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Imię i nazwisko Elena

Miejscowość/Województwo Brandon/ Manitoba

Państwo Kanada

Start grudzień 2022 - grudzień 2023

Preferowany czas trwania programu 1-3 miesiące

Języki na poziomie komunikatywnym: angielski (Język ojczysty)

Ostatnie logowanie 12 dni temu

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List do rodziny

Hello future host family!
I am very excited at the possibility of working for you and forming a friendship with your family while also experiencing your country and culture.

As an au pair, my main focus would be the well being and happiness of your little one(s). I am a firm believer in learning through play and your child will not be bored if I have anything to do with it! One of the things that brings me the greatest joy is watching a child’s mind at work and I always try to encourage children to participate in activities that stimulate their brains. I do not like to rely on TV or other electronics to entertain children. I prefer to expand upon a child’s curiosity by exploring outside, making crafts, and participating in other hands on activities.

Along with caregiving I will also provide meals for your children (the parents are welcome to try my food as well.)
I am very comfortable in the kitchen and I like to make children’s food healthy but also fun. It’s amazing how much more willing kids are to eat their vegetables when the vegetables are made to look like fun little animals or silly faces.

I would also be pleased to provide regular English lessons if you so desire.
English is my mother tongue and I have always been very passionate about my language so rest assured that I would be teaching your child/children how to communicate in English properly.

I am an avid animal lover so if you have any pets I would be happy to care for them as well whether this involves dog walking, pet grooming, or just overall supervision.

I am a hard worker, a lover of travel, and most importantly, I adore kids so I truly believe this job would be a perfect fit for me! I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
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Doświadczenie w opiece na dziećmi

Job Experience:

This winter I was given the chance to teach English at a small school in South Africa. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt more at home than I did in the classroom with those lovely little ones. It was an amazing few months and I am eager to continue teaching and nurturing children.

The previous summer, I had the opportunity to au pair for a family in Tuscany, Italy. There, I cared for a three year old girl and helped her to learn English. I had a fabulous time sharing my language as well as experiencing the Italian culture.

Before this au pair experience, I worked for two years as a full time nanny for three beautiful children: a newborn baby girl, a 2 year old boy, and a 5 year old girl.
I embraced the challenges that three busy children can bring and formed many beautiful memories through my time with them. I still visit often and have little play dates with the kids whenever I can.

Furthermore, I have experience as a travel nanny and have accompanied this previous family on their vacations.
One of these trips included a week at Disney World, Florida where I lended my services in order to keep the trip running smoothly. This involved entertaining the children with fun games during the long flights, pushing strollers, and being a hand to hold on some of the scarier rides.

I have also been fortunate enough to travel independently to countries such as Japan, Australia, Italy, Peru, and South Africa so I am comfortable with planning excursions and making travel arrangements.

I am a very safe driver and have a clean record. This allowed me to be responsible for the transportation of the children that I nannied previously, dropping them off at school, bringing them to their activities, and going on day trips to the zoo etc.

Apart from this position, I have been babysitting for as long as I can remember and have worked as a camp counsellor for the past few summers.

I also volunteer for an after school program at my church which provides elementary kids with extra curricular activities to keep them entertained after school lets out.

Furthermore, I studied child psychology and early childhood education at my local college. While I believe that hands on experience is the best kind of experience, it doesn’t hurt to have some textbook knowledge as well.

I would be happy to provide you with references and more details about my work experience as we go along.

About Me:

I am an outgoing 23 year old girl with a curiousity for the world around me.
While I would certainly consider myself an extrovert, I also have a gentle spirit and soft nature.

I am very sociable and conversational so I really enjoy making new friends wherever I go. One thing that would be lovely through this au pair experience would be to befriend someone my own age. I believe that having someone who is at a similar stage of life as you can really help to make you feel more at home in a different country.

Furthermore, I am a very happy person and I will almost always be found with a smile on my face!

I am also a tidy individual and I do not smoke, drink, or party.

You can count on me to be flexible, well organized, respectful and prepared to take initiative. I believe that these qualities in particular would help me in an au pair position.

Some of my main passions include...
-music, (the cello specifically which I have been playing since a young age)
-spending time in the kitchen whether it’s cooking or baking
-nature and all things outdoorsy
-travelling and the chance to experience different languages and cultures
-getting in touch with my creative side through things such as writing, art, and photography
-and of course children!

Once again I would be happy to share more about myself through future correspondence.
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My main reason for wanting to au pair is my desire to combine my love for children with my passion for travel and experiencing different cultures.