Nr. użytkownika 1999489

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Imię i nazwisko Yelyzaveta

Adres/ Ulica, Numer Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Miejscowość/Województwo Mukachevo/

Numer Telefonu Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Alternatywny Numer Telefonu Tylko dla Użytkowników Premium

Państwo Ukraina

Start luty 2022 - maj 2022

Preferowany czas trwania programu 12-12 miesiące

Języki na poziomie komunikatywnym: hiszpański (C1), angielski (B2), ukraiński (Język ojczysty), rosyjski (Język ojczysty)

Ostatnie logowanie 30 maj 2022

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Hello, dear host family!

My name is Elisabeth, I am 22 years old and I am looking forward to meeting you.

I decided to become part of the Au Pair programme, because I love travelling, I am passionate about foreign languages, I want to discover the world and meet new people and I love spending time with children. I believe that participation in the programme will change me and my life for the better and give me a lot of positive emotions, experiences and acquaintances.

I have always loved communicating with children and finding common ground with them easily. I can say that my younger brother gives me the most important and best experience in caring and communicating with children. He is now 12 years old and we have been very close all his life. As my mother raised us alone, I was given many tasks and responsibilities from a young age. I helped and still help with my brother's upbringing.

From his earliest days, I helped my mum with nursing, feeding, dressing the baby, going for walks and playing with him. I was the only person who understood his first words. My little brother even called me not by my first name, but "nanny" when he was a year or two :) From that time till now only our age has changed, but as before we spend time together, go for walks, play, draw, watch cartoons, I help my brother with his homework for school. I love to listen to him, give him advice and help him learn about the world and himself.

Apart from my brother, I babysit my godmother's children. Her sons are currently 8 and 2 years old. I really appreciate that my godparents trust me with their boys. Even though there is an age difference between the kids, I always find common activities. We have a lot of fun together, playing games, watching cartoons, reading, dancing and singing. Sometimes I ask for a little help from the older child in order to instill care for the younger one and improve their contact.

I also had the experience of teaching English to a 9 years old girl for three months. The child needed help with her homework, but I also found engaging material for the child that would relate to the requirements at school. Some of our sessions were play-based and there was also an emphasis on speaking, as very often children can have problems with this due to lack of practice. It was a very valuable, interesting and completely new experience for me.
I can say with confidence that I am hardworking, thoughtful and optimistic. I understand that spending time with children is a big responsibility. I prefer to be positive and open-minded when dealing with children and people. Children brought up in an atmosphere of kindness and patience develop faster, grow up to be confident, sociable, emotionally open people.

I graduated with a degree in Spanish and English, so I would be happy to help children, and perhaps even adults, with these languages. Spanish is my great passion and love, I hope I will have the opportunity to share some of that love of the language and pass it on to your family.

I have many hobbies. I am interested in psychology and self-development, practicing meditation and fitness, leading a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes writing poetry. Right now I am actively learning to drive and I absolutely love driving. I am also happy to drive in your family, I practice a lot and the instructor praises me as a responsible driver:) I can't ride a bike and maybe it's time I learned how to do it with your kids :) I know how to roller skate and ice skate, I can teach your kids and skate together. I am very fond of animals and would be very happy to have them in your family.

I would like to mention that I am crazy about travelling. I think that travelling gives me extraordinary energy and strength. I love discovering new countries and cultures. My favourite cities are Istanbul and Rome, they are extraordinary, and my favourite country is Switzerland. That's why I chose this country for my Au Pair of the year. I feel very comfortable here, I want to discover it from the inside, to experience its atmosphere and get to know the local culture, and I think living with a family can help with that in the best possible way. I also want to learn a new language, German.

I am independent and independent, which I think is very important. I have been living on my own for more than 4 years now, since I entered university and moved to the capital of Ukraine, and I have been working for more than 3 years and supporting myself completely on my own. Living in a big city taught me organization, adaptation, time management, stress resistance and quick decision making.

Finally, I would like to say that I sincerely want to become a real part of your family, the best assistant to you and a close friend to your children. I hope that our Au-Pair year together will be based on friendship, mutual support and sincere relationship.
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I decided to participate in the Au-Pair Program because of my love for traveling, languages and children. I see it as a great opportunity for me to open a new chapter of my life full of new emotions, knowledge, experience and acquaintances.

Being a part of a family will help me to explore new culture, habits, improve and practice German language.
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