Família ID: 746104

Crianças:: 2 Crianças:, Não tem prefencias, 1-5 anos

Cidade: Hachenburg / Subúrbio Mais ⇩

Nome Constanze

Região Rheinland-Pfalz

CEP Usuários pagos somente

Início do trabalho: Apr. 2019 - Oct. 2019

Duração da estadia: > de 1 ano

Última ação: 2 Days Ago

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Letra a Aupair

Dear Aupair :-)

We are a family of four, our kids Jakob and Emil and my husband Andreas and me. We would be very happy to find someone caring and if possible spanishspeaking for one year or actually as long as possible to take care for our little boys. We would like to find someone (no matter if male or female) who is willing to live with us in the family, just like a family member and of course we want you to feel good, just like at home :-) We are a family that likes to talk and to laugh and have fun together. We love having harmony in the family and we really appreciate someone honest and friendly :-)
It is ok when we talk in english in the beginning (in case you want to learn german we can speak german as well ..we definitely would support you in this!). But with our sons we really would like you to talk in spanish. We had two spanish Aupairs for almost 4 year so our older son already understands spanish and actually speaks it fluently ;-) We also learn spanish a bit, so we could talk in 3 languages and use the one we can speak at the moment ;-)

So now that almost four years are over since we had our first Aupair, our actual Aupair had to leave us after over 2 years because she had to go back to Spain to study and help her family in a ordeal ...but we are very hopeful to find someone nice again. We are probably just looking for you ;-)
And it would be great if you were able to stay for at least one year or even better a much longer time...

If you are a caring and responsible person who loves children ... and if you like to experience our german culture and establish relationships, maybe learn our language...and of course tell us as much as possible about you and your culture and language...well, then please write us...we want to get to know you!!!

We would be happy to read from you soon...

Bye for now :-)

Andreas & Constanze
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Descrição de trabalho

We are looking for a nice and caring person to take care of our 2 sons. Jakob is 8 months and Emil is 4 years old, in july he will be 5. Most of the times you will take care for only one kid at the time, so dont worry: we dont put too much responsibilty on you...and we will start very slow in the beginning with only a little time being with the kids every day so you have enough possibilties to get to know your new "home" with the area, the people and all the possibilities that are around. We will show you around and make you feel home as good as we can ;-)

Concerning the cleaning: We don't expect the Aupair to make a lot of homework, this is not her/his task. Except for the kidsroom we like to have cleaned up only everyonce in a while it would be nice if you only clean the places and things you use yourself ...also everyonce in a while. Of course we like having a nice place to live thats why it would be nice if you are someone we dont need to clean after ;-) We just appreciate someone who obeys the "normal" Do's and Dont's in a commune/ living together and participating in the normal every-day-family-life (we make the kitchenstuff all together) but we don't expect anything special :-)
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Retratos adicionais

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Informação da família

Animais de estimação:	 - Sim

Animais de estimação: Sim

A Família mora em: Subúrbio

Idade dos pais: 30-45

Você é pai/mãe solteira? Não, nossa família inclui mãe e pai

Nacionalidade: alemão

Línguas faladas em casa: alemão, Inglês, espanhol

Religião: Protestante

Importância da religião Não Importante

Ocupação: Ingenieur

Pessoas morando na casa: 4

Número de filhos/pessoas, idade e gênero: 2 Kinder (männlich, geboren 2014 und 2018)

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Exigência de trabalho

Data de início mais próxima: Apr. 2019

Data de início limite: Oct. 2019

Por quantos meses você pretende oferecer a colocação? > de 1 ano

Procurando por: Au Pair and Babá

Preferência de gênero: Sem preferências

Preferência de nacionalidade: Spanish

Competências linguísticas requeridas: Sem preferências

Tempo mínimo de experiência com cuidado infantil: Nenhuma preferência

Nível educacional requerido: Sem preferências

Que idade têm as pessoas a quem têm de cuidar? Não tem prefencias, 1-5 anos

De quantas crianças/pessoas tomará conta? 2

Horas de trabalho (por semana): 30 - 35

Mesada (por mês): 260 EUR

Disposto a pagar/dividir os custos da viagem? No

Idade requerida do Au Pair: 18-40

Aceita fumadores? Não

É requerido tomar conta de crianças/pessoas com necessidades especiais? Não

Requerido tomar conta de animais de estimação? Não

Você requer um Aupair que saiba nadar? Não

Você requer um Aupair que saiba andar de bicicleta? Não

A Au Pair poderá frequentar cursos de línguas? Sim

É requerida experiência em primeiros socorros? Não

É requerida carta de condução? Não

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Descrição da família

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Acomodação de Aupair

The place for you is actually one whole floor (kind of like an appartement)

- The 2 interior pictures I added that would be your rooms, you can see part of your sleeping room and your bathroom -

YouTube would have like one room (ca. 16 - 18 squaremeters) for yourself (your sleeping room) and another room you alone can use it in the nighttime. This is a guest- and second kidsroom with a couch for relax, a TV and a little kitchen inside. Both rooms are in the lower floor. The lower floor has an own entrance so your privacy would be garanteed. You have your own bathroom with a shower down there. Your sleeping room has a bed, a closet/ cupboard, a desk and of course a TV :-) Wifi is available in the whole house too by the way.
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