ID 2822577

Nacionalidade Tailandesa | Mais ⇩

Nome completo Sumaiyah

Cidade/Região Bangkok/

País Tailândia

Começar Out. 2023 - Dez. 2025

Duração da estadia 12-24 meses

Bom conhecimento de Tailandês (Língua materna)

Última ação 27 Set. 2023

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My name is Sumaiyah, but you can call me Sumai. I'm 25 years old and currently working as a Public Health Officer in Bangkok after graduating from the Faculty of Thai Traditional Medicine. I responsible to watch out for sicknesses in a community or area and keep an eye on disease outbreaks, gather information, and study patterns to find possible health dangers. I have also had experience in controlling
contagious diseases at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

I live with a warm family of four people. My mother, Shakirah, and my father, Saifuddeen, are always there for me, and my big sister Abeedah is my best friend. We even have three cats named Bear Bear, Achi, and Chiro. We love spending time together and support each other in everything we do. My family and friends have made me a kind and friendly person, and I can't wait to share these values with others.

When I was in university, I really loved to join many medical camps. Working with children at the community activities and at the well-baby clinic in my job has given me lots of energy and joy. My dad and my big sister are teachers, so I've always been around children. This made me feel comfortable and happy. I want to thank you for reading about me, and I'm sorry if I made any mistakes in my English. I'm confident that my experience with children and my love for learning about new cultures will make me a good fit for being an Au Pair. Thank you again!

People say I am nice and friendly. I like to listen to others and understand how they feel. I am active and enjoy being with people. I hope to share my caring nature with others as an Au Pair. Being around children and families makes me happy, and I think my personality can make others happy too.
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Experiência com crianças

For my childcare experience; I was working with children has always been a joy for me. As a teaching assistant, I've spent time at Talosda School with children between 4-6 years old, reading fairy tales, playing, and assisting with their meals. I also taught at Bantophran School for organizing and supervising 7-8-year-olds, ensuring they have a clean and safe learning environment. I work with students who need extra help, providing one-on-one or small group assistance to reinforce learning concepts or address learning challenges. I would love to help your children learning and also I’m happy to help with anything around the house and I also have a driving license over 5 years now.

My time working with children has brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I spent almost a month at Talosda School, where I had the chance to work with children aged 4-6. We would read fairy tales, play in the playground, and I would help them get dressed and with their meals. I loved seeing their smiling faces every day.

After that, I worked at Bantophran School with children aged 7-8. There, my job was to organize supplies and teach the students. I also made sure the classroom was nice and clean. It felt great to help the children learn and grow, and I look forward to doing more of that in the future.

I want to be an Au Pair because I really love children. Being around them makes me happy and gives me energy. I also want to learn about life and different ways people live in Europe. My dad and big sister are teachers, so I've been around children a lot. I know how to take care of them and make them happy.

The Au Pair program is exciting to me because it lets me do what I love and learn new things at the same time. I can take care of children, and I can also learn about new cultures and languages. I've always wanted to know more about how people live in other countries. This is a big chance for me to do that. I'm really looking forward to it.

In becoming an Au Pair, I hope to have more experience with different cultures and languages. I want to understand how people in other countries live, what they eat, and how they talk. I also hope to share my own culture and make friends with the family I will stay with. I'm excited to help the children I will care for and become a part of their lives. I want to be like a big sister to them, teaching them new things and having fun together. I also expect to learn a lot from this adventure and grow as a person. It's going to be a new chapter in my life, and I'm looking forward to everything it will bring..
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Informação pessoal

Não fumanteFrequentou um treinamento de primeiros socorros - SimSabe nadar bem - SimSabe andar de bicicleta - SimTem carteira de motorista - Sim, com experiência

Sabe nadar bem

Sabe andar de bicicleta

Tem carteira de motorista Sim, com experiência

Você tem irmãos/irmãs?

Tem um passaporte válido

Não fumante

Frequentou um treinamento de primeiros socorros

Profissão Assistente de saúde

Grau de instrução Universidade

Conhecimento de línguas

Tailandês: Língua Nativa, Desde 18 Ano
Malay: Iniciante (A1), Desde 12 Ano
Árabe: Iniciante (A1), Desde 15 Ano
Inglês: , Desde 22 Ano
Alemão: Iniciante (A1), Desde 1 Mês

Esportes  Bike

Religião Muçulmano

Para a Au Pair a religião é Não Importante

Considerações especiais sobre a dieta Nenhuma dieta especial

Tem problemas de saúde -

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Informações de trabalho

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra - SimCuidaria de crianças com deficiências? - SimAceita família com mascotes - SimAceita cuidar de mascotes - Sim

Países preferidos Bélgica, França, Alemanha, Luxemburgo & Países Baixos

Área de preferência Grande cidade, Subúrbio, Cidade, Aldeia, Campo

Duração da estadia 12-24 meses

Primeira data de início Out. 2023

Última data de início Dez. 2025

Aceita família com mascotes

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra

Aceita cuidar de mascotes

Quero cuidar de crianças de idade: 0 - 1 ano, 1 - 5 anos, 6 - 10 anos, 11 - 14 anos, 15 anos acima

Horas de experiência no cuidado de crianças nos últimos 24 meses 200 - 500

Gostaria de cuidar desse número de crianças / pessoas 5

Trabalharia para um pai solteiro? Sim, com ambos

Cuidaria de crianças com deficiências?

Cuidaria de pessoas com deficiências?

Faixa etária dos estudantes preferida

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