ID da Família: 643190

Crianças: 1 Crianças, 6 - 10 anos

Cidade: Hereford / Campo | Mais ⇩

Nome Dheeraj

Região Worcestershire

CEP Somente membros Premium

Início do trabalho: Jul. 2022 - Jul. 2022

Duração da estadia: 12-24 meses

Última ação: 4 dias atrás

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Carta de boas-vindas à Au Pair

Hello. I'm very much looking forward to welcoming another member of the family. Someone who can be like a big sister to my son and be nice company for the family and get involved with the family activities. I am looking for someone to start in the next 4 weeks and stay for a year or more. Please note that we will be restricted to inviting someone who can get a visa under the UK Youth Mobility Scheme - please see which is applicable to au pairs from Australia, Canada, Iceland, Monaco, New Zealand, and San Marino. We would also happily welcome a Ukrainian au pair under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme
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Descrição de trabalho

I am looking for someone who can stay for a year or more - I want my son to have some long-term continuity.

From experience the work averages out at about 30 hours per week but is not a traditional working hours position. When my wife is away you would be the sole carer for up to 5 days (quite rarely) but more likely 1-2 days, so you might have the baby 50 hours one week and be off all of the following week.

It is mainly a child minding position and helping with housework and walking the dog. I am not very good at cooking so if you like to do that it will be great!

I would like you to be a full part of the family and accompany us on trips and to see the rest of the big family who live 2 hours away. This would involve coming to social occasions etc. also and short breaks abroad.

Generally weekends will be off. There may be occasional weekends when you would need to work. My wife has to work during the school holidays so there will be a need to cover while she is doing that - again it will likely be daytime working, but she will mostly return home in the evenings. Where possible she will work from home and our son will also spend time staying with other members of the family - for example with his cousins.

I would like you to help my son with his development so watching educational programmes, reading and making things, taking him to parks etc. to develop his outdoor and physical skills, and to be his best friend.

I will have a spare car and this would be kept for your use.

I am keen to help with your individual aims too. I would like to use my knowledge and resources to ensure that you have good contact with your family back home, develop a friend network over here, and progress any personal ambitions that come with living in a new country and being aspirational.

As well as the pocket money, I hope to offer a good lifestyle and personal development opportunities - what I hope for in return is a decent loyal friendly person to welcome into the family.
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Informação da família

Mascotes:	 - Sim

Mascotes: Sim

A Família mora em: Campo

Idade dos pais: 35-50

Você é pai/mãe solteira? Não, nossa família inclui dois pais

Nacionalidade: Britânica

Línguas faladas em casa: Inglês, Francês, Hindi

Religião: Sem religião

Importância da religião Não Importante

Ocupação: Piloto / Enfermeiro/a

Pessoas morando na casa: 3

Idade e gênero das crianças/pessoas a serem cuidadas 10 ano Masculino

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Requisitos do trabalho

Saber nadar é necessário - SimSaber andar de bicicleta é necessário - SimExperiência em primeiros socorros é requerida - SimCarta de motorista é requerida - Sim

Horas de trabalho (por semana): 35 - 40

Mesada da/do Au Pair, Vovó Au Pair 450 GBP

Salário da/do Babá 450 GBP

Preferência de gênero: Feminino

Duração da estadia 12-24 meses

Data de início mais próxima: Jul. 2022

Última data de início Jul. 2022

Procurando por: Au Pair, Babá e Vovó Au Pair

Idade das crianças/pessoas 6 - 10 anos

Crianças/pessoas a serem cuidadas 1

Tempo mínimo de experiência com cuidado infantil: 10-50

Precisamos de um tutor que possa ensinar

Quantos anos têm os alunos que o Tutor deve ensinar?

Precisamos de assistência e apoio em

Preferência de nacionalidade: Americana, Australiana, Austríaca, Belga, Britânica, Canadense, Ilhéu do canal, Dinamarquesa, Holandesa, Inglesa, Estoniana, Fiinlandesa, Flamenga, Francesa, Alemã, Icelandesa, Irlandesa, Letã, Liechtensteiniana, Lituana, Luxemburguesa, Manx, Neozelandesa, Norueguesa, Polonesa, Escocesa, Sul-africana, Sueca, Suíça, Ucraniana, Welsh

Competências linguísticas requeridas: Suficiente

Nível educacional requerido: Ensino Médio

Disposto a contribuir para os custos de viagem To be discussed

Idade requerida: 25-55

Aceita fumantes Não

O candadato terá de cuidar de crianças/pessoas com necessidades especiais? Não

Cuidar dos animais de mascotes é necessário Não

Saber nadar é necessário Sim

Saber andar de bicicleta é necessário Sim

A Au Pair poderá frequentar cursos de línguas Sim

Experiência em primeiros socorros é requerida Sim

Carta de motorista é requerida Sim

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Descrição da família

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Acomodação de Aupair

You will have a double bedroom about 3m x 6m with window. We will install a wardrobe drawers bedside tables reading lamps and desk etc. There is a bathroom downstairs with shower cubicle toilet and washbasin that can be for exclusive use of a nanny/au pair. There is a TV and a computer if required. The house is within a farming area and has a total of 4 bedrooms. There is a main living room about 4m x 10m with TV, DVD and on-demand viewing, a fully equipped kitchen and a dishwasher, and a study with washer/dryer for clothes. There is an area in the third floor that we use for play and art/craft work for our son. He usually does his homework on the dining table in the kitchen We also have a family bathroom with bathtub. Wi fi is available and any other facilities can be discussed. We can arrange gym membership, iPhone, dental insurance, healthcare membership etc.

Outside there are fields and country lanes. There is a rural centre nearby and a few shops about 3km away. We have a lake ducks and geese, and there are local walks all around. In the general area there are lots of farms. The nearest village for shopping is about 3km and the nearest big towns are about 20km. There are good rail links in the big towns.
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