ID семьи: 2536088

Дети: 1 Дети, 6-10 лет

Нужен репетитор для: Математика

Может заниматься с детьми: Помощь с домашним заданием, Рукоделие, Игры и активности, Песни и стихи

Город: Haslemere / Село | Подробнее ⇩

название Charisse

Область/Регион Суррей

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Начало работы: февр. 2023 - нояб. 2023

Требуется Au Pair в: 11-24 месяцы

Последнее появление: 3 День (-я,-ей) назад

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Письмо к Au Pair

We hope your experience with us will hold a meaningful place in your life + it will be a relationship of reciprocity.

We are looking for someone who takes great joy out of organization + efficiency but someone who believes in bringing their best selves to the people they share space with. This isnt your average Au Pair role as theres only 1 child and she's in school much of the time. This would be a great opportunity for someone interested in learning new skills beyond childminding.
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Описание работы

-Some childcare experience required but more importantly - you are a positive role model for a cool kid!
-Some driving required ( at the moment the extra vehicle is electric. )
-Compensation dependant on experience and quality of work and can be increased after a trial period
-If theres interest in travel we have traveled overseas to many different places with our au pairs many times before.
-If additional compensation or ‘perks’ are desired we have other opportunities. We have offered intenships, full time jobs and have paid for previous guests school previously.
-We often have volunteers aged around 20-30 stay with us. There are opportunities for friendship from people from all over the world. *
-Honesty, pride in work and proactivity are a must.
-Simple healthy meal prep will be required as well as cleaning.

We ask these initial questions in hopes to establish the best possible fit for the aupair role.
Please copy/ paste the following with a brief answer below:

1-If you could learn one new skill what would it be?
2-What support would you need from us to make you happy in your stay?
3-Can you legally drive + be here in the UK?
4-What references can you provide before confirmation of your stay?
5- When would you like to start and ideally for how long?
6-What work/ tasks you would not want to participate in?
7-Would you prefer less work and less pocket money or the other way around?
8-Would you say that you are physically fit ?
9-Given the lifestyle of our family, its important that you are someone that can thrive both in routine but also with tasks + situations changing. We offer flexibility as well. How does this sound?
10-We love slow food. We source ethical meat and grow a lot of our own veg. Theres foraging nearby as well. We can accommodate for most allergens except peanuts. Do you like to cook/ would like to pick up a few reciepes?
11-Have you lived away from home before ? Have you travelled on your own before?
12-Do people see you as organised?

*Possibilities for new friendships are made and a ‘sense’ of community is created when working with like-minded people. Through exposure and intention, we can ALL teach and learn from each other that will inspire new ways of being in the world that shape kinder societies. Being around new people helps us to generate fresh ideas / new perspectives. Words from our daughter: sharing is caring ;)
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Информация о семье

У вас есть домашние животные? - Да

У вас есть домашние животные? Да

Где вы живете? Село

Возрастная группа семьи 35-50

Вы родитель-одиночка? Нет,наша семья включает обоих родителей

Гражданство семьи британец / британка

На каких языках происходит общение в семье? Английский

Религия/вероисповедание Атеизм

Важна ли для вас религия? не играет большой роли

Проф. деятельность ученый/ученая / актер/актриса

Сколько людей включает ваша семья? 6

Опишите ваших детей (возраст и пол) 3 mесяц Женский

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Требования к работе

Необходимо уметь плавать - ДаНеобходимо уметь ездить на велосипеде - ДаКурс ПМП обязателен - ДаУчастник обязан иметь водительские права - Да

Количество рабочих часов (в неделю) 30 - 35

Карманные деньги (в месяц) Au Pair, Репетитор 300 GBP

Желательный пол Женский

Продолжительность пребывания 11-24 месяцы

Самая ранняя дата начала работы февр. 2023

Самая поздняя дата начала работы нояб. 2023

Ищем Au Pair и Репетитор

Возраст детей/людей 6-10 лет

Количество детей/людей 1

Минимальный опыт работы с детьми 100-200

Нам нужен репетитор, который сможет преподавать Математика

Сколько лет ученикам, которым требуется репетитор Начальная школа (6-12)

Нам нужна помощь с

Желаемое гражданство Американское, Австралийское, Британское, Канадское, Французское, Немецкое, Исландское, Итальянское, Польское, Российское

Желаемый уровень владения языком
 Английский, Minimum Начинающий (A1)

Желательный уровень образования Высшее звено

Вы согласны оплатить полностью или частично затраты на приезд участника? No

Желательный возраст 21-40

Есть возможность курить нет

Присматривать за больными детьми Нет

Необходимо заниматься домашними животными Да

Необходимо уметь плавать Да

Необходимо уметь ездить на велосипеде Да

У участника будет возможность посещать языковые курсы Да

Курс ПМП обязателен Да

Участник обязан иметь водительские права Да

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Описание семьи

In 2017 we packed up our little family and moved from the busy city of London to the countryside ( well only an hour away ! ) We have since been exploring permaculture practices in our backyard.

Mum = Former Actor + Artist that now runs a charity + is going through health challenges.
Dad = Former Chemist, Now in Charity + Finance Services.
Child = Likes to free dance, read, play with her horse, do impressions.

VIBE= We are all passionate about service to others, creative ( yet love to get things done) and love the outdoors.

We also have many workaways + aupair returners or those who stay on longer than initially planned ( these scenarios are our favourite. )

Warm Wishes,

C + Family
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Размещение Au Pair

We are renovating our beautiful home now.
You could live in the house but theres also an option to live in an outbuilding.

The home is within a couple of minutes walking distance to the "Devil’s Punch Bowl. “
The Devil's Punch Bowl is a large natural amphitheatre and beauty spot and is the source of many stories about the area. The rich and diverse landscape has helped to inspire many great artists and authors, and you will also enjoy an invigorating walk/ride all year round...Take advantage of the stunning National Trust commons!

1hr on the train to London.
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