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LOHO started the au-pair-in-China program since 2010, offering a good opportunity for young people from other countries to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. In addition, more and more Chinese families get to know the au pair program and tend to invite a foreign au pair. Therefore, we spent three years in studying related policies and rules so as to make effective and reasonable arrangements for the au pair. Since 2013, LOHO began to popularize the au-pair-in-China program with great efforts, and has obtained good achievements and published the sole au pair books in China. We sincerely hope to cooperate with more agencies to promote the au-pair-in-China program.

With China's rising middle class and economic growth, this has led to a growing demand for Au Pairs. This helps create opportunities to learn English at an early age, while also the opportunity for mothers to return to work and have additional help in raising the children. However,the main goal for most families hiring Au Pairs is primarily to help their children as well as themselves learn English, as the mother has the biggest role in raising the children.
In many countries the role of the au pair is seen as that something comparable to a nanny. However in Eastern countries such as China, where Confucianism has had deep cultural influence, the position of live-in educator is highly respected.

LOHOCNETER will make sure the au pair get:
a. Private room with the furniture and no small than 8 square meters
b. Free meals, or free food materials when family is out.
c. No less than RMB750 pocket money each month

Who can apply
a. Applicants must be 18-29 years old.
b. Applicants must be able to speak, read, and understand English or fluent English.
c. Applicants must be healthy.
d. Applicants must be optimistic and love to communicate with others and like to learn other culture
e. Applicants must have the childcare experience and reference and enjoy taking care of the child.
The service that LOHO center provide for foreign au pair
- We will pick up the au pair at the airport with their host family so they could get to know each other smoothly and slowly. And then we will guide them transfer to accommodation.
- We will take them to register at police office within 24 hours.
- We will have orientation about local environment and lifestyle. For example we take them to the shop near the family and buy them sim card and the transportation card and so on.
- We provide the service of assisting on the communication with the family.
- We also give the au pair a free training house service which will start as soon as they arrived in China. This service that we provide could make them know what the Chinese family like and the effective way to communicate with the family and suitable method to get along with the family. This training house could help the applicant to communicate with the Chinese kids as well since the applicant could hardly understand the children at the beginning period and this training house will make it well.
- We provide free and full set of the insurance with instruction.
- We will also register at the Chinese Public language school for the applicant to learn Chinese
- We will give the sigle way flight ticket for them at the end of the program.
- We could contact the new family immediately if the applicant must change the family..
- We could offer the internship or overseas opportunity if the au pair prefer to keep staying in China after the program is finished
- We will organize every kind of culture, communication activity and city orientation for au pair to help them to fit in with the life here much easier. At the same time they could make more new friends here too so they won’t feel alone.

How to Apply to Be an Au Pair

Congratulations on your decision to apply to LOHO Center Au Pair to enjoy a year-long cultural exchange experience. Our online application process is fast and simple!
Please visit our and submit any additional required documents to your local agency. If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact us We’re here to help you!

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