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Narodowość Tajska | Więcej »

Imię i nazwisko Nannapat and Reeya

Miejscowość/Województwo Kabinburi/

Państwo Tajlandia

Start kwiecień 2022 - grudzień 2022

Preferowany czas trwania programu 12-24 miesiące

Języki na poziomie komunikatywnym: angielski (B2), tajski (Język ojczysty)

Ostatnie logowanie 28 kwiecień 2022

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Hello! Host families

We are Chat and Reeya, two 24 year old girls from Thailand! We love to travel and see new cultures. We both attended the same high school and became best friends instantly! ,that is actually how we met each other. Now we are planning to be au pairs in EU and therefore we are looking for one or two au pair/host families!

We both love children and have worked as babysitters, kindergarten teachers and surveillance & promotion of children development for kids of all ages. We are both capable of taking care of all the activities involved in the care of a child of any age. From preparing their meals, feeding them, their personal grooming, performing indoor activities ( motor skills, reading, writing, crafts, painting, didactic games, plasticine...) and outdoor activities( going to the park, swimming pool, basketball, soccer, jumping, running...) and support them in school projects and household chores and prioritizing their time.

I work as an Applied Thai traditional medical practitioner at a hospital in my hometown, taking care of patients, elderly and surveillance and promotion of children aged birth to 6 years development. And Reeya, she runs her own business "PUNPO" healthy & coconut milk smoothies. We know how to cook very well and always love to learn how to cook a variety of dishes.

We can share the responsibilities of taking care of your kids, shopping at the grocery, cooking, taking care of your pet, housework, laundry, driving, etc at the same time. We are happy to take care of your kid at night, and you have more relaxing time.

We both want to be sisters and have good memories with your lovely kids and be a part of your family. It would be a great memory if we could celebrate the first Christmas with our warm host family together. :)

- prudent driver (5 years experience)
- We love cooking
- Pet friendly
- Advanced swimmer
- First aid, CPR
- non smoker
- Responsible, independent, creative, active, flexible, helpful, sociable, fun and easy-going.

if you are interested please contact us on Message

And even if you are only looking for one au pair, contact us! We are looking forward to be a part of your family!

Thank you,
warm regards
Chat & Reeya! :)
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Doświadczenie w opiece na dziećmi

"Chat's part" About my childcare experience, I works in the medical field at hospital is also about a child’s development, including language, movement, thinking, behavior, and emotions. There are about 10-15 children per day by using a screening assessment called “developmental surveillance and promotion manual (dspm)” my duties are ensuring children development support them emotionally and physically regarding 5 dimensions: gross motor and fine motor, receptive and expressive language, cognitive, emotional, and self-help. I also created the activities that help them improve their development such as writing shapes, matching pictures, finding missing numbers, building wooden blocks, puzzles, sorting and classifying colors, shapes and sizes, skipping rope, and football. Moreover, I have provided counseling and guidance to parents to promote their child's development as well as how to maintain a family relationship with them. I came to learn so much about children's emotions and how to handle them. I learned about children's health care and prevention of child development. When children become out of control and do not listen to me, I will separate them for a private talk by using logic at the same time listen to what they have to say, why they behave that way, if them need extra attention, I will assign them a role in order to get them involved in an activity as much as possible. Moreover, In the after work, I helped my friend take care of her kid after work in the evening about 4 hours a day; Monday - Friday, He is a boy 2 years old. My responsibilities included feeding during meals and milk, taking him to the toilet, changing the diaper, laundry, reading stories, taking him to sleep, and helping him tidy up the toys. Our activities include dancing, singing a song, exercising, doing the artwork. Sometimes,I have taught him basic skills like how to eat by themselves, how to get dressed, how to brush teeth, reading books , writing books, and teaching him to ride a bicycle in the park, sometimes swimming at the pool. We had a good time together. Furthermore, I have childcare experience at Top One kindergarten. The work was 8-9 hours a day from the weekend. I was responsible for taking care of children aged between 2 - 15 years old, for 2-5 years old I encouraging children to participate in the classroom, assisting the children in doing activities such as arts and crafts, teaching the thai and english alphabet, numbers, date/month/years, flash cards, storytelling, jigsaw puzzle and grouping images of the same category. I also had to monitor them when they were playing in the playground regarding their safety. My duties for 6-15 years old were preparing the classroom for lessons, setting up equipment, and supporting teachers in teaching them academics including English such as reading, writing, basic grammar, mathematics, thai, art, science, and explaining to them their homework. Apart from that I also supervised and provided feedback about their performance to their parents. Sometimes I looked after them while they waited for their parents to pick them up in the evening.

"Reeya's part" I started taking care of kids within my own family. After my older brother got married, they had two kids each. I taking care of a nephew who is 7 years old, and a niece who is 6 years old. I have been taking care of them from my nephew's 3-year-old and niece's 2-year-old until the first day of school. Since their parents went to work in the provinces. Therefore let me take care of their children instead. Also, when I have the opportunity to return to my hometown, I will always volunteer to help teachers take care of children between 3-5 years olds at my old school there are around 25 kids in the room. I started volunteering as a teacher assistant at Top one kindergarten since Feb 2021. Their ages range between 2-15 years old. My general responsibilities looking after children, greeting children in the morning to pick them up from their parent assisting children to learn, (I teach them basic Thai and English) assisting the teacher in setting up equipment and helping to prepare the classroom for lessons, playing with children, doing activities in class (reading books with them, doing crafts, drawing, painting, storytelling), prioritizing their time and check their belongings before returning them to their parents. In my experience with kids, I do a lot of activities such as cooking and fed them, bathing, change their clothes and diapers, laundry also lull the baby to sleep, and help them tidy up the toys. Moreover, I love to sing songs and dance with them, teach them different exercises, artwork, take them to the playground to play, create different activities to do with them.

We would like to become au pair for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is simply because working with kids is what we love to do. We want to develop ourselves and take this amazing chance to learn about kids. I love to see them grow and want to be part of their development and learn people, cultures, communities and languages. So does Reeya.

We have a lot of professional experience with children, also know what it's like to take care of a child outside of a professional setting and in the home.

I believe that being an au pair will be a great opportunity for me to gain hands-on experiences and get ready for graduate study and my future profession. The au pair program can definitely align my personal interest in kids with my career ambition in child psychology.

Reeya wants to use her au pair experience to open daycare and teach them basic English and to develop a school where she volunteers.
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