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Imię i nazwisko Ebenesia

Miejscowość/Województwo Houffalize/

Państwo Belgia

Start listopad 2021 - październik 2022

Preferowany czas trwania programu 10-12 miesiące

Języki na poziomie komunikatywnym: afrikaanski (C1), angielski (Język ojczysty)

Ostatnie logowanie 04 listopad 2021

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Dear Host Family
First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter and for giving me the chance to give you a little impression of me. My name is Ebenesia Forgetty !.I am a 25 old girl. Although I currently live in the Netherlands I was born and raised in Windhoek which is the capital city of Namibia but I matriculated from high school in swakopmund when I resided first work.Swakopmund Compared to Windhoek which is the Namibia’s largest city is a small town(360 km west of Windhoek).It is a Coastal town situated in the Namib Desert also known as the “Tourist jewel” of Namibia. It has about 42 000 inhabitants and covers 193 square kilometres of our land.
I come from a family of 18: My Parents Ebenhaeser Hoeseb, Jeneth ! and my Step Mother Asikie Hoeses all played a big role in my upbringing. My Dad is a Teacher and my mom is currently unemployed but she studied to become a eldercare(Care-Giver).My parents separated when I was 3years old and my Mom left me to say with my dad alone, He literally raised me
He is my ultimate “Super DAD”.Time passed and my dad had moved on, he met my Step-mom some few years later and had 6 wonderful kids with her. I have 7brothers and 7 sisters. My older brothers are Silvanus and Sylvester which are twins and they are 27years old and I also have an older Sister Nicolet she is 26 years old. My younger siblings are Denise 21 years, Deline 19,Tia 17,Kevin 17,Samuel 15,Ezuweno 11,Jayden 9,Precious 4,Precious and another set of twins my baby sisters Faith and Grace they are 8months old.My Dad only has me as a child with my mom the rest of my siblings have their own mommies but our bond as siblings is very strong we are in contact no matter how or what our circumstances may be.
In about a year or two I plan to pursue a degree in Early Childhood and Development at a institution I so much lookup to and dream of studying at Maria Montessori Teachers college, So at the moment I would like to take some time out of academics to have a different life experience ,and have time to calmly reflect on my future professional orientation .To this end I think spending a year abroad would particularly be interesting. I consider myself a free bird, nature in itself excites me I love Music and Singing is my greatest Hobby.My Dad is a recording artist and he plays the guitar as well so I believe I got my talent from him. I also enjoy, reading fictional books, early morning or late afternoon jogging, cooking and baking although I am not so good at it, it definitely helps me get better every time I try out something new. When it comes to my childcare experience I have looked after children in formal and informal context. I have helped my parents to look after my siblings since birth, so as a teenager I was much more involved in caring for them on a daily basis .I started working with kids in school in 2016 I worked as a volunteer at a Private school for a month and later filled in for a 3months maternity and soon after I was made permanent and in late 2016 I Had to relocate to Swakopmund towards the end of the year so one morning I went job hunting I was in Swakopmund that holiday and to my surprise I got hired on the spot!, by pure coincidence that job had an interview that day and I went to look or a job by them just at the right time and I worked there on a 3months contract and was made permanent after 3months and I still work there. I didn’t have a sole charge position than so I basically just did most activities with kids based on instruction but when I came to Learning Right Kiddies Centre I Had to take over a class which really brought out a side of me that I didn’t know. It stretched me completely and made me to be more creative and innovative so I have cared for children aged from 1 year up to 12years one of them is Luigi Nseu 7 and Nelson Nseu aged 12,I still look after them occasionally so I helped them with their homework, take them out on play dates, organize play dates with their friends e.g. Birthday Parties is one of them and i would also Bake with them since the two of them love baking so much. I have a sole charge position at my current work place and I work with kids age 3 years turning 4 and they are 23 in class so I am responsible for daily recreational indoor and outdoor activities: Artwork, mastering basic skills suitable for Childs development e.g. cutting skills, incidental reading, painting, colour sorting, matching indoor and outdoor playtime activities and so much more. Hence my desire to have first hand Netherlands lifestyle of a Dutch family I am particularly interested in experiencing family life in Holland since it offers a cultural context that is undoubtedly different from mine .One out of the many reasons why I would love to be an “AU PAIR” is because of my love for children also because I am keen to learn more about how to take care of children from a different background I mean Netherlands is one of the first world countries and obviously their parenting nature differs from the developing world. So I would love to learn and see their way of raising their kids compared to ours ,their way of discipline and how they go about challenges they go through whiles raising their kids. My best way of learning is through observing so I am willing to experience a new skillset and strategy on how to work with kids in A modern way and also get to know more about the Dutch culture and to be able to speak their beautiful language which I always wanted to learn.
I would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you and to answer whatever questions you may want to know about me or my childcare experience, to learn more about your family, your interests and to know more about what you expect from the AU PAIR arrangement.
Thank you very much for your interest in my application! I look forward to hearing from you
Yours Sincerely Ebenesia F !
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I am a natural child lover,My gift as I call it started from when I was 10 years old taking care of my siblings and since then I have worked and volunteered at a school and later got hired as a Pre school Teacher .I never got to study because of lack of funds and finally last year somebody came through for me”prayer answered” Now I had the opportunity to study and plan was to have a gab year last year and to peruse my studies this year but due to corona I had to change plans and that’s why I decided to do another Au pair year.I loved my exsperience so far in the Netherlands and would love to exsperience a new culture and a get to see and learn how a typical Belgian family raise their children and learn a lot more about their culture.
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