ID семьи: 2539338

Дети: 2 Дети, 1-5 лет, 6-10 лет

Город: Dommartin / Деревня | Подробнее ⇩

Начало работы: март 2023 - май 2023

Требуется Au Pair в: 6-12 месяцы

Последнее появление: 1 День (-я,-ей) назад

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Письмо к Au Pair

Dear Au pair,
We are a family with 2 kids, aged 3 and 7. We live in a nice house surrounded by nature, in a village in the east of France, near Pontarlier (very close to Swizzerland). Our village is only 2 km from the city.
We are looking for a native english or american speaker to speak english with our kids. Our eldest son is already able to understand english and to make sentences.
My husband is working, but I'm at home for the moment to take care of the kids and do homeschooling. I'm an highschool teacher for french language and litterature, so I can help you to improve your french if you wish, or to start learning it!
We traveled quite a lot, and are really open minded. We are excited to meet you soon and discover your culture.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations.

Hope to meet you soon :-)
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Описание работы

Your job will consist in speaking in english to the boys, by simply spending time with them inside and outside, playing games, singing songs, and finally just enjoy life together! During about 6 hours a day (except on week ends). The rest of the time you can be free to join the activities of the family, or to take time for yourself. You can have your own car.
We will ask you to participate a little in the house keeping.
You will get 500 euros a month (we can pay every week if you prefer).
You can be alone with the boys if we are not home, and drive Samuel to the dance or music classes.
We would like you to teach Samuel to read and write properly in english.

It would be perfect if you could stay 6 month, and even more in case we all enjoy spending time together.

Alex is working the whole day except on fridays. He has to work some week-ends too.
I'm home, so we can do many activities with you and the boys.
We often go on vacations, and of course, you will be part of our trips! One of our next projects when you will be here will be a 2 weeks trip to Berlin, Germany.
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Дополнительные фотографии

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Информация о семье

У вас есть домашние животные? Нет

Где вы живете? Деревня

Возрастная группа семьи 35-50

Вы родитель-одиночка? Нет,наша семья включает обоих родителей

Гражданство семьи француз / француженка

На каких языках происходит общение в семье? Немецкий, Французский

Религия/вероисповедание Христианство

Важна ли для вас религия? не играет большой роли

Проф. деятельность учитель / врач

Сколько людей включает ваша семья? 4

Опишите ваших детей (возраст и пол) 3 Год Мужской
7 Год Мужской

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Требования к работе

Необходимо уметь ездить на велосипеде - ДаУчастник обязан иметь водительские права - Да

Количество рабочих часов (в неделю) 25 - 30

Карманные деньги (в месяц) Au Pair 500 EUR

Желательный пол Женский

Продолжительность пребывания 6-12 месяцы

Самая ранняя дата начала работы март 2023

Самая поздняя дата начала работы май 2023

Ищем Au Pair

Возраст детей/людей 1-5 лет, 6-10 лет

Количество детей/людей 2

Минимальный опыт работы с детьми Без предпочтений

Нам нужен репетитор, который сможет преподавать

Сколько лет ученикам, которым требуется репетитор

Нам нужна помощь с

Желаемое гражданство Американское, Английское

Желаемый уровень владения языком

Желательный уровень образования Без предпочтений

Вы согласны оплатить полностью или частично затраты на приезд участника? oui

Желательный возраст 18-32

Есть возможность курить нет

Присматривать за больными детьми Нет

Необходимо заниматься домашними животными Нет

Необходимо уметь плавать Нет

Необходимо уметь ездить на велосипеде Да

У участника будет возможность посещать языковые курсы Да

Курс ПМП обязателен Нет

Участник обязан иметь водительские права Да

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Описание семьи

Here are the members of the family: Alexander, Céline, and the boys: Samuel ( 7 ) and Arthur (soon 3).
Alex is a doctor. He's french and german (from Berlin), so you can even improve your german if you wish!
We live in the countryside, children are often playing outside.
We love the connexion with the nature, we like outdoor activities, and enjoy gardening.

We have a nice and luminous house in a dead end street, so it's very quite. A garden is surrounding the house, and we have a large terrasse.
The room for you is upstairs, with a private bathroom. It's quite large, so it's a sofa and a small table too.

We live in the region called "Haut-Doubs", with small mountains, big green fields and pine trees. There is a lake not far, where you can swim during sommer.
It's perfect to do trekking, biking, or horse riding.

It's quite cold in the winter,Samuel loves skiing. It's a small ski station above Pontarlier, and a big one not far from here. If you are a nature lover, you will be more than pleased here.

Pontarlier is a small city (20 000 people), but you can find there anything you want. If you are looking for a bigger place, you can go to Besancon (40 min) or Lausanne (40 min). Paris in only 2 hours and half from here by train.

During our free time, we enjoy being with family and friends, doing gardening, playing with the children, exploring the nature or visiting amazing places. We like to cook and discover new books and stories.
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