ID 2297528

Minha nacionalidade é Zimbabuana | Mais ⇩

Nome completo Chidochemoyo

Cidade/Região Pretoria/

País África do Sul

Começar Nov. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Duração da estadia 12-12 meses

As línguas que posso falar Inglês (C1), Inglês (C1), Inglês (C1), Inglês (C1), Inglês (Língua materna)

Última ação 2 dias atrás

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Carta para a família

Dear Host Family,
thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

My name is Chidochemoyo and I am 23years old. I am living with my family. I am a Zimbabwean currently living in South Africa. At the moment, I am holding my Ordinary level certificate with five passed subjects including English language and Mathematics, etc. I am have unfinished diploma in education for teaching.

In my spare time, I love to cook, bake, play tennis and playing with my sisters kids helping them with their homeworks. The last three summer holidays I helped at a kids summer tennis camp and was assigned to teach the youngest group of children the basics of tennis. In between the short exercise lessons I was responsible for entertaining the children and we had lots of fun playing hide and seek, doing face paintings, colouring ins and many more games.I can speak English fluently,i have learnt English since primary level until tertiary level.

“I would love to become your next Au Pair because I love children and enjoy spending time with them. I am prepared and I am well aware of the fact that being like a big sister for your children comes along with responsibilities for them and it will not always be just play and fun. My calm and patient personality will help me to master more difficult situations for instance when the kids are tired or don’t want to listen to me.

I expect that in the first couple of days I will be exhausted at night because I guess taking care of children the whole time can be tiring. But I am sure that I will adapt to the new tasks and daily routine quickly and become a big help for you.

Living with me is really easy as I am not a demanding person. I do respect that the house is your house and that I have follow your house rules. If something works not quite as it should, I prefer to talk instead of ignoring things.

I am really curious to hear all about you and your children. The information I have read so far sounds really interesting. I hope you like my letter and I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Thank you for reading my letter and kind regards,
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Experiência com crianças

In my previous role as an au pair and nanny I was helping to promote the social and educational development of group of three children within a busy household. Providing breakfast for them and looking after their needs from their return from school in the afternoon right up to bed time. Performing childcare responsibilities according to the family’s rules.
• Taking children to school and bringing them back.
• Cooking meals, snacks and refreshments for the children.
• Organising games for the children and playing with them.
• Changing nappies.
• Washing and laundry duties, including ironing the children’s clothes.
• Helping the children complete their homework assignments.
• Occasionally taking the children to the doctors.
• Comforting and supporting a child when they are sick or upset.
• Tidying up the childrens room.
• Occasionally supervising tradesmen who come to the house i.e. plumbers, window cleaners etc.
• Reading stories to the children.
• Doing light household chores like dusting, vacuuming etc.
• Taking children to the library, park, swimming and shopping.
• Putting away the children’s toys after they have been played with.
I would like to become an Au pair & Nanny abroad because I love working with children and want to see the world, being an Au Pair or Nanny overseas is a wonderfully rich way to experience a different culture. You’ll be treated as a member of the family you live with, grow to love the kids you’ll be caring for, and earn money to travel and sightsee in your free time.
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Fotos adicionais

Informação pessoal

Não fumanteFrequentou um treinamento de primeiros socorros - SimSabe nadar bem - SimSabe andar de bicicleta - SimTem carteira de motorista - Sim, sem experiência

Sabe nadar bem

Sabe andar de bicicleta

Tem carteira de motorista

Não tem o irmão/irmã?

Tem um passaporte válido

Não fumante

Frequentou um treinamento de primeiros socorros

Sua ocupação atual Au Pair

Meu grau de instrução é Educação secundária

Conhecimento de línguas

Inglês: Língua Nativa, Desde 15 Ano
Inglês: Avançado (C1), Desde 15 Ano
Inglês: Avançado (C1), Desde 15 Ano
Inglês: Avançado (C1), Desde 15 Ano
Inglês: Avançado (C1)

Conhecimento sobre esportes  Tennis, basketball and netball

Informações sobre o COVID-19

Você foi infectado pelo Covid-19?  Não

Você está totalmente vacinado contra a Covid-19?  Não

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Informações de trabalho

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra - SimCuidaria de crianças com deficiências? - SimAceita família com mascotes - SimAceita cuidar de mascotes - Sim

Países preferidos Estados Unidos & Reino Unido

Área de preferência Grande cidade, Subúrbio, Cidade, Campo

Duração da estadia 12-12 meses

Primeira data de início Nov. 2022

Última data de início Jan. 2023

Aceita família com mascotes

Pode trabalhar extra para dinheiro extra

Aceita cuidar de mascotes

Quero cuidar de crianças de idade: 0 - 1 ano, 1 - 5 anos, 6 - 10 anos, 11 - 14 anos

Horas de experiência no cuidado de crianças nos últimos 24 meses 10-50

Gostaria de cuidar desse número de crianças / pessoas 4

Trabalharia para um pai solteiro? Sim, com ambos

Cuidaria de crianças com deficiências?

Cuidaria de pessoas com deficiências?

Faixa etária dos estudantes preferida

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Sobre mim

I’m a creative thinker. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems, and I have an open mind about what will work best. My creativity has made me an effective team leader because I can anticipate problems and innovate solutions. I take responsibility for my actions, and when things go wrong I don’t look to outside forces to blame, rather I’m someone who looks at where I can improve upon the next time around. Pointing fingers solves Nothing. My interests and hobbies are cooking planning a menu, organizing a shopping list, comparing prices, and cooking and baking for families is a very desirable skill for nannies to have., singing for kids. After being an Au Pair & Nanny I would like to pursue my path and fulfil my passion in my professional life.