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Minha nacionalidade é irlandês | Mais ⇩

Nome completo Alison

Cidade/Região Cork/Cork

País Irlanda

Começar May. 2019 - Dec. 2019

Eu quero permanecer durante 1-3 meses

As línguas que posso falar Inglês, francês, italiano, Irish

Última ação 8 Hours Ago




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Carta à família

Hi there,
My name is Alison and I am twenty three year old girl from Ireland. I suppose for me it's difficult to summarise my personality and expectations and what I can give to your family during my stay in a few words but I will do my best to give you a little insight into me and my life so far. My friends would describe me probably as thoughtful and positive and the advice giver of our group! My family would probably describe me as ambitious and a deep thinker. I'd like to think of myself as having many different sides to myself but mainly that I like to keep an open mind, I like to laugh, I don't take myself too seriously although I like to keep focused when it is required and I love to learn from others. My motto in life is "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say nothing at all!" which my Mom taught me from the movie Bambi when I was younger!!
I graduated last year with top marks from University College of Cork so I suppose you could infer from that I am well educated and well spoken. However, I personally think that experience is everything and that is when we truly learn. In university, I studied Law with a language (French). This permitted me to travel to France for one year - Montpellier - and it was the best year of my life! My studies permitted me to take the first step in experiencing life abroad and I am intrigued to find out more and more. For as long as I can remember I have been curious about languages, culture, what makes us different from one another but also how we are all the same at heart. So while I really enjoyed my time studying Law, I would like to explore linguistics a bit more now. All of this allows me to be compassionate, patient and understanding when I am teaching my language (English) to others. It's a pleasure for me to teach another; to give without expectation is a beautiful thing.
Other than my studies I enjoy travelling and reading, writing music and playing music, listening to music, walks and hikes, the outdoors, the beach, coffee, good food, good conversation, movies, good company.. I can cook but I am not very experienced and I'd like to learn! I have a great group of friends from university who I keep in touch with even though we have all gone our separate ways by now and I have the most wonderful family a girl could ask for. My parents have given me nothing but love and care and the opportunity to grow as a child and for that I am eternally grateful.
I'd like to be a part of the family, I'd like to learn your language and your culture. It would be a privilege for me and in return you would be guaranteed commitment, trust and respect. I'd like to be someone that your children grow to trust and love and someone they can look up to and contact in years to come when they become my age!!
I am currently Au Pairing in Bologna. I will finish with this family at the end of July. They can provide a reference for me if necessary. I am looking for a family for the month of August now. This could be minding the children while you are on your holidays or simply some English tutoring for the month.. I'm open to whatever you propose and I'd be happy to respond to any possible questions you have.
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Experiência com crianças

I have been surrounded by younger siblings, cousins, neighbours since as long as I can remember. I have babysat since the age of 15/16 and I have taught English for one year in Montpellier to children through innovative ways such as painting, drawing, playing etc.
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Retratos adicionais

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Informação pessoal

Não fumaTem o treinamento de primeiros socorros - SimSabe nadar bem - SimSabe andar de bicicleta - SimPossuí CNH - Sim, com experiência

Sabe nadar bem

Sabe andar de bicicleta

Possuí CNH Sim, com experiência

Não tem o irmão/irmã?

Tem um passaporte válido

Não fuma

Tem o treinamento de primeiros socorros

Sua ocupação atual estudante

Meu grau de instrução é universidade

Conhecimento básico da língua de italiano

Conhecimento sobre esportes  

Sua religião Católico

Para você é importante a religião?

Alguma dieta alimentar? Vegetariano

Tem uma alergia/problema de saúde Não

Minha altura é 163cm = 5'4

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Informação do trabalho

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra - SimCuidaria de crianças com deficiências? - NãoAceita família com animais de estimação - SimAceita cuidar animais de estimação - Sim

Eu quero permanecer durante 1-3 meses

Data para início imediato May. 2019

Data para longa para início Dec. 2019

Cuidaria de crianças com deficiências?

Cuidaria de pessoas com deficiências?

Aceita família com animais de estimação

Aceita cuidar animais de estimação

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra

Área preferida? Cidade grande, Subúrbio, Cidade, Vila, Campo

Experiência cuidando de crianças nos últimos 24 Meses 200 - 500

Quero trabalhar com crianças de idade: 1-5 anos, 6-10 anos, 11-14 anos, 15 anos acima

Qual é o número max. de crianças com quem eu posso trabalhar? 3

Posso trabalhar para um pai solteiro Sim, com ambos

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