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Полное имя Sopapis

Город/Область/Регион Bangkok/

Страна Тайланд

Начало май 2022 - дек. 2022

Продолжительность программы 12-24 месяцы

Я хорошо владею следующими языками: Английский (B1), Тайский (Родной)

Заходил(а) 25 июнь 2022

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Письмо семье

Dear host family,
Thank you for being interested in my profile! Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sopapis or you can call me Sophia. I'm 24 years old. I graduated Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Industry Management, from Mae Fah Luang University. I currently work full time as an assistant sales manager for my family's online fruit store and also work part-time with event&exhibition organizing company in Thailand.

Due to a lot of childcare experience that I have with children from 1-5 years old( by being a volunteer babysitter ), including 4 years of babysitting my own niece, It makes me realize that I love to be with children and care for them so much and It's the reason why I would like to be an au pair. Because being au pair will allow me to spend more time with children which I very much love to do, Moreover I will have opportunities to learn a new language/culture, have experience of living abroad and can travel to see things I have never seen before.

Furthermore, I love to cook and do housework, So I can cook for children in my care and make sure that my host family's house will always be clean!

Lastly, I am very excited and looking forward to looking after your children and becoming a part of your family. If you would like to get to know me more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
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Опыт работы с детьми

The reason that I would like to participate au pair program is that I can spend more time with children and care for them during au pair year which I very much love to do because I love children. While I'm being with children I feel happy and they give me good energy, Moreover, I love that I can be a part of their milestones, I want to support them, be their sister or friend for them. Furthermore being an au pair, I will have the opportunity to learn a new culture/language, gain experience of living abroad with a Host Family and have opportunities to travel to different places to see things that I have never seen before. It would be great to do both things that love and also my goal at the same time.

I have over 1,000 hours of childcare experience with children from 1-5 years old, including 4 years of babysitting my niece. I got a certificate of first aid online and attended an online certificate from Penn State University’s Better Kids Care, about working with infants and toddlers course.

My first childcare experience was with a 1-year-old boy. Every day his mom takes him to my house at 8 a.m. My responsibilities were to help him take a shower, change his diaper and clothes, prepare a simple breakfast and lunch, feed him, practice with him using a fork and spoon, play together, teach him easy words, sing English songs, read him a story while feeding milk to prepare him for nap time. After nap time, I helped him wash his face and hands and prepared some snacks for him, and played together until his mom came to pick him up at 4 p.m. By taking care of him, I have become a very calm and detail-oriented person because he can be very tempered sometimes. Since he still can't speak and can't tell me what he wants, it is my responsibility to observe him and support his needs.

My second childcare experience was with a 5-year-old girl. My responsibilities were to support and help her with online study and homework every Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. During the day, I prepared food and snacks when she took a break from studying and playing. I also prepared some activities that she can learn and enjoy such as painting, drawing, and molding clays and dough. Taking care of her taught me to be a creative thinking person because she is at the age of learning new things and she can get bored easily. So I have to think, plan and prepare various activities so she can have fun while learning. With her online course schedule, I had to be punctual to make sure that she would not miss any lessons.

My last childcare experience was with my own niece. From the time she was 2 years old until she was 5 years old. She lived in Chiang Mai with my aunt. Since Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are very close so I was going to my aunt's house every weekend when I did not have class. I had opportunities to help my aunt take care of my niece by preparing food, bathing, playing with her, teaching her some simple Thai, reading books, helping with her homework activities such as painting, or exploring the environment around the house. From this experience, I have become an active person and be more responsive to other people because my niece loves physical activities such as walking, playing hide and seek, and playing tag. Some of these activities might be dangerous, so it's my responsibility to be aware and careful when she plays.

All of my childcare experiences taught me a lot about how to live with and take care of children of different ages. It makes me become responsible for myself and other people. I’m well aware that all children's parents entrusted me with their children and I have to do my job the best I can. I need to be mindful and careful as much as I can. So, I can be trustworthy and more confident to take care of children of any age and in any setting.

I hope that through my written words you can see some of the experiences I have. I believe that I have a passion for teaching and caring for children. And it's will be my honor if I can have a chance to be your Au pair.
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Привиты ли вы от Covid-19? - ДаНе куритЗакончил(а) курс по оказанию первой медицинской помощи - ДаУмеет плавать - Да

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Language Knowledge

Тайский: Родной язык, С 24 Год
Английский: Средний (B1), С 4 Год

Спортивные увлечения  Swimming, bicycling

Религиозные взгляды Буддизм

Религия Au Pair не играет большой роли

Диетические предпочтения не придерживаюсь диеты

Есть проблемы со здоровьем No

Информация о COVID-19

Болели ли вы Covid-19?  Нет

Привиты ли вы от Covid-19?  Да

Название вакцины  Oxford/AstraZeneca

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Информация о работе

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату - ДаСогласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные - ДаСогласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных - Да

Страны, в которых я хочу работать Бельгия, Дания, Германия, Нидерланды & Швеция

Предпочтительный тип населенного пункта Большой город, Пригород, Небольшой город

Продолжительность программы 12-24 месяцы

Самый ранний срок начала работы май 2022

Самый поздний срок начала работы дек. 2022

Согласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату

Согласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных

Я могу заботиться о детях в возрасте Новорожденные, 1-5 лет, 6-10 лет

Опыт работы с детьми в течение последних 2-х лет 800 + часов

За сколькими детьми вы могли бы присматривать? 2

Согласен(а) работать с родителем-одиночкой Да, с матерью-одиночкой

Согласен(а) работать с детьми-инвалидами

Согласен(а) работать с людьми с ограниченными возможностями

Предпочитаемый возраст учеников

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