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Полное имя Kangsadan

Город/Область/Регион Bangkok Minburi/

Страна Тайланд

Начало март 2022 - май 2022

Продолжительность программы 4-13 месяцы

Я хорошо владею следующими языками: Английский (B2), Тайский (Родной)

Заходил(а) 18 Час (-а,-ов) назад

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Письмо семье

Dear beloved Host Family

Ich bin in Deutschland

It's a pleasure to meet you. Kangsadan is my full name, however, you can call me Netr. I'm 23 years old and live in Minburi, Bangkok. I graduated from Ramkamhaeng University with a bachelor's degree in tourism history.I’m single, and living in Thailand. I'm a Thai AuPair and looking for Host Families in ??

I have been working as a babysitter for over 6 years since I was in my high school years. I used to babysit children in a wide range of age groups starting from an infant to 13 years old. I worked full-time just like Au Pair, following the host family to every place they go and doing all the housework whether they are doing laundry or cleaning. I’m currently a teacher assistant at an international school too. To join Au Pair would be a great opportunity for me to widen my views and develop myself so I hope that this babysitting experience and other information about me matches you

I am interested and intend to be an au pair. I’ve been studying about this 4 years ago and I’ve been practicing my English. I've worked with children before. I put a lot of effort into learning by practicing the language while doing a lot of research and repeatedly disappointed but I never gave up Using both time and patience, I have been through many hard times. And now I think I'm ready and I'm good enough if you give me a chance. I will do my best.

I have a lot of experience with children. I used to work part-time in college, babysitting. I have raised my nieces for 5 years since they were 2 until they were 8. I also set up an organization with my friends to volunteer activities to help underprivileged and poor children. I am currently a nanny at a kindergarten, after graduation I’m interested to gain experience in applying for an au pair.

Why do you want to be Aupair

The first time I studied this program was because I wanted to be a flight attendant, I wanted to experience living abroad, working, living with other people abroad, practicing languages, learning new cultures. I think it's a nice and fun project. So I started studying it seriously and tried raising kids. It turned out that I really liked it and I thought it was perfect for me who fell in love with raising kids since then. So I think this is the right job for me and try until these days.

I can sing ⸝⸝ʚ̴̶̷̆ ̯ʚ̴̶̷̆⸝⸝
(If you want to hear it, I think this is not a good idea, I'm afraid that Taylor Swift might lose her job.)
I’m good at cooking ( º﹃º )~(˘▾˘~)
I'm good at drawing꒰◍•ꈊ•◍
I can help the kids with a little homework.(=◉ᴥ◉=)
I can drive and have a driver's license ʕ-᷅ᴥ-᷄ʔ
I can do activities with kids ᕙ(•̀‸•́‶)ᕗ
I am a lover of cleanlinessლ(◞‿◟ლ)
I love animals( ·̑(❢)·̑ )
I don’t smoke or drink ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎
I'm honest ヾ(`ε´)ノ
I'm a cautious person ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
I am patient(ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡
I'm a determined person ( 」`д´)」!!
I’m a smiley and cheering person. ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑
I'm always observing and caring about others.ๅʚ(•”̮•)ɞ
I'm fun and funny

My expectations
I wish I was better than myself yesterday.
I hope you will choose me and treat me like I’m a family because I’ll treat you the same way.
I hope that after this project my language will be improved.
I hope the kids will like me, may they not be in pain or sickness.

What I can and can’t do
I love cooking and I can teach you how to cook Thai food (not gonna lie but this is your chance to try and learn). I have a driver’s license and can drive a car. I can take the children to arts and crafts activities. I enjoy explaining things, thus I am capable of teaching homework. I don't drink or smoke, and snakes are something I'm scared of. I love to learn other things and different cultures.

If you have any doubts about me, please let me know, just feel free to ask, I’m happy to answer. There are a lot of stories about me if you want to know :)
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Опыт работы с детьми

>>Work experience with children<<

>> Volunteer to help underprivileged children Age from 1-5 years old (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
>> I have a work experience with my grandchildren for many years. (5 years) ✧•̀.̫•́✧
>> Now I'm in Germane

For six years, I worked as a babysitter. I'd want to perform this job because I'm interested in learning about babysitting, I enjoy playing with children, and I can also practice my English. For example, when I was caring for them, I had to communicate with them in English. Sometimes I have to talk and pronounce words appropriately with the children. When I first began babysitting in college, my goal was not to obtain a certificate to work as an au pair, but rather to do it because I enjoyed it. I had to leave the house at 4 a.m. from Minburi to work in Bangna at the time. When I really did it, I fell in love with this career, and I wanted to do more than I did, I want to gain more experience. Since then I have started to practice my English more because I believe this will be an opportunity and a good experience. I have many years of experience working with children. Besides that, I also take care of the children in my daily life, I have 2 nieces. I've always taken good care of them because their parents are working and they don't have much time for those girls.
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Личная информация

Привиты ли вы от Covid-19? - ДаНе куритЗакончил(а) курс по оказанию первой медицинской помощи - ДаУмеет плавать - ДаУмеет ездить на велосипеде - Да

Умеет плавать

Умеет ездить на велосипеде

Есть водительские права да и опыт вождения

Есть братья/сестры

Есть действительный паспорт

Не курит

Закончил(а) курс по оказанию первой медицинской помощи

Род вашей деятельности няня

Образование высшее образование

Language Knowledge

Тайский: Родной язык, С 23 Год
Английский: Выше среднего (B2), С 3 Год

Религиозные взгляды Буддизм

Религия Au Pair не играет большой роли

Диетические предпочтения не придерживаюсь диеты

Есть проблемы со здоровьем No

Информация о COVID-19

Болели ли вы Covid-19?  Нет

Привиты ли вы от Covid-19?  Да

Название вакцины  Moderna

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Информация о работе

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату - ДаСогласен(а) работать с детьми-инвалидами - ДаСогласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные - ДаСогласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных - Да

Страны, в которых я хочу работать Франция, Германия, Нидерланды, Швеция & Швейцария

Предпочтительный тип населенного пункта Большой город, Пригород, Небольшой город, Деревня, Село

Продолжительность программы 4-13 месяцы

Самый ранний срок начала работы март 2022

Самый поздний срок начала работы май 2022

Согласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату

Согласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных

Я могу заботиться о детях в возрасте Новорожденные, 1-5 лет, 6-10 лет, 11-14 лет

Опыт работы с детьми в течение последних 2-х лет 200 - 500 часов

За сколькими детьми вы могли бы присматривать? 2

Согласен(а) работать с родителем-одиночкой Нет

Согласен(а) работать с детьми-инвалидами

Согласен(а) работать с людьми с ограниченными возможностями

Предпочитаемый возраст учеников

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Обо мне

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