ID семьи: 1272253

Дети: 1 Дети, 6-10 лет

Город: Paraburdoo / Небольшой город | Подробнее ⇩

название Karlee

Область/Регион Западная Австралия

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Начало работы: авг. 2023 - авг. 2023

Требуется Au Pair в: 4-6 месяцы

Последнее появление: 3 День (-я,-ей) назад

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Письмо к Au Pair


We are looking for someone who is fun, energetic and who has a genuine love for children, to join our family on the August 2023 to take over from Nevaeh's current “Big Sister", whom will be sadly missed.

We have previously hosted Aupair’s from Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, England, Indonesia, Sweden , Canada and Argentina in the past and look forward to meeting people from all cultures.

Ideally, we would love to invite you for a minimum of four months and you can stay with us up to twelve months. We prefer a four month minimum as Nevaeh will become attached to you and won’t want to see you go :)

We look forward to meeting you soon,

Best Wishes, Karlee, Aaron & Nevaeh
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Описание работы

We are searching for someone more than an Aupair; a person who can be a big “sister" for Nevaeh, as she looks up to people who show her respect. If you have a caring, friendly and energetic nature we look forward to meeting you.
Essentially you are the caregiver for Nevaeh, whilst both Aaron & myself are at work. There are light housekeeping duties to be done but these are related to Nevaeh only.
As well as taking care of our daughter, the Aupair should help out with everyday household activities, e.g. setting the table, helping clean and putting away the dishes after meals etc. We would also love for you to help with the evening meals. After all, you are just like any other member of the family! Having said that, Aupair's should never be regarded as housekeepers, gardeners or language teachers.

My husband and I both work full-time on a week on week off roster, which works out to be fifteen days per month, you would be working that time also. Nevaeh currently attends year 3 at primary school, which is five days of your working week. You would have a majority of the day to yourself as free time. We would require you to work the weekend also, tho please keep in mind that you would have every second week to yourself. In return you will receive a weekly pay of $400 AUD - ($1600AUD) per month and have your own room in the house, with wifi Internet, all meals provided etc.

Experience with young children is preferred, though we can make exception for the right person.
We would love for you to have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of English. We do encourage our Aupair’s to teach some basic words of your language to our daughter.

We would also hope that you may have looked into the suitable Visa’s and air-flights into Australia, either the Working Holiday Visa - Subclass 417 or Work and Holiday Visa - Subclass 462, dependant to the country which you may live. These Visas are applicable to only a selected list of countries and is what is required to work in Australia as an Aupair.
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Информация о семье

У вас есть домашние животные? - Да

У вас есть домашние животные? Да

Где вы живете? Небольшой город

Возрастная группа семьи 35-50

Вы родитель-одиночка? Нет,наша семья включает обоих родителей

Гражданство семьи австралиец / австралийка

На каких языках происходит общение в семье? Английский

Религия/вероисповедание Атеизм

Важна ли для вас религия? не играет большой роли

Проф. деятельность Mining / Mining

Сколько людей включает ваша семья? Three

Опишите ваших детей (возраст и пол) Female 7 years old

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Требования к работе

Необходимо уметь плавать - ДаНеобходимо уметь ездить на велосипеде - ДаКурс ПМП обязателен - Да

Количество рабочих часов (в неделю) 40 - 45

Карманные деньги (в месяц) Au Pair 1600 AUD

Желательный пол Женский

Продолжительность пребывания 4-6 месяцы

Самая ранняя дата начала работы авг. 2023

Самая поздняя дата начала работы авг. 2023

Ищем Au Pair

Возраст детей/людей 6-10 лет

Количество детей/людей 1

Минимальный опыт работы с детьми 100-200

Нам нужен репетитор, который сможет преподавать

Сколько лет ученикам, которым требуется репетитор

Нам нужна помощь с

Желаемое гражданство Американское, Аргентинское, Австралийское, Австрийское, Бельгийское, Британское, Болгарское, Канадское, Чилийское, Китайское, Чешское, Датское, Нидерландское, Английское, Эстонское, Финское, Французское, Немецкое, Гренландское, Венгерское, Индонезийское, Ирландское, Израильское, Итальянское, Японское, Корейское, Латвийское, Люксембургское, Малайзийское, Мальтийское, Ново-Зеландское, острова Норфолк, Норвежское, Перуанское, Польское, Португальское, Шотландское, Словацкое, Словенское, Испанское, Шведское, Тайваньское, Тайское, Турецкое, Уругвайское, Вьетнамское

Желаемый уровень владения языком
 Английский, Minimum Средний (B1)
- Выбрать -
 Английский, Minimum Продвинутый (C1)

Желательный уровень образования Высшее звено

Вы согласны оплатить полностью или частично затраты на приезд участника? Within Australia

Желательный возраст 18-35

Есть возможность курить нет

Присматривать за больными детьми Нет

Необходимо заниматься домашними животными Нет

Необходимо уметь плавать Да

Необходимо уметь ездить на велосипеде Да

У участника будет возможность посещать языковые курсы Нет

Курс ПМП обязателен Да

Участник обязан иметь водительские права Нет

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Описание семьи

We are a happy friendly family with our gorgeous, happy and always smiling daughter Nevaeh whom is 9 years old this year. She is an active little lady, who loves having fun and games with other people, or sometimes even just by herself. Nevaeh loves the outdoor life such as going to the playgrounds, swimming pool, playing on her roller skates, scooter and of course her favourite …. Camping! She also enjoys story time at the town library, singing and dancing around and playing with “Prophet “our pet dog, who are the loves of her life. Nevaeh has a new interest this year Hip Hop dance on Saturday mornings.

In our free time which is every second week, we love to explore, go camping and travel to some of the most stunning beaches in Australia, also other amazing areas that surround us. It is a campers paradise in the Pilbara and having a camp fire to reward yourself is just perfect. You are always welcome to join us as a family on these occasions. Sometimes we will wish to stay at home for a few days also just to relax and catch up with friends.

We live in the small town of Paraburdoo of about 1000 people in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It has all the usual amenities you would expect and is a friendly and family orientated community.
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Размещение Au Pair

We live in a three bedroom air conditioned house, in which you will have your own room with a queen sized bed. As a family, we do share all the ammenities within the home. There is a large back yard with lawn and plenty of shade from the sun. Nevaeh has her own special playground also, in which she would love to invite you there :)
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