ID 1965442

Minha nacionalidade é Alemã | Mais ⇩

Nome completo Luka

Cidade/Região Uehlfeld/ Baviera

País Alemanha

Começar Mar. 2022 - Jul. 2022

Duração da estadia 12-12 meses

As línguas que posso falar Espanhol (B1), Alemão (Língua materna), Inglês (Língua materna), Francês (Língua materna)

Última ação 6 dias atrás

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Carta para a família

Hello there!
My name is Luka and I was raised in a small village in the south of Germany. I’m very much looking forward to working with, learning from and growing close to possibly your family!

My single mother raised me to be independent and hard-working. It has always been normal for me to care for my two little siblings when she is still at her full-time job. I now look after them during weekends and tutor them in mathematics or other subjects during the week.
I know what it is like to manage a busy household when you're a single parent and what it entails (shopping etc) so I'm optimistic that I can live up to your expectations in that regard.

Since I looked after my newborn sister regularly (feeding, changing diapers or getting ready for bed for example) I adore working with children from ages 1-5. I’d love to draw, sing with, read to and of course play with your child. In short: do all the great things our nine previous au pairs did with my siblings and me!

I am very outgoing and motivated to research and learn about pretty much any topic. So if there’s something new you would like me to learn, I’d be very happy to!
I would also make me very pleased to tutor your child/children in the subjects you like. My strengths lie in Music, Mathematics (Sciences) and Languages.

My mother taught me English and French alongside German while I was growing up. In doing so she kindled my interest to explore and live in different parts of the world. It has only been growing stronger the more experiences I’ve had abroad so I can’t wait to meet all of you!

I have wanted to take on a job like this ever since our family hosted our first au pair when I was 9. We have had nine since then from Britain, Canada, France, Madagaskar and the USA (see pictures below). The memories I have from those times, for example listening to pop music for the first time or being taught guitar, are amongst the fondest of my childhood. Therefore I feel like I want to give something back as an au pair that I learnt from the young adults that stayed with us.

I can think of few things as instructive and rewarding for life than connecting with and learning from a foreign family. This is why I stayed with a host family for the first time when I was 13 and lived with an American family for a year as a foreign exchange student at the age of 15. I learned many lessons about adapting to a new family’s rules by trying to get close to every family member. I believe that this has prepared me immensely for working in a different family dynamic and showing true responsibility.
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Experiência com crianças

So far I have been fortunate to live with and learn from six host families. Over the years I have looked after and taught different kids, from my (host) siblings to children at my school.

At ages 13/14 I had my first experiences with foreign host families when I took part in exchange programs from my school. I experienced life with two host families from Versailles, France and with one from Barcelona, Spain.

At 15 I lived in an American household for a year. I learned a lot from looking after my then 10-year-old host sister Julianna. I was in charge of cooking together and making sure that she did her homework or practised on her violin. As an effort to become close to her I would make her drawings and be delighted when eventually I got more and more back.
I was even so lucky as to look after our neighbour’s newborn baby during my year abroad when its parents wanted a quiet night out. Cleaning him, giving him food or making sure that he didn’t put any toys into his mouth were things that I knew from having baby siblings. I had loved helping to look after my sister when she was a baby, but this was a totally different experience because this time I was fully responsible.

I am most happy when I learn new things or can help others to do so, so I would be delighted to tutor your kids if you would like. For I have decided that, even though I don’t want to become a teacher like my mum, I do want to teach children for a period of time. I have greatly enjoyed my own studies and try to invent new teaching and learning methods to make my learning more fun, unique and effective. I am currently using these methods with my siblings to help them learn more effectively. My previous experience also includes tutoring kids from my school in Germany.
Due to the pandemic I am now teaching online on an app called italki.
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Informação pessoal

Você está totalmente vacinado contra a Covid-19? - SimNão fumanteFrequentou um treinamento de primeiros socorros - SimSabe nadar bem - SimSabe andar de bicicleta - Sim

Sabe nadar bem

Sabe andar de bicicleta

Tem carteira de motorista Sim, com experiência

Não tem o irmão/irmã?

Tem um passaporte válido

Não fumante

Frequentou um treinamento de primeiros socorros

Sua ocupação atual Estudante

Meu grau de instrução é Educação secundária

Conhecimento de línguas

Alemão: Língua Nativa, Desde 12 Ano
Inglês: Língua Nativa, Desde 9 Ano
Francês: Língua Nativa, Desde 6 Ano
Espanhol: Intermédio (B1), Desde 3 Ano
Holandês: Iniciante (A1)

Conhecimento sobre esportes  cross-country running, lacrosse, skiing, swimming, surfing, basketball & tennis (beginner)

Sua religião Protestante

Para a Au Pair a religião é Não Importante

Alguma alimentação especial? Nenhuma dieta especial

Tem uma alergia/problema de saúde No

Informações sobre o COVID-19

Você foi infectado pelo Covid-19?  Não

Você está totalmente vacinado contra a Covid-19?  Sim

Nome da vacina  Pfizer/BioNTech

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Informações de trabalho

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra - SimCuidaria de crianças com deficiências? - SimAceita família com mascotes - SimAceita cuidar de mascotes - Sim

Países preferidos Estados Unidos

Área de preferência Grande cidade, Subúrbio

Duração da estadia 12-12 meses

Primeira data de início Mar. 2022

Última data de início Jul. 2022

Aceita família com mascotes

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra

Aceita cuidar de mascotes

Quero cuidar de crianças de idade: 0 - 1 ano, 1 - 5 anos, 6 - 10 anos, 11 - 14 anos, 15 anos acima

Horas de experiência no cuidado de crianças nos últimos 24 meses 800 +

Gostaria de cuidar desse número de crianças / pessoas 2

Trabalharia para um pai solteiro? Sim, com ambos

Cuidaria de crianças com deficiências?

Cuidaria de pessoas com deficiências?

Faixa etária dos estudantes preferida

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Sobre mim

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