-5 lat, 6-10 lat

Liczba dzieci / osób, którymi należy się opiekować 2

Minimalne wymagane doświadczenie 200+

Potrzebujemy korepetytora, który mógłby uczyć

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Preferowana narodowość Brak konkretnego wyboru

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Wymagane wykształcenie uniwersyteckie

Czy chcesz pokryć część kosztów podróży? maybe

Przedział wiekowy kandydatki 50-65

Palenie tytoniu dozwolone? Nie

Opieka nad dziećmi / osobami niepełnosprawnymi wymagana? Tak

Opieka nad zwierzętami domowymi wymagana? Nie

Czy kandydatka musi umieć pływać? Tak

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Opis mieszkania

The (Granny) Au Pair will have use of a private, attached apartment in our home. The apartment includes bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, living room and kitchen. The apartment is its own separate living space, but is attached to the main house. We will also cover utilities and wifi.
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