Família ID: 1344934

Crianças:: 1 Crianças:, 1-5 anos

Cidade: hangzhou / Cidade grande Mais ⇩

Nome liu

Região zhejiang

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Início do trabalho: Jun. 2019 - Jul. 2019

Duração da estadia: 1-3 meses

Última ação: 09 Jul. 2019

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Taxa de Resposta

Letra a Aupair

Welcome to our home! let my baby have a partner, a teacher, let me have a friend. Our family will have one more member. Let's all have more experience and fun in life.
You may come from a distant place. Before that, we have different life experience. I hope we can tolerate each other. I really hope you will feel freedom、cozy and saft in our home.

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Descrição de trabalho

What you can get is:
1. You can get 500 dollars a month in pocket money at least , if you work more than 30 hours/week , you can get more。You can go out with us on weekends if you want. You don't have to bear any cost of playing.

2. We will pay for your round-trip ticket (but we will designate the flight).

3. I'll help you to get an M visa or a F visa for China. All you have to do is provide a phono of your passport and a health certificate. I will also pay you a domestic insurance. By the way, The hospital facilities in Hangzhou are very complete and advanced. We will try our best to ensure your safety.

Your work is:
1. improve the baby's English skill, I hope you can play games, tell stories, sing and dance,eating and washing with the baby as much as possible. communicate with him only in English daily. At the beginning, you need to use very simple words and communicate with him very slowly. Please be very patient with baby. While improving English, I hope that my baby can broaden his horizon and learn more about other sciences.

2. Take care of the baby's daily life, the baby's self-care ability has been relatively strong, he can go to the toilet by himself, but wearing clothes and eating meals still need some help. You don't need to cook baby’s meals or wash baby's clothes.
My Baby usually get up at 7 to 8 o'clock, have lunch at 12 o'clock, take a nap at 13 o'clock, and get up at 14 o'clock.

3. I can also learn spoken English. I will teach you Chinese at the same time. Our Mandarin is very standard. I will show you some Chinese culture.

4. The baby is currently in the first grade of kindergarten. You can take the baby to the kindergarten, but you don't have to take the baby to the kindergarten too long, because in China, schools are closed in July and August ,student don't need to go to school at July and August. In the summer, Baby will go to learn to swim in 20 consecutive days.





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Retratos adicionais

Informação da família

Animais de estimação: Não

A Família mora em: Cidade grande

Idade dos pais: 20-35

Você é pai/mãe solteira? Não, nossa família inclui mãe e pai

Nacionalidade: chinês

Línguas faladas em casa: Mandarim

Religião: Sem religião

Importância da religião Não Importante

Ocupação: programmer

Pessoas morando na casa: 3-4

Número de filhos/pessoas, idade e gênero: his name is harry,4 years old, he is in the first grade of kindergarten.i sometimes speak some simple english to him.

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Exigência de trabalho

Data de início mais próxima: Jun. 2019

Data de início limite: Jul. 2019

Por quantos meses você pretende oferecer a colocação? 1-3 meses

Procurando por: Au Pair

Preferência de gênero: Feminino

Preferência de nacionalidade: American, Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealander

Competências linguísticas requeridas: Suficiente

Tempo mínimo de experiência com cuidado infantil: Nenhuma preferência

Nível educacional requerido: Universitário

Que idade têm as pessoas a quem têm de cuidar? 1-5 anos

De quantas crianças/pessoas tomará conta? 1

Horas de trabalho (por semana): 30 - 35

Mesada (por mês): 500 USD

Disposto a pagar/dividir os custos da viagem? yes

Idade requerida do Au Pair: 20-26

Aceita fumadores? Não

É requerido tomar conta de crianças/pessoas com necessidades especiais? Não

Requerido tomar conta de animais de estimação? Não

Você requer um Aupair que saiba nadar? Não

Você requer um Aupair que saiba andar de bicicleta? Não

A Au Pair poderá frequentar cursos de línguas? Sim

É requerida experiência em primeiros socorros? Não

É requerida carta de condução? Não

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Descrição da família

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Acomodação de Aupair

1. We provide you with a separate room. The room faces south,sunny and quietly. The room has a floor window and goes directly to the balcony. There is a 1.5-meter bed in the room. The mattress is very comfortable.

2. None of our family members smoke, so you also can't smoke at home.

3. You don't need to do housework, but you should clean your own room and keep it clean.

4. We have TV sets, high-performance computers and wireless WiFi in our home. One of the bathrooms is available to you, but it needs to be shared with other family members.

5. In diet, my family eats traditional Chinese food. If you are used to eat Chinese food, you can join us. You can also cook Western food in the kitchen by yourself. We will provide all food. There are plenty of snacks and fruits at home, and you can enjoy them at will.

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Tel: +49 (0) 221 310 61 840
Horário de oficina: Seg-Sex 8:00 a.m. a 3:00 p.m. CET
Fax: +49 (0) 221 921 3049
Email: info@aupair.com