ID da Família: 1594806

Crianças: 1 Crianças, 1 - 5 anos

Cidade: Neckarbishofsheim / Aldeia | Mais ⇩

Início do trabalho: Fev. 2022 - Mar. 2022

Duração da estadia: 10-12 meses

Última ação: 13 dias atrás

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Carta de boas-vindas à Au Pair

We are a family of 3. I (34 yo) am French and my husband (38yo) is German. We lived in different countries and both speak english, french and german fluently. We wish for our almost 2 years old son to have an international upbringing. For example, we are speaking to him french, german and english and we would like him to go to an international school when he is older. We had au pairs when I was a child which was a very unforgettable experience and we would like to have the same for our son. That's why we are looking for you!
A kind, honest and caring au pair to help looking after our little one and become part of our family.
We are looking for someone who can help us with our child, enrich his every day life, delight him with small, simple surprises and continue to nurture him, and help him understand right from wrong. We would work together as a team and believe open communication is very critical.
We are sportive and positive people with a lot of intercultural understanding. We understand that you will be leaving your family for a while so we will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Making sure that it's not too overwhelming. We are looking forward to making wonderful memories together.
Cynthia & Timo
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Descrição de trabalho

Our son is the "Kita" (german daycare) where he stays half day (7:30 until 13:30). You will have a car here for driving our child to school as well as for private use. However, the daycare is only 450 meters from our home. You can walk there if you wish to do se'll need you to prepare and bring our son to daycare and spend time with him in the afternoon, play and organise food for him. For example:
-lunchtime: prepare and bring him a plate with various organic things (slices of bread with butter, pieces of cucumber, avocado, bell pepper, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, etc...) and a drinking cup. He can eat and drink then by himself. With his Montessori helper tower, he can access almost everything and is quite independent. We prepare ourselves a plate and sit next to him while we eat together.
-evening: we take time to cook a warm meal. If possible, we try to eat all together. If there is spaghetti, our son will most likely have a lot of fun with it... :-)

Overall our son express himself very well. He can run, dance, sing, move and carry things, open/close doors. He loves to play, listens to music and sings, is fascinated by "Bagger" (=excavator) and explaining things. He is a very happy young person and is still discovering so much.
You can use a stroller, bike or some other toys to have a walk in the village, or play inside or outside. There are parks, playgrounds in our village and we created a play area in our garden.

It's important to say that we treat our son with respect and acknowledge him as a person with feelings. There are studies indicating that the use of screens (TV or mobile phone) has an impact on a child's development. So we mostly do not use our mobile phones when he is with us, playing or interacting with us. That way he doesn't feel the need to have to "fight" to get our attention. Since you would be a part of our family, we would like you to adhere to this during your working time. Disney songs are somewhat the exception when for example the weather in Winter doesn't allow to go out.

Tasks: prepare food for our child, clean afterwards since our child is not yet perfectly coordinated to eat "mess free"(for example: if he has muesli with milk, it could be that there milk on him or on the floor). Cleaning include the child's room and the common areas. Organize meals and cook in the evenings.
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Informação da família

Mascotes: Não

A Família mora em: Aldeia

Idade dos pais: 30-45

Você é pai/mãe solteira? Não, nossa família inclui dois pais

Nacionalidade: Alemão

Línguas faladas em casa: Inglês, Francês, Alemão

Religião: Sem religião

Importância da religião Não Importante

Ocupação: Cientista da computação / Funcionário público

Pessoas morando na casa: 2 adults & 1 child

Número de filhos/pessoas, idade e gênero: 1 year old boy

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Requisitos do trabalho

Você requer um Aupair que saiba nadar? - SimVocê requer um Aupair que saiba andar de bicicleta? - SimÉ requerida experiência em primeiros socorros? - SimÉ requerida carta de motorista? - Sim

Horas de trabalho (por semana): 25 - 30

Mesada (por mês): 280 EUR

Preferência de gênero: Feminino

Por quantos meses você pretende oferecer a colocação? 10-12 meses

Data de início mais próxima: Fev. 2022

Última data de início Mar. 2022

Procurando por: Au Pair

Qual é a idade das crianças que o aupair tem de cuidar? 1 - 5 anos

Para quantas crianças o Aupair deve tomar conta? 1

Tempo mínimo de experiência com cuidado infantil: 100-200

Precisamos de um tutor que possa ensinar

Quantos anos têm os alunos que o Tutor deve ensinar?

Precisamos de assistência e apoio em

Preferência de nacionalidade: Afghani, Americana, Andorrana, Australiana, Austríaca, Bielorrussa, Brasileira, Britânica, Búlgara, Cambodjana, Canadense, Chilena, Chinesa, Colombiana, Costarriquenha, Croata, Cubana, Checa, Dinamarquesa, Dominicana, Holandesa, Equatoriana, Inglesa, Estoniana, Filipina, Fiinlandesa, Flamenga, Francesa, Grega, Hondurenha, Húngara, Icelandesa, Irlandesa, Italiana, Japonesa, Coreana, Letã, Liechtensteiniana, Lituana, Luxemburguesa, Malaia, Maldiviana, Mexicana, Mongol, Nepalesa, Neozelandesa, Norueguesa, Peruana, Polonesa, Polinésia, Portuguesa, Puerto-riquenha, Romana, Romena, Russa, Salvadorenha, Samoana, Escocesa, Sérvia, Seychellois, Singaporiana, Slovak, Eslovena, Sul-africana, Espanhola, Sueca, Suíça, Taiwanesa, Tailandesa, Ucraniana, Venezuelana, Vietnamita, Yugoslava

Competências linguísticas requeridas: Suficiente

Nível educacional requerido: Ensino técnico

Disposto a pagar/ partilhar as despesas de viagem? Maybe

Idade do Au Pair requerida: 19-26

É permitido fumar? Não

O candadato terá de cuidar de crianças/pessoas com necessidades especiais? Não

O candidato tem de cuidar de mascotes? Não

Você requer um Aupair que saiba nadar? Sim

Você requer um Aupair que saiba andar de bicicleta? Sim

A Au Pair poderá frequentar cursos de línguas? Sim

É requerida experiência em primeiros socorros? Sim

É requerida carta de motorista? Sim

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Descrição da família

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Acomodação de Aupair

We live in a modern house where your room is 12 square meters with two big windows and you'll have your own bathroom. You'll have a comfortable 140 x 200 cm bed, two nightstands, a desk with an office chair, a dresser and two commode.
We have a garden with a terrace and a children's play area. We are located in a small village where a castle from the 13th century stands in the village's park. It's a nice community - family oriented and has a lot to offer. There are natural paths, that you can explore bike trails, etc. There are a few playgrounds within walking distance. The city of Sinsheim (40.000 inhabitants) with all the shops, restaurants, bars, shopping possibilities and language course is only 10 min away. The big lively city of Heidelberg is only 46 km away. Accessible from train from our village (you can drive there or take the bus to the train station).
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