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We are a large-scale joint-stock company consisting of in-service teachers and Internet technology experts,not only posting free information on the Chinese newsletter, but also recruit Chinese participants to participate in cultural exchange programs abroad including Au Pair. Chinese teachers, etc.We also accept participants from all over the world who wants to come to China to participate in Au Pair, English teachers, educational interns, study in China, domestic and foreign university students come to China factory enterprises to spend summer vacation, experience life, learn Chinese culture, learn Chinese language;
Some high-grade kindergartens in China trend towards hire foreigners who is a English native speaker to teach Englishin their schools and centers. If you are interested in participating in the Au Pair program or come to kindergartens in China to be English teachers,it will surprise you a lot. the native language in English is better, at least college education (English speaking applicants, must have academic diplomas over high school), majored in education or related subjects is more popular, working hours are less than 40 hours per week, salary is 600-4000 dollars /month, Once you get offers from kindergarten in China, you can live in Host family(home stay family) , the salary will be higher if you teach classes in English training school on weekends, Due to different regions in China, different living standards, different accommodations,There will be differences in different areas;
We can arrange for all teachers in all parts of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, Zhengzhou etc. There are a large number of kindergartens looking forward to hiring foreigners to teach Chinese; We are looking forward to working with regular recruitment agencies in various countries, and it is our pleasure that help teachers who are interested in looking for a job in China as well.
Please send your resume to our cooperation /job searching e-mail,; Skype czw1606168,CaoZhongWang
Contact us for more information and details.
我们是一个由在职教师和互联网技术专家组成的一个大型的股份有限公司,我们不仅开发百事通信息网www.bst2345.com中文免费发布信息,还招聘中国的参与者去国外参加文化交流项目包括Au Pair,中文教师等,我们还接纳世界各国的参与者来华参加Au Pair,英文教师,教育实习生,来华留学,国内外大学生来中国工厂企业打暑假工,体验生活,了解中国文化,学习中文;
中国的一些高档幼儿园很喜欢雇佣外国人来教英文,如果有意参加Au Pair项目的外国朋友来中国的幼儿园做英文教师,相信会给你带来意外的惊喜,年龄必须是在19岁以上,英语比较好,母语是英语的更好,至少是大专以上学历(母语是英语申请人,学历可以是高中),教育类更受欢迎,每周工作时间不超过40小时,工资待遇在600-4000美元/月,如果在幼儿园上英语课,住在Host家庭,双休日又在英语培训学校上课,薪水还更高,当然由于中国区域的不同,生活水平不同,食宿不同,工资薪水待遇会有所不同;

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