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Minha nacionalidade é Brasileira | Mais ⇩

Nome completo Amanda Vitória

Cidade/Região Goiânia/ Goiás

País Brasil

Começar Jul. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Duração da estadia 12-24 meses

As línguas que posso falar Inglês (C2), Português (Língua materna)

Última ação 02 Set. 2022

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Dear Host Family,

My name is Amanda and I'm 26 years old. I was born in the city of Marabá, in the suburban of the Pará state, but today I live in Goiânia, the capital of the Goiás state, in Brazil. I live on my own, but I used to live with my parents, brother, and sister until had 16 years old. My mom and my Sister are great examples of life for me. They are both very loving and we really enjoy spending time together at home. I can describe myself as a girl with an open mind, calm, caring, honest, flexible, organized, responsible and determined person. I like music, art, and reading. In my free time, I enjoy going to the Park, I love to watch movies and like all kinds of sports since I'm very active.
I've always liked to study. I graduated from college with a bachelor's in Fashion Design in 2019, I work as a fashion designer in a traditional brand in the city. I'm always taking courses that improve my artistic sensibility and my knowledge of textile fibers. I hope that becoming an Au Pair in the United States will help me to speak English fluently, which is necessary for my new career. I really think this exchange is an ideal path for someone like me, who loves children and is so focused on achieving a goal: improving my English skills. I assure you my application will show you I am really experienced with children.
My relationship with child care started around the age of 15 when my cousin moved to Marabá, in 2011, to be a teacher in kindergarten. With that I always helped her with school events, I already participated as a clown who makes balloon dogs and does face paintings because I am a professional makeup artist since I was a teenager. As a nanny, I worked more actively in the years 2018 and 2019, when I helped two college colleagues who had children. In order for them to be able to reconcile college and motherhood, I took care of two beautiful girls. I used to help them with their meals and hygiene such as changing their diapers. I loved working there because it was where I truly discovered my passion for children.
Being an Au pair will enable me to learn better about different cultures and habits, besides, of course, being able to help in the development of a young human being. I am very excited about new experiences and learning, so I seek knowledge in the most varied ways possible.

Best Regards

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Experiência com crianças

As a nanny, I worked with 2 kids of my two college friends one was just 5 months and another child was one year old, and the other child was one year old, both in Brazil for 2 years. I used to serve meals, put them to sleep, bathe, change the baby's diapers, and play and dance with the toddler.
Also, I've participated in events for children, doing face painting and balloon dogs. I have a nephew who is almost a year old and I love spending time with children.
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Português: Língua Nativa
Francês: Básico (A2), Desde 1 Ano
Italiano: Iniciante (A1), Desde 6 Mês
Inglês: Domínio (C2), Desde 7 Ano

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Países preferidos Estados Unidos

Área de preferência Grande cidade, Subúrbio, Cidade

Duração da estadia 12-24 meses

Primeira data de início Jul. 2022

Última data de início Jan. 2023

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Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra

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Quero cuidar de crianças de idade: 0 - 1 ano, 1 - 5 anos, 6 - 10 anos, 11 - 14 anos, 15 anos acima

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Sobre mim

I can describe myself as a girl with an open mind, calm, caring, honest, flexible, organized, responsible and determined person. I love music, art, and reading. I am a fashion designer I really like to draw and would be a great company in arts and crafts activities. I believe being an au pair will help me fulfill my dream of doing masters in textile in London.