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Imię Leah

Wojewodztwo Ohio

Kod pocztowy Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Początek pracy: lipiec 2019 - wrzesień 2019

Needs Aupair for: ponad 1 rok

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List do Au Pair

Dear Future Aupair:
We are in search of a helper for our 22 year old autistic son, who is high functioning but with very limited speech (age 5 speech capabilities). And our 14 year old son is with us part time, as we have shared custody with his Mother. There will be occasions during the later part of the day in which transportation would be required to and from his athletic activities as well. Our autistic son, is capable of most things, but needs verbal direction or sometimes the first steps to a task assisted with in order to direct him on a simple task. (getting ready for bed - setting clothing options out for him to dress himself or something as simple as turning on a shower for him. He can do the rest, he just needs to have the initial assistance of actually turning on the water to a safe temperature.)

We own our own businesses that are located within 2-10 minutes from our home, and have quite a bit of flexibility in our schedule. BUT, since both of our older children have left the house and are currently serving in the U.S. military, we find that we are in need of someone to be at home with our son who is mentally handicapped during our peak hours of operation for our businesses. We would like to have someone who is into arts and crafting as well as going on visits to the zoo, and taking our sons to places that are fun. (some examples would be: Bowling, Baseball games, Swimming, Nature walks.)

We live in a very nice area of countryside in Northeast Ohio. We are close to all kinds of shopping and areas of commerce, yet we are quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.
Tasks that would be required: meal and snack prep, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, dishes, transportation to and from after-school activities, accompany children to locations of interest/entertainment, initiation of arts/crafts and clean-up, direction of bedtime.
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Opis pracy

What we are looking for is a helping set of hands. None of it is difficult, but being that we have such busy schedules, I cannot do it all by myself anymore. We need someone to help me around the house during the day (dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry and watering plants) while the boys are in school and we are at work. We need someone who will be at the home after school for our 22 year old. We would need someone to be capable of picking up or dropping off our 13 year old up after school, possibly transporting to and from an after school athletic practice or event. There might be opportunities for our sons to also come to our tavern that we own and help out with some side tasks. Typically there will be after school snack that would need to be made and dinner preparations/serving as well as clean up after meals/snacks. At bedtime, all our 22 year old needs is to be told it's bedtime, and reminded to get his pj's on and brush his teeth. He just needs to have the amount of toothpaste inspected, a glass of water given to him before he goes to sleep and help putting his socks in his hamper. That's it. It's not hard, it's actually pretty easy. I just need another me, or rather, someone willing to fill in for me while I work.
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Istotność religii istotna

Zawód Self Employed

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Male 22 years old

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Najwcześniejsza data rozpoczęcia programu Au Pair? lipiec 2019

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Wiek osób / dzieci 11-14 lat, więcej niż 15 lat

Liczba dzieci / osób, którymi Au Pair powinna się zająć 2

Godziny pracy (na tydzień) 40 - 45

Kieszonkowe (na miesiąc) 900 USD

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Mieszkanie dle Au Pair

There are two choices. Whichever you are most comfortable with is what you can choose to be your space. We have two spare bedrooms within the home. We also have, and are putting the finishing touches on, a loft style apartment with beautiful views of our 3 acre property.
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