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Qingdao Au pair Cultural Exchange Company Limited (QACECL) was established on the 8th August,2008 and so we have been in this business for the past 7 years.This agency is located in Qingdao city in the Shandong Province which is to the east of China.Qingdao being a seaside city, is famous for a variety of seafood and Qingdao Beer.The Germans once settled in this beautiful city.

The company was established to bridge the gap between the East (Chinese Youths) and western countries there by giving the youths from China the chance to go abroad to broaden the view,improve their spoken English,experience western culture,become more independent and share Chinese Culture with the western world.

We started by sending our Chinese aupair to USA,Canada,Europe-Holland,Denmark,Norway, and Sweden but in 2009,we began focusing on sending most of our Chinese aupairs to the USA until now.Our agency pays more attention to training our aspiring aupairs in the following areas:

a)Spoken English courses to improve our aupiars English level to enhance free communication with their host families.
b)Improving upon their personalities.
c)Childcare courses after which they go out to be volunteers in Kindergartens,family and friends homes etc. to enable them get the experience of taking care of children.
d)Driving practice using our company car.
e)Improving their communication and writing skills.
d)Helping them change their mentality about western countries and the aupair program as a whole.
e)Sharing the knowledge about handicrafts,kids games,cooking and other activities in class.
f)Outreach activities to sensitize the public about the program.
g)Providing counseling to aupairs both home and abroad through the WeChat and QQ chat software.
h)Yearly visit of a member of staff to the US to meet with some aupairs and their host families get some first hand information about their life,suggestion and advice.

All the above are done to ensure that our aupairs meet the requirements of their respective host families abroad.Our agency is glad to say that,with all these training programs in place,many host families are satisfied with our aupairs.

In the same year of (2009), we also began sending students abroad for the Work and Travel Program while in 2011,we were the first agency to introduce aupairs from abroad into Chinese families home in Shandong Province of China.The first aupair was from Brazil and then Germany,Spain,USA,Norway,Sweden,Poland,Mexico,Ecuador,Czech Republic, Costa Rico and so on.Qingdao being a seaside city,with many places of interest,bustling night life ,is a great place for our au pairs.

The year of 2013 saw us make a great stride with our company being able to handle visa issues for our aupairs with ease.We are able to help extend visas for aupairs who want to extend their stay here.We therefore,welcome aupairs here with confidence and open arms.The orientation we have for our aupair on their arrival and their respective host families have yielded great results.

It is interesting to know that,the first Chinese Aupair Movie called When Peiking Family meet Aupair was released in 2014 and as a result many Chinese families now know more about this program.There is therefore,a big market here in the future and with our agency being responsible,dedicated and professionals in this field,we are looking for partners to promote this great program.We are bound to yield good fruits.

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