ID семьи: 943469

дети: 3 дети, 1-5 лет

Город: Bad Gandersheim / Небольшой город Показать детали ⇩

название Ulf

Область/Регион Niedersachsen

Индекс Только для премиум пользователей

Job Start: май 2019 - авгу. 2019

Требуется Aupair в: 4-6 месяцев

Последнее появление: 6 Hours Ago

11 223 92%

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Письмо к Aupair

Dear AuPair Candidate,
Wir Hope that you are the right one for us! We are looking for an honest, openminded, patient and independent person who is able to put herself in someone‘s else shoes und understand what the other needs. It is very important for us that you respect children as they are, don’t manipulate them („if you do this and this, I will give you a chocolate“), accept their emotions and show your empathy. We really appreciate if you are able to play an active role in the family and act like us (i.e. if we forget to switch off the oven and you notice this, then you switch it off by yourself and don’t wait until we notice it and tell you to switch it off).
The process of searching for AuPair (or AuPair guest family) is quite complicated so we prefer direct, open and honest communication. We give you all the important information without hiding anything and we would be very happy if you could do the same. You are very welcome to ask all possible questions, we will give you honest answers.
We are an international family that is why we are flexible and welcome people from other cultures. We offer you a warm-hearted family who is willing to learn your culture and show you the German culture. You can take part on all German celebrations, on everyday life, of course you can go to the language course. Ulf is a hunter so you can also learn more and participate in German hunting if you are interested in it. We would be happy to support you in difficult points, for example with your visa or if you would like to study in Germany after your AuPair Programm.
So just write us!

Family Description
We are not an ordinary family, we come from different countries and different backgrounds but we understand each other perfect and hope that you will be a part of our family. There 8 members of the family:
- Host dad Ulf, German, studied computer science and runs his own IT company, works from home. He is a smart, analytically thinking person, likes hunting, fishing, playing computer games, reading, gardening, spending time in the nature.
- Host mom Guzel, comes from Russia, has lived in Germany for 7 years now, studied economics and computer science l, is in maternal leave now. She is a kind, understanding, introverted person, likes watching movies, sewing and thinking how to make the world to a better place.
- Daughters of Ulf: Laura (18) and Julia (16) who live apart from our family. They are very kind and friendly ladies and spend a lot of time with their horses.
- Oscar (3,75 years old). He is a strong willed guy with his own opinion and is sometimes difficult to convince to something what he doesn’t want. Oscar is officially handicapped because he has had epileptic seizures as a baby. Fortunately he hasn’t had any seizures for 3 years now. He still has some problems with speech as he cannot pronounce all words correctly. He is an active boy, he loves playing with cars and trains, building LEGO, collecting puzzles. He is not very sociable and needs time to get used to a new person.
- Twins Leyla and Elias (1 year old). Leyla is a quiet little girl who likes watching books and playing with toys, touching different textures, clothes, she is shy and doesn’t like strangers. Elias is a very sociable and active boy, he is very adventurous and wants to discover (destroy?) everything what he can. He needs a lot of preventing in his actions so that he doesn’t fall, break his leg or something.
- Arik, our dog. He needs a lot of activities which we are not always able to give him. He would like to get more attention. He lives mostly outside because we cannot leave him with babies in the same room.
- Our family lives in a big house with 3 floors and a big garden. Moreover we own a stable with 4 horses.
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Описание работы

We need your help in preparing and taking kids to and from the kindergarden and playing with them after it. Host mom Guzel is still in maternal leave, so she is always at home and will be helping you. Moreover we need some help with our house and garden, it could be simple tasks like collecting Oscars toys or watering the flowers. Sometimes you will need to go out with the dog. We don’t have a strict ToDo list, but just would like to share activities, journeys and family events with you.
It is very important for us that you respect children and behave like an equal partner with them. Not like «I am adult => I have always right and you are a kid, you must obey me“. In our family the needs and wishes of children have the same importance as ones of parents. And we expect the same from you. We would appreciate if you could play an active role in the family: not only do what we ask you to, but also make your own suggestions (in household or in playing with kids).
We expect honest and open communication from you. If you have any questions or problems, talk to us as soon as possible and we can solve it together.
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Дополнительные фотографии

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Информация о семье

У вас есть домашние животные? - Да

У вас есть домашние животные? Да

Где вы живете? Небольшой город

Возрастная группа семьи 25-40

Вы родитель-одиночка? Нет,наша семья включает обоих родителей

Национальность семьи немец / немка

На каких языках происходит общение в семье? Английский, Немецкий, Русский

Религия/вероисповедание Протестантизм

Важна ли для вас религия? не играет большой роли

Проф. деятельность Selbstständig

Сколько людей включает ваша семья? 5 Personen und ein Hund

Опишите ваших детей(возраст и пол) 1 Boy Born in 2015
Twins (boy and girl) born in 2018

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Требования к работе

Обязательно ли Au Pair иметь водительские права? - Да

Самое раннее,когда Aupair/няня должна приступить к работе май 2019

Самое позднее,когда Aupair/няня должна приступить к работе авгу. 2019

На сколько времени вам требуется Au Pair? 4-6 месяцев

Мы ищем Au Pair

Желательный пол Aupair/няни Женский

Aupair/няню какой национальности вы предпочитаете? Американская, Австралийская, Австрийская, Беларусская, Британская, Канадская, Канальских о-вов, Колумбийская, Хорватская, Киприйская, Чешская, Данская, Голландская, Английская, Эстонская, Финская, Французская, Грузинская, Немецкая, Греческая, Гренландская, Венгерская, Исландская, Индийская, Иранская, Ирландская, Израильская, Итальянская, Казахская, Киргизская, Латвийская, Лихтенштейна, Литовская, Люксенбургская, Мальдивская, Молдовская, Ново-Зеландская, Норфолькского о-ва, Норвежская, Папуа-Ново-Гвинейская, Персидская, Польская, Полинезийская, Португальская, Русская, Шотландская, Сербская, Сейшельская, Словенская, Южно-Африканская, Испанская, Шведская, Швейцарская, Таджикская, Туркменская, Украинская, Венесуэльская, Западно-индийская, Югославская

Насколько должны быть хороши знания языка? Достаточно

Каким должен быть опыт работы с детьми? Без предпочтений

Желательный уровень образования Высшее звено

Возраст людей, которые требуют присмотра 1-5 лет

За сколькими детьми придется смотреть Aupair? 3

Сколько часов в неделю придется работать Au Pair/няне? 30 - 35

Карманные деньги Aupair/няни в месяц? 333 EUR

Вы согласны оплатить часть затрат на приезд Au Pair/няни? Possible

Желательный возраст Au Pair/няни? 18-25

Можно ли Au Pair курить? нет

Придется ли Au Pair смотреть за больными детьми? Нет

Придется ли Au Pair заниматься домашними животными? Да

Обязательно ли долж(ен)на Au Pair уметь плавать? Нет

Обязательно ли долж(ен)на Au Pair уметь ездить на велосипеде? Нет

Будет ли у Au Pair возможность посещать языковые курсы? Да

Обязателен ли курс ПМП? Нет

Обязательно ли Au Pair иметь водительские права? Да

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Описание семьи

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Размещение Aupair

We have a big house with 3 floors. Your room is on the first floor, we use only second and third floor, so nobody will disturb you. You will have a separate bathroom in your room. There is WiFi in the whole house, there is your own TV with Netflix and Amazin Video in your room. We live in a small town called Bad Gandersheim. There are small shops here, doctors, drugstores, a cinema. For more entertainment you need to drive to the next big city (Hannover, Braunschweig, Göttingen) ca. 40-60 min by car or train. You can take part on a language course in Northeim, Einbeck oder Goslar, it is 30 min to go by train or drive by car. If you would like to discover Germany you can do it by car, train (Deutsche Bahn) oder Bus (FlixBus). Please keep in mind German fuel costs or prices of train tickets, they are not that cheap :(
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Работа в Германии

Хочешь работать за границей? Попробуй программу Au Pair в Германии и зарабатывай деньги, попутно изучая немецкий язык! Узнай подробности на

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Условия программы

Рабочие часы участников Au Pair в Германии, карманные деньги, отпуск и другие вопросы, которые важно обсудить с принимающей семьей.

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Телефон: +49 (0) 221 310 61 840
Рабочие часы: Пн-Пт 8:00 - 15:00 CET
Факс: +49 (0) 221 921 3049